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YouTube Short Film Ahalya by Large Barrel Select Review

Review On Ahalya, Youtube Short Film Ahalya starts with the investigation of a missing person’s case. Inspector Indra Sen reaches the house of artist Goutam Sadhu to enquire about the case of the missing person, Arjun, who was last known to be with him. Ahalya, the beautiful wife of Mr. Sadhu greets Indra Sen and leads him to the drawing room.

Radhika Apte Short Film Ahalya Release Date, IMDB and Director

  • OTT Release Date: 20th July 2015
  • IMDb Rating: 8/10
  • Genre: Drama, Suspense-Thriller
  • Director: Sujoy Ghosh
  • Starcast: Radhika Apte, Soumitra Chatterjee, Tota Roy Chowdhury, and Ayushman Mitra

Indra Sen sees a few realistic dolls in the room, one of which falls as soon as Indra Sen enters the room. Ahalya calls it a mystery and calls her husband, Sadhu. Meanwhile, Indra Sen finds a well-placed stone and a doll looking exactly like Arjun in the room. Goutam comes and Ahalya goes to her room upstairs forgetting her mobile phone in the drawing room only.

Ahalya Short Film review

Goutam Sadhu, on asking replies that the stone has magical powers and using it, anyone can disguise himself as some other person and Arjun must have done the same. Indra, obviously, doesn’t believe him but Sadhu convinces him to use the stone and return the mobile of his wife as Sadhu. 

When Indra goes upstairs to Ahalya, he indeed sees himself as Goutam Sadhu in the mirror. Ahalya tends to romance Sadhu and asks him to get rid of the officer and get to bed. Halfway through the alley, Indra comes back to Ahalya with the filthy intentions of lovemaking.

The scene cuts right there and later, we see Indra Sen trapped inside another doll in the drawing room along with other dolls. Another person enters the room, Indra falls from the table and again, Ahalya calls it a mystery. And the film ends right there.

Review On Ahalya: Director Sujoy Ghosh On Youtube 

Radhika Apte Short Film Ahalya
Radhika Apte Short Film Ahalya

The Youtube short film Ahalya is a real-life adaptation of one of the Hindu mythological stories of Indra. In the story, Indra disguises himself as the husband of Ahalya and makes relations with Ahalya in the absence of her true husband. When Ahalya’s husband, who is a Sadhu, gets to know what happened to his wife, instead of getting angry at Indra, he curses his wife to remain as a stone statue for the rest of her life.

The mischief was done by Indra but Ahalya had to suffer for a very long time. The director Sujoy Ghosh has tried to get some real life touch into the story by punishing the guilty only in the film and not the innocent Ahalya.

The Ahalya short film is well-written and nicely acted by the actors. All the actors get ample face time and they depict their character in an accurate way. It is well-shown that men are ready to use their powers to do something unethical only and the presence of a handful of dolls proves that the world is full of people like Arjun and Indra.

Contradictory to the mythological tale, the film portrays Sadhu and his wife, Ahalya as the ones departing justice by making the guilty ones dolls.

The film was supposed to have a sequel in the year 2017 which has not been done even yet. It is a suspense thriller film and indeed shows the real condition of the society.

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Ahalya Short Film
Review On Ahalya Director Sujoy Ghosh Review On Ahalya,Youtube short film Ahalya,Radhika Apte Short Film Ahalya

Director: Sujoy Ghosh

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