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‘NO TIME TO DIE’ is One of the Best 2022 Movie on Prime Video

James Bond is no longer on active duty. Bond is led onto the trail of a mystery enemy equipped with dangerous new technology when Felix Leiter, an old CIA comrade, turns up and requests help. Let’s Start NO TIME TO DIE


No Time to Die prime video series on ott

It’s been six years since Spectre, Daniel Craig’s penultimate James Bond picture, was released, earning the franchise’s lowest Tomatometer score ever. That means there’s a lot of anticipation and demand for No Time to Die, the 25th installment.

Fortunately, the 007 sequel has garnered great reviews, and it also happens to be Craig’s final feature. This Bond has all of the action and cosmopolitan flair that fans have come to expect from the character, as well as some unique takes on the character and his mythology. Regrettably, it appears to be plagued with villains.

OTT Release Date March 4, 2022
Prime Video India’ IMDB 7.3/10
Rotten Tomatoes 63%
Star Cast Daniel Craige, Ana Armas & Rami Malek
Director Cary Joji Fukunaga

Prime Video NO TIME TO DIE Plot And Story 

No Time to Die Sequal of 007 James Bond series on ott

After months of anticipation, the 25th official James Bond film, “No Time to Die,” is now out, an epic (163 minutes!) action picture that pits 007 against one of his most difficult missions: End the era that most people think brought new life to one of the most legendary film characters of all time is now available on Amazon Prime Video, one of the most popular OTT platforms.

Everyone knows this is Daniel Craige’s final Bond film, so “No Time to Die” must entertain on its own terms, bring closure for this chapter of the character’s life, and even hint at the spy with a license to kill’s future. It would also go a long way toward cleaning up the mess created by “Spectre,” a film universally regarded as average.

All of the requisite boxes appear to be checked for “No Time to Die,” which comes to life in spurts thanks to the director’s great directing of rapid action beats but ultimately plays it too safe and predictable from beginning to end. It feels like a film constructed by a machine fed the previous 24 films and meant to churn out a best-hits package, even as it closes up years of character journeys.

The days of a new Bond film seeming like a fresh start with the character and his universe as a stand-alone action movie are long gone. “No Time to Die” looks to follow the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s methodology of drawing from previous installments to give the impression that everything is pre-planned. It’s not necessary to have seen the first four films to enjoy this one, but it’ll be difficult if you haven’t.

007 Sequeal NO TIME TO DIE Quick Review

So, of course, we begin with Vesper, Bond’s lifelong love from “Casino Royale.” After a brilliant and taut opening flashback, The film picks up with James and Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux) in Italy, where he is eventually persuaded to visit the grave of the lady who has tormented him for so long. It starts to go off the rails. Is this a hint that the creators of “No Time to Die” are preparing to wreck their foundation and reinvent Bond? Although the extended chase/shoot-out sequence that follows is one of the best in the film, it isn’t required.

Bond holds Swann responsible for what happened in Italy, believing she betrayed him, and the arc is replayed five years later, with James out of the loop. After the deadly theft of a weaponized virus that can target a specific person’s DNA, Bond returns to the fold, but he’s first aligned with the CIA via Felix Leiter and a new face named Logan Ash.

No Time To Die James Bond Series Film

In terms of villains, Christoph Waltz returns as the slow-talking Blofeld, but his big moment is underwhelming, ending with a shrug. Malek and the directors clearly lean toward a Bond villain tradition, but Safin is such a clear retread of previous villains that it’s as if the next Avengers film had another enormous purple guy named Chanos. Craig’s Bond deserved a better final foe, one who isn’t introduced until halfway through the movie.

Critics’ Point of View 

Despite the fact that there is a vast cast of espionage experts from all around the world, these talented extras are given shockingly little to do other than carry the plot forward to its obvious climax. Lynch looks to be a self-aware allusion to the Bond casting controversy, which is great, but she isn’t given enough of a personality to hold her own. That’s fantastic if you’re a Bond fan who believes warmed leftovers are delicious, especially after such a long wait for this meal. Perhaps it should have all ended a few movies ago. Then we’d have all had a chance to try something new. Streaming on Amazon Prime Video India.

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