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Netflix Top 10 Movies in Romance: Which is Your Favorite

Netflix has always been the kind of OTT platform that has kept up with the best content for its viewers. This is why it is the leading OTT giant in the world with its viewership growing even more.

Romance Movies To Watch On Netflix

There is also immense variety in Netflix in the romance genre. There are light-hearted romantic comedies, passionate melodramas, and also some romantic movies based on true stories. Starting from the Netflix originals to distinct romantic movies and trilogies, Netflix has got it all covered for romance lovers. Here, let’s have a look at ten of the best flicks in romance available on Netflix.


  • About time on Netflix
  • Set it up on Netflix
  • Our Souls at Night on Netflix
  • Someone great on Netflix
  • Always be my maybe on Netflix
  • Half of it on Netflix
  • Midnight on Paris on Netflix
  • All the bright places on Netflix

Top 10 Romantic Movies To Watch Now

When it comes to movies from the romance genre, Netflix has always stood out. Netflix is an advocate of romance film franchises. Let’s have a detailed look at the romance movies on Netflix that you can watch with your partner.

1. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (IMDb- 7.1)

Netflix Top 10 Movies in Romance: Which is Your Favorite
Romance Movies on Netflix

This movie is a proper sweet romance that would light up your day. It is based on a novel by Jenny Han. The plot depicts Lara Jean portrayed by Lana Condor as the protagonist whose five confidential love letters are unintentionally sent to her crushes. When confronted by her previous crush, she is nervous about the letters being an obstacle for her recent crush.

The story develops in an interesting and fun-loving way and causes some chaos in her dating life. The whole movie keeps you absorbed right from the beginning till its end, reminiscing the viewers with their nostalgic memories of school life and crushes. If you are a lover of high school romance, you will surely enjoy this movie. It is one of the best romance movies on Netflix.

2. About Time (IMDb- 7.8)

Netflix Top 10 Movies in Romance: Which is Your Favorite
Romance Movies On Netflix

This 2013 movie is one of the best-underrated romance movies. Directed by Richard Curtis, the movie features Domhnall Gleeson, who realizes from his father that he has a special ability to time travel. Once aware of this skill, he uses it to flirt and court girls and do some other silly things. Eventually, he has a meet-cute with a girl in London.

But due to some problems, his opportunity to meet her is gone and he has to search for another way for their first meeting. This movie has the perfect balance of fun, romance and emotion and enhances the way of looking at love. If you are a fan of fantasy romance then you will be in love with this movie. It is available to watch on Netflix.

3. Set It Up (IMDb- 6.5)

Netflix Top 10 Movies in Romance: Which is Your Favorite
Romance Movies To Watch

This movie is a unique charismatic romance. The story depicts two troubled colleagues who plan to set up their chiefs to get some time off their difficult work schedule. But amidst their planning and all, they start developing feelings for each other. The movie is praised for its acting and performances by Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell. It is a kind of friends-to-lovers movie but in a more classic and emotional way.

Despite being predictable, this movie keeps you engaged in its cheerfulness and fun-loving entertainment. Humor is also an important aspect of the film, which is important to hide the awkwardness and the underlying feelings bubbling up. You would enjoy watching this movie if you are a typical romantic movie fan. Check it out on Netflix.

4. Our Souls at Night (IMDb- 6.9)

Netflix Top 10 Movies in Romance: Which is Your Favorite
Romance Movies On Netflix

This movie is a classic Hollywood romance and portrayed so perfectly that it amazes some pre-established perceptions. The plot depicts the lives of two extremely lonely people who start sleeping with each other to counter their loneliness. They start talking about the despair and problems that they have in their respective lives. These talks and verbal exchanges are brilliantly portrayed by the director Ritesh Batra.

The movie is particularly appreciated for its acting by both the main characters because their performances make it look so real. The movie also tries to highlight the mental agony that people go through and how co-dependence can act as a form of therapy in curing them of their desolation. This is not a conventional romance but a classic masterpiece with a unique storyline. You can watch it on Netflix.

5. Someone Great (IMDb- 6.2)

Netflix Top 10 Movies in Romance: Which is Your Favorite
Romance Movies On Netflix

This movie has a distinct beginning that most of the other romantic movies as it starts with a breakup. This movie is one of a kind of romantic comedy by Netflix, where the protagonist has gone for a night party before going out of town after breaking up with her long-time boyfriend. Though we know that their relationship is done, their chemistry and bonding shown on screen keep you absorbed. Even the friendship shown in the movie is something to be cheered at.

The humor surrounding the film is amazing and adds to the comical aspect. Kaytin Robinson has portrayed the importance of the reality of life and moving on with it however difficult it be. The message given by the film is that relationships may end, but that does not signify the end of everything. You would like this movie if you have gone through a breakup!

6. The Incredible Jessica James (IMDb- 6.5)

Netflix Top 10 Movies in Romance: Which is Your Favorite
Romanntic Movies On netflix

This movie features Jessica Williams from The Daily Show for the first time in a main role and she does extremely well. Her character is innocent and selfish yet passionate and desirable. The plot depicts two people who are unhappy and keep a tab on their exes on social media. So they decide to stop stalking their own exes but rather stalk one another’s. This leads to a weird romantic scenario.

Jessica has been portrayed as someone with an existential crisis as almost anything that she tries is messed up. The encounter with Chris O’Dowd is great but prevents them from moving ahead due to their experiences of their former relationships. This movie manages to win the hearts even with its flaws. If you like a modern-age romantic comedy that has a reflection of reality then you would love this movie. It is available on Netflix.

7. Always Be My Maybe (IMDb- 6.8)

Netflix Top 10 Movies in Romance: Which is Your Favorite
Romance Movies On Netflix

This Netflix original featuring Randall Park and Ali Wong is a cheerful rom-com. The movie shows two teenage friends who have gone separate ways but fate has once again brought them together as adults. It has been a long time and both of their lives have followed opposite paths. It would be interesting to see that despite all these factors, the vibe that they still have between them, will that be sufficient for something deeper than friendship?

The movie is praised for its screenplay, humor and storyline. The performance of both Park and Wong fits into the narrative really well and gives their character the perfect balance of awkwardness and charm. The director Nahnatchka Khan has tried to show a more real situation of friends-to-lovers. You can watch it on Netflix.

8. The Half of It (IMDb- 6.9)

Netflix Top 10 Movies in Romance: Which is Your Favorite
Romantic Movies On Netflix

This movie by Alice Wu is a typical twist on the story of Cyrano de Bergerac. The plot depicts three teenagers craving their identity and first love. It is a complex love tale that has been shown brilliantly. This movie doesn’t portray the usual romantic comedy type, but it rather stresses the importance of loving and accepting oneself. This story has been inspired by the director’s own life and she has tried to showcase it in a distinct background.

It is an open-minded movie where Wu welcomes her characters with all their subtleties. As the plot develops it makes the teenagers realize deeper meanings of life and worth. If you are someone who is not into crushes or typical high school romance, you will like this movie. Check this out on Netflix.

9. All the Bright Places (IMDb- 6.5)

Netflix Top 10 Movies in Romance: Which is Your Favorite
Romance Movies To Watch

This movie is an emotional roller-coaster. The plot depicts Theodore and Violet between whom feelings develop after Theodore saves Violet from a suicide attempt. Later it is also known that Theodore also has mental health issues because of growing up abused by his father and being left by his mother. Both the characters are played perfectly by Elle Fanning and Justice Smith and the chemistry portrayed between them seems amazing in a high school romance. Director Brett Haley has attempted to show the subtleties that bloomed their relationship.

Their bond is enhanced by emotional connection, shared moments, expression, little bursts of joy and charisma. Violet finds a true friend in Theodore and with that comes new experiences. The movie shares the idea that it is not easy to judge by outward appearance what one person is going through on the inside. If you are an emotional romantic, you would be in love with this film. You can watch it on Netflix.

10. Midnight in Paris (IMDb- 7.7)

Netflix Top 10 Movies in Romance: Which is Your Favorite
Romance Movies On Netflix

This movie is about a couple who have gone on a vacation to Paris. The main characters, Gil and Inez, played by Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams are truly in love. Despite having differences in their ways of living life, their love ultimately binds them together. The screenplay of this movie is greatly written. Owen Wilson adds a special attraction to this movie with his acting.

The director, Woody Allen portrayed every theme he intended so perfectly which shows his creative instinct. It is a film that teaches depth about the concept of love and acceptance of oneself before loving others. Moreover, the background of the city of Paris lights up the cinematography. It is available to watch on Netflix.

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