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Review of Salt City Season 1 – Complexities of Relationships On Generational Difference

Salt City Season 1 is a Hindi language web series released on 16th June 2022 on the ott platform Sony LIV. First Season looks into the complexities of relationships in the Bajpai family, exploring their journey of the past and handling a bitter present that might unfold into a better and promising future. This web series has seven episodes, each running for 26-48 minutes.

Sony Liv Web Series Plot, Story, Star Cast, And Review

Salt City Season 1 with the massive star Cast – of Piyush Mishra, Gauahar Khan, Esha Chopra, Jitin Gulati, Manish Anand, Pranay Pachauri, and Monika Chaudhary has been going to be released on 16 June 2022.

Piyush mishra Salt City Season 1 web series  on ott
Piyush Mishra Salt City Season 1 web series on Ott
OTT Platform Released Date SonyLIV 16 June 2022
IMDB 8.1/10
Genre Family drama
Directed by Rishabh Anupam Sahai.
Language Hindi

The Plot of This Family Drama Series Salt City

Salt City is about the journey of the Bajpai family and the complexities of their lives through the lens of different family members. The Bajpai family was once closely-knit, but now they cannot look at each other’s eyes. The story’s center revolves around these complexities in their relationship and its consequences.

Review of The Web Series Salt City Season 1

Salt City tells the story of the Bajpai family who moved to Mumbai from Lucknow about twenty-five years ago. The family has lost touch with themselves since then. The web series shows us parents’ expectations of their children and how large cities make people desperate and want to succeed by any means.

Harish (Piyush Mishra) is disdainful towards his wife, Triveni (Navni Parihar), a homemaker, and their children. Aman (Manish Anand) lived separately from his wife Gunjan (Gauahar Khan). Nikhil (Pranay Pachauri) moved out of his house to do something big and successful in his life. Saurabh (Divyendu) is a contractor struggling to do something useful in life.

Esha (Eisha Chopra) is married to a wealthy investment banker Sukesh (Jitin Gulati), and Ela, their niece. All the family members gather for Ela’s (Monica Chaudhary) wedding. Their relationship is tested when they meet each other, and Harish often dismisses them when things don’t go according to his expectations.

This seven-part series written and co-produced by Pranjal Saxena, Rishabh Anupam Sahay, and Shashank Kunwar has numerous subplots. Harish’s relationship with Vibha Bhatnagar (Nivedita Bhattacharya), a commissioner in a family court, or Sulekha (Vinita Joshi) is the neighboring girl with a romantic relationship with Saurabh.

Sony Liv Web Series Salt City Season 1 Review series on ott
Sony Liv Web Series Salt City Season 1 Review series on ott

Esha is career-oriented, but she is expected to raise children and care for the house. These characters did not get the time to develop into something that might interest the audience. The plot is not united from the start of the series, and the drama is a slow-burn unfolding leisurely. When the drama starts to make sense, one loses interest because of its unrushed pace.

The performances are appreciable. In their respective characters, Vinita Joshi as Sulekha and Nivedita Bhattacharya as Vibha are very good and natural. Eisha Chopra, as Esha, did a commendable job incorporating many emotions into her character. Jitin Gulati played the role of Sukesh fabulously. Monica Chaudhary as Ela played her role tremendously. How she portrayed some issues her character dealt with touched the audience’s hearts. Navni Parihar, as Triveni, played her role pretty well as a mother.

Manish Anand as Aman was another character who had to incorporate a lot of emotions, and he did an appreciable job at it. Gauahar Khan as Gunjan is excellent and one of the best actors here. Piyush Mishra as Harish was brilliant. It is always an absolute pleasure for the audience to watch him onscreen. Divyendu Sharma, as Saurabh, a cheerful and carefree character, had to search for his identity. He did an admirable job in playing his role.

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The music and its screenplay are very interesting in this series. The Background music is very subtle and does not overpower the drama unfolding onscreen. The cinematography is quite decent, but the editing is a little rough in various scenes weakening the drama to a certain extent. Director Rishabh Anupam Sahai did a commendable job here by trying to explore the various shades of a relationship.

It is not an easy task, and it needs a lot of effort to extract it and portray it on screen which would leave an impact on the audience. The direction was good until the last episode when it faltered.

Sony Liv Original Piyush Mishra Web Series Conclusion

Salt City is a story about the consequences of differences between generations and different perspectives of a family. But when the characters start becoming clichéd, the show loses its potential. The show might dive into a deeper level in the next season, which might make the plot more gripping.

Overall the drama is a take on the complexities of relationships and will require patience. But if one is a person who enjoys these types of genres, then this drama is worth the shot. Salt City season 1 is available on the ott platform SonyLIV from 16th June 2022.

Salt City Season 1
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Director: Rishabh Anupam Sahai.

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