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Return of Takeshis Castle Bhuvan Bam Leads Hindi Commentary

Return of Takeshis castle has been announced and the Hindi commentary of the game show will be done by Bhuvan Bam which will be in the form of 8 episodic series. All set to premiere on 26 September, the show has already a huge fandom and is getting the desired hype. 


  • The Japanese game show Takeshi Castle is making a comeback on Prime Video. 
  • Takeshi castle Hindi commentator Bhuvan Bam. 
  • Youtuber Bhuvan Bam shared the exciting news using his social media handle. 
  • The show premieres on 26 September. 
Takeshi castle Trailer

Return Of Takeshis Castle On Prime Video

Return of Takeshis Castle- Bhuvan Bam Leads Hindi Commentary
Return of Takeshi Castle

Return of Takeshis Castle is finally happening in India and the show will drop on 26 September. Adding up the excitement Takeshi Castle’s Hindi commentator will be Bhuvan Bam he will be seen in one of his very own characters from the YouTube skit, ‘Titu Mama’  which is most loved from the side of his fans. 

Takeshi Castle India cast Bhuvan Bam, Takeshi Kitano, Osamu Shitara, Shinya Ueda, Naomi Watanabe, Ennosuke Ichikawa, Hayato Tani, and Subaru Kimura will be shouldering the series. 

The 90’s iconic Japanese game show is announced and this year will mark the absence of Javed Jaffrey. The netizens reacted to the news of Bhuvan Bam being the Hindi commentator of this gaming series. 

Will Javed Jaffrey Be Absent From Takeshi Castle’s New Season? 

On Thursday, Prime Video announced the new show where Takeshi Castle rebooted made the fans really excited. On one hand, the Bhuvan Bam fandom was really excited and is now looking forward to its release as he will be a part of the franchise but on the other hand, a part of netizens looked disappointed and reacted to Javed Jaffrey not being part of this upcoming Prime video release, the hilarious commentary of the show will now be done by Bhuvan Bam instead of Jaffrey. Bhuvan will be in the character of ‘Titu Mama’ which is his own YouTube skit character highly loved by the audience. 

What is Takeshi Castle? 

Return of Takeshis Castle- Bhuvan Bam Leads Hindi Commentary
What is Takeshi Castle

A Japanese game show that came in the year 1986 and ran till 1990, it has two seasons in all. The format of the show revolves around several contestants who throw challenges on each other attempting storms. Created by Japanese actor and filmmaker Takeshi Kitano, the winner of the game won one million and till now only 9 winners have emerged. 

The cult television show has hit the world around becoming one of the most famous franchises. On the 50th anniversary of this Japanese Game show a revival was broadcasted in the year 2005. Thereafter, Takeshi Castle is now back with 8 episodes and will have access to the rest of the world whereas it has already premiered in Japan during the month of April. 

FAQ: (Frequently Asked  Questions) 

1. How Many Episodes of Takeshi’s Castle are there? 

There are a total of 133 episodes, season 1 of Takeshi Castle is available on Prime Video to watch. The new episode will premiere on 26 September. 

2. Who is Takeshi Castle Hindi commentator? 

Bhuvam Bam is the Hindi commentator of this Japanese gaming series. The same information is shared by Bhuvan Bam on Instagram where he quotes, “It’s a dream come true”.

3. Where can I watch Return Takeshi Castle In India?

The 8 episodic series will be available to watch on Prime Video. Bhuvan Bam leads the Hindi commentary of the show that will premiere on 21 September 2023.

4. What does Takeshi Mean? 

Takeshi means warrior or military. The basic concept of the show is throwing unbeatable physical challenges on the opponent which seems quite tough. Till now only 9 people have emerged out and won the show

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