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Amazon Prime video Sci-Fi Drama Web Series “Night Sky” Review.

GENRE Sci-Fi, Drama
IMDb 7.5/10
DIRECTOR Juan José Campanella
OTT PLATFORM Amazon Prime Video 
STARRING Sissy Spacek, J.K. Simmons, Adam Bartley

PLOT of Night Sky Season 1

Night Sky is a Prime video Original web series an aged married couple named Franklin (J.K. Simmons) and Irene York (Sissy Spacek). A long time ago, they had found a hidden portal in the backyard of their house which connected to another planet. They have kept it a secret from everyone. In the present, Franklin becomes tired of keeping the secret and only wants her granddaughter Denise to know about it. Their neighbor spots the couple teleporting from their garden and informs Denise of this uncommon behavior. Denise, concerned about the ailing health of her grandparents, talks with Franklin as Irene is in a wheelchair and Franklin has been gradually losing his memory power.

After writing Franklin a letter, Irene departs to the portal on her own, to find answers. Just when she goes, she finds a man on the floor having difficulty breathing. After bringing the man into their home, Irene helps him regain his health and does not call the police. The stranger then reveals that his name is Jude and that he has a memory loss, much to the disbelief of Franklin. It is known that Denise’s father Michael died by suicide long back. During the night, Jude comes out of his locked bedroom and removes a tracker from his leg.

After recovering fully, Jude stays in their house. Irene likes him, however, Franklin has his suspicions. Jude then manages to convince the couple to stay and they keep him as a caretaker, to help the old couple. Denise is also suspicious and interrogates him. Byron has an unsuccessful campaign and he blames Franklin for the same as he breaks into their garden shed and finds the hidden door.

What happens next? Who really is Jude? Will someone else find out about the secret portal? What is the mystery behind the portal? To find answers to all these questions, make sure to watch the series Night Sky, It is available on Amazon prime video.

Night Sky
Night Sky

Review of Prime Video Web series Night Sky Season 1

The web series Night Sky is about a quaint story of a mysterious opening to another world. Though the name of the show is Night Sky, it is of its own kind of twisty and sentimental series which keeps the viewers intrigued.

The show has themes of care and love and concern for the aged. The couple’s tender journey is distracted by different supporting characters. It is important to note how different characters shape up the story and play an important part in the life of Yorks. Though the show has episodes with hour-long durations, it is a visual delight for the viewers.

It is interesting how every character in this show has some secrets which they keep with all their efforts. However, the(Night Sky) show has so many themes altogether that it all collectively feels unattended and undermined. As much as the emotional moments try to generate some importance, the general nostalgia of the show only delves deeper. The performances of both the protagonists, Simmons and Spacek, are gentle and subtle, and derived appreciation. Though this is the reason for the absorbing storyline, their ability in what they can do seems limited.

Night Sky
Night Sky

The hidden portal in the garden shed of the couple’s house is the trigger for all these emotions and life-altering ventures. It is the focal point of attention and interest. But none of the other side stories manage to induce as much interest as the main story. Both the central characters give a natural comfort in the portrayal of the relationship which is a pleasure to watch, even though circumstances become gloomy later on in the season. Moreover, the presence of Spacek and Simmons, with the mysterious core, is sufficient to trigger the show.

The director deserves praise for putting in multiple themes and storylines together in a subtle manner to create this show. The cinematography and the visual effects are also excellent. Overall, a good enough series if you are looking for some fantasy drama.


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