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A Romantic Drama With An Imperial Touch, Raajkumar

‘Raajkumar’ Vintage movie is released on the MX Player OTT Platform in 2022.

IMDb 6.6/10
STARRING Prithviraj Kapoor, Shammi Kapoor, Saadhana

Prithviraj Kapoor Movie Raajkumar Movie Plot, Story, And Review

Shammi Kapoor Raajkumar movie series on ott
Shammi Kapoor Raajkumar movie series on ott

Here, Shammi plays Bhanu Pratap Singh, the senior child of the Maharaja (Prithviraj Kapoor) of a royal state. Bhanu Pratap has been reading up abroad for over a decade and is just now returning. The maharaja is energized at the possibility of at last seeing Bhanu once more and can hardly stand to declare that Bhanu will currently be the Crown Prince (Raajkumar).

Bhanu’s own mom has been dead for numerous years now, and Maharani Kalavati (Manorama), Maharaja’s subsequent spouse, is anxious that Bhanu will dismiss the possibility of a stepmother yet, that is just to support the maharaja. The truth is that Kalavati needs the privileged position for her little child Chandrabhanu and assuming Bhanu is announced as the Crown Prince, that trust will go dead.

So Kalavati has been scheming with her malicious sibling Narpat Singh (Pran), who additionally is the Senapati (Army Chief) of the state. Narpat Singh, in private, guarantees his sister that the gathering board going to get the sovereign as he shows up will ensure he gets a ‘proper’ gathering.

Prithviraj Kapoor Raajkumar movie series on ott
Prithviraj Kapoor Raajkumar movie series on Ott

Luckily for our legend, however, his old dai-mama (nurse), Padma (Achla Sachdev) has been keeping her eyes open and her ear to the ground. She understands what Kalavati and Narpat have been doing. Yet, since she can’t tell the Maharaja – it’ll make him extremely upset – she has, all things considered, sent her child Kapil (Rajendranath) abroad, to caution Bhanu of what’s fermenting here.

The main villain, Narpat, who is the sibling of the sovereign’s stepmother, kills the ancestral lord and implicates the ruler of the homicide, convincing his girl Princess Sangeeta to vindicate her dad’s passing.

The Maharaja notwithstanding guarantees her that equity will be done the following day. The ruler gets away from the castle with the assistance of his companion and camouflages himself as Bhagat Ram while romancing the uninformed princess.

At last, the Prince figures out how to get verification of his blamelessness to the Maharaja, yet Narpat detains the ruler by restricting him to his high position far away from general visibility and requests that the princess vindicate her dad’s demise by shooting the sovereign with a bow and bolt and incidentally likewise uncovers that the ruler was veiled as Bhagatram.

The princess, however not glad to shoot her first love, lifts the bow to shoot the ruler when every one of the sovereign’s companions, caretakers,s, and well-wishers assault Narpat’s hooligans, accordingly safeguarding the Maharaja all the while.

The Prince and Narpat had a battle toward the end. What happens next? What is the outcome of the battle? What about the vicious design of Narpat? To know more about what happened, watch this movie on MXPlayer.

Review of the MX Player Movie Raajkumar

“A romantic drama with an imperial touch, Raajkumar”

In K Shankar’s 1964 hit, Raajkumar, everything is beyond ludicrous, cosmetics, sets, ensembles, characters, and story. However, it doesn’t matter. One multi-shaded imperial show will keep you snared. That is, assuming you consolidate a specific willingness to accept some far-fetched situations.

The rest resembles being essential for an enchanting fair. The most fantastic aspect of the film, aside from the romping sets of Shammi Kapoor and Sadhana, is its tunes. As a matter of fact, right when some unrealistic grouping is wearing you out, Shankar Jaikishen’s music acts as the hero. With seven chartbusters, Rajkumar is one pot-boiling performer.

Then you have the catchy ”Nacheree man”, picturized on Sadhana. The point of attention is also on Bhanu, being the unimportant, dumb, uncaring sovereign while Kapil will be his similarly moronic teacher companion. It’s spontaneous, colorful, and joyful.

The tune, “Is rang badalti duniya mein” is sheer euphoria for the viewers. The fabulous stage setup heightens the sentiment of the tune. We are not, in any event, going into Mohd Rafi’s sweet voice. Everything about this movie is very entertaining. K Shankar has delivered a great movie.

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Director: K Shankar

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