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Review of Kedibone: A Teenage Drama Meaningful Representation of Feelings.

Review of Kedibone An Passionate and Meaningful Representation of Feelings Kedibone,Review of Kedibone

Director: Thomas Gumede, Natasha Thahane, Kedibone Manamela, Wright Ngubeni, Busisiwe Mtshali, Thabo Malema, Thami Mngqolo, Matli Mohapeloa, Kenneth Nkosi, Kwezi Ndlovu

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Kedibone is a coming-of-age story about a young lady who attempts to leave her past behind and start a new life but is unable to do so. With a length of 100 minutes, Thomas Gumede directed the hard-hitting and compelling film.

Release on OTT(Netflix) 27 May 2022.
IMDB 8.9/10
Genre Drama
Runtime 100 minutes
Director Thomas Gumede, Natasha Thahane, Kedibone Manamela, Wright Ngubeni, Busisiwe Mtshali, Thabo Malema, Thami Mngqolo, Matli Mohapeloa, Kenneth Nkosi, Kwezi Ndlovu


Storyline Of Netflix Original Kedibone Movie

This film is about a young person’s coming of age, and it is visually magnificent in a way that encapsulates the essence of South African culture. The film is impressive, made even more remarkable by the fact that all the performers are from South Africa.

The central protagonist, Kedibone Manamela, narrates the circumstances that lead to her life-changing intention to withdraw from Johannesburg and return to her homeland of Soweto in a sequence of memories.

The story takes place in three time periods: childhood, adolescence, and the future (adult). It explores problems of self-identity and community, as well as how far one would go to acquire what they want and how someone should act when presented with critical choices.

As shown in this movie, Somebody who appears to be bound for legendary status, which we may believe has already had their fair share of distress, can be broken from something as simple as a falsehood told by anyone they admire. But it also demonstrates that anyone can be redeemed if they are prepared to put in the effort.

Review Of Netflix Drama Movie Kedibone


This Netflix original movie Kedibone does a fantastic job of capturing the problems that people encounter. The individuals in this film aren’t all wonderful; they make errors and do things that are often not right, but they’re all doing their hardest to do what they believe is appropriate at the time. That is what makes this story so intriguing. Everyone has their own goals and justifications for doing what they do, although those reasons and explanations don’t always coincide with what other individuals would like them to do.

Everyone has their own set of beliefs and opinions, which implies that those fundamental values might collide in unpredictable ways, resulting in conflict between characters who, on paper, appear to get along pretty smoothly.

The picture was a feast for the eyes in terms of visual, symbolic, and metaphorical content. It focuses on issues like celebrity, deception, jealousy, and loyalty while exploring the concept of identity through costume, design, and conversation.

This film is definitely worth watching for anyone who has ever been young and wants to develop their own personality or live life in a unique manner than they do presently. It also depicts indigenous Sotho rites and traditions, which provide some insight into South African heritage and traditions.

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The characters are all phenomenal, and the lead actress is so convincing as Kedibone that you forget you’re witnessing a performance! She completely inhabits this persona that even if you don’t understand Tswana or Sotho, you can understand exactly what she’s experiencing just by looking at her.


This film has outstanding cinematography. It employs a variety of perspectives to make the spectator feel as though they are a part of the heroine’s life and are witnessing everything they do from their point of view. It also incorporates close-ups of people’s faces when they’re conversing so we can see their sentiments without needing to read their words, which leaves me feeling like I’m there with people rather than simply watching them on television like most other films these days! Kedibone is a film that I strongly suggest! It has a terrific plot and gorgeous cinematography. I didn’t want to stop watching the film because it kept me engrossed constantly.

Kedibone includes both positive and negative moments throughout its tale, making it one of the most outstanding South African films in recent years. Many memorable moments in the film sparkle because of their well-executed implementation. Finally, Kedibone is worth seeing just for the star power of the performers and their flawless execution.                       

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