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Permanent Roommates Season 3 OTT Release Date- TVF Original

Permanent Roommates Season 3 is finally going to be released on Prime Video. Fan favorite show will arrive on October 18 with a freshly brewed story that will surely become your favorite once again. This TVF original series was initially released on YouTube but the strong storyline and execution have made it reach the biggest VOD platform. Shreyansh Pandey has been one of the great directors as he has brought one of the best chemistry from the Permanent Roommates cast.


  • TVF Show Permanent Roommates is a romantic comedy web series. 
  • TVF Permanent Roommates web series has 2 seasons entirely. 
  • It has 13 Episodes in total. 
  • TVF Permanent Roommates season 3 will drop on 18th October. 
  • Prime Video has released a beautiful poster for the show that encapsulates Sumeet Vyas and Nidhi Singh. 

Permanent Roommates Season 3 Release Date

Permanent Roommates Season 3 OTT Release Date- TVF Original
Permanent Roommates season 3

Finally, the much-awaited season of permanent roommates has been announced by Prime Video and the series will drop this October 18 for viewers. 

The story revolves around Tanya and Mikesh, they both were in a long-distance relationship, and on a random day Mukesh returns from the U.S. and asks Tanya to marry him. Tanya becomes very reluctant to get married this soon because she thinks that Mukesh barely knows her after he has moved out of the city. Therefore, both of them mutually decide to get into a livin relationship first and if everything remains well they will end up getting married.

Permanent Roommates Season 3 Story, Cast, Release

The web series comes up with 5 episodes with a span of 40 minutes each. Directed by Shreyansh Pandey, it is streaming in Hindi with English subtitles. The permanent roommates season 3 story has a great touch with what happened in season 2. After undergoing the deepest emotions and overcoming the tragedies of the previous season, Tanya and Mikesh are ready to begin the new chapter and start to spend some good times with each other. All of these romantic pushes only remain till the time when one of Tanya’s friends decides to settle in Canada. 

Mikesh is carrying a load inside him that he has not shared to anyone. On one side Tanya is desperate to move abroad as she thinks they will have better opportunities there and on the other side Mikesh is quite reluctant for the same. 

Permanent Roommates Season 3 Cast

Whether it’s any TV show the cast is always given the love that it deserves and the same goes with Permanent Roommates season 3 cast as we can see Sumeet Vyas and Tanya Nagpal on the poster and their two look beautiful together. 

The show has Sumeet Vyas, Nidhi Singh, Rohit Sukhwani, Deepak Kumar Mishra, Shishir Shama, and Sheeba Chaddha who completely prevails the entire show. The chemistry between every character has been crafted so well by the maker that it completely engages you to the core. 

Permanent Roommates trailer

Permanent Roommates Season 3 OTT Release Date- TVF Original
Permanent Roommates season 3 trailer

Permanent Roommates season 3 trailer has not been out yet but a beautiful and romantic poster has been released by Prime Video announcing the release date of the show. The shoe has to be dropped really soon therefore anytime the official trailer can also be dropped. 

The first season was launched in 2014 followed by the second season in 2016 and finally after 7 years season 3 is here, hence the fans are very excited to see the leap in the show that has come in the relationship of Mikesh and Tanya. 

The director of the show has already stated that permanent roommates is dear to his heart and there is a very special connection that has been related to this show. 

Permanent Roommates Season 3 Review

Permanent Roommates Season 3 OTT Release Date- TVF Original
Permanent Roommates season 3 review

Permanent Roommates season 3 comes as an audience favorite chord. This light-hearted drama comes up with relatable situations and gets a light tone shift if compared with the previous season. The third season has been released after a span of six years however, the gap clearly does not affect the craze and approach. After all, it is a TVF creation which makes it clear that it’s surely going to be a step above in terms of everything. 

Written by Vaibhav and Shreya, both of them are successful in sprinkling out the correct flavor. It has picked up really well after where it ended in the second season and following the same the ending of the third season too looks satisfying. No point makes the writing sound tedious. Shreyansh Pandey turned out well as a director. 

Sumeet Vyas and Nidhi Singh have been outstanding all throughout. Seasoned actors like Sheeba Chaddha, Ayesha Raza Mishra, and Shishir Sharma bring their own flavor to the table. The chemistry between the lead cast has evolved quite well and the same fun banters and the clashes have been maintained in the entire season as well. 

From being a YouTube franchise to acquiring a position on one of the big VOD platforms is not easy. It was released initially on YouTube and gained immense popularity since then creating a loyal fan base. Season 3 of Permanent Roommates lacks the stickiness in the story. Though, if you miss out on one episode in between it will not make you lose on any track. The script has been kept that slow. 


 Permanent Roommates Season 3 Review: If you are a fan of the TVF permanent Roommates franchise this is a must-watch season for you. Better late than never can only be said for this season, the web series is currently live on Prime Video.

FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions)  

1. Are permanent roommates worth watching? 

Yes, the permanent web series is one of the best creations that has been rated very well on IMDB and is completely worth the watch as it comes from the TVF fraternity. 

Where can I watch permanent roommates season 3?

TVF original series Permanent Roommates is also available on the TVF official app you can watch it on Prime Video. 

3. Who is Sumeet Vyas’s wife? 

Sumeet Vyas was initially married to Shivani Tanksale but after 7 years of long marriage they got separated in the year 2017 and then in 2018, he married Ekta Kaul. 


Permanent Roommates
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