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Netflix Dark Comedy Series Guns & Gulaabs Is Raj & DK Mutual Attempt

Netflix dark comedy series Guns & Gulaabs is currently streaming. Rajkumar Rao, Dulqueer Salman, Adarsh Gourav, and Gulshan Devaiah are in major roles. Created by Raj & Dk, does this web series touch the same charm? Let’s find out. 


  • Guns & Gulaabs release date is 18 August 2023.
  • Raj & DK Web Series Guns & Gulaabs on Netflix is a dark comedy. 
  • The show is originally released in Hindi. 

Guns & Gulaabs On Netflix Brings Back Retro Bollywood

Web seriesGuns & Gulaabs
Release Date18 August 2023
OTT Netflix
Cast Rajkumar Rao, Dulqueer Salman, Adarsh Gourav
Director Raj & Dk
Episodes 7

The latest Netflix series Guns & Gulaabs story seems complex and revolves around the town of Gulaabgunj where the trade of Afeem is going on. The Gangs who are involved in this belong to two different cities. Meanwhile, three school-going boys get involved in this illegal activity. Their love story also gets a dive in between. Connecting the chain further the makers establish the story properly giving time to each character. 

Raj & DK Web Series You Should Binge On

It won’t be much to say that Raj & DK is the king of ott. They write their characters fantastically so that the screen never feels burdened. Raj and DK web series have multiple characters that exist in their own created universe. 

Prime original series The Family Man and Farzi are two of the OTT-created shows that is a major success. 

Guns & Gulaabs Review- Netflix Dark Comedy Series 

Created by Raj & DK this Netflix series brings back the time when retro was a trend in Bollywood. The directors are masters when it comes to the creation of web series. Whether it’s about the family man or Shahid Kapoor’s Farzi, they serve you different characters in various episodes and by the end of it you will have your favorite ones. Guns and Gulaabs too has the same touch where it is not led by a single protagonist, you will get to see multiple of them. 

The characters and the role chosen for them just suit them in a subtle way. Rajkumar Rao as Panna Tipu, who is an illiterate mechanic manages to tickle you all throughout with his dialogues. Gulshan Devaiah as 4-cut Atmaram is such a portrayal that is not going to leave your mind anytime soon. The role of three school-going kids will play well with your funny bone, they just turn out to be hilarious. One among them falls in love with his English teacher and that whole establishment deserves the next level of recognition. 

Raj & Dk is known for making their small characters impactful and the same has been kept alive. All the kids raised during the 90s Or early 2000 will face so many nostalgic moments. 

Guns and Roses(The Hinglish title of this show) showcases love in all its forms. The series takes you back to the era many times. The attention to detail of the environment during that time is well maintained. The depiction of Campa cola, PCO, motorbikes, ISD will completely absorb you emotionally. The story of this latest Netflix series will often make you wonder about the Prime original series ‘Mirzapur’ and ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’. The idea and concept makes you feel so. The character portrayed by Adarsh Gourav will portray the shadow of Munna Bhaiya.

Veteran actor Late Satish Kaushik is also a part of this Netflix original, Dulqueer Salman is promising as usual. The show is a perfect amalgamation of organically created scenes and brilliant writing. Color grading and cinematography complement the setup. The story is a slow burn but everything just outweighs it. 

FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions) 

1. What is the Guns & Gulaabs OTT Release date and Time? 

Netflix latest web series, guns and gulaabs is released today at 12:30 pm IST. The show has pooja gor, Vipin Sharma, Gourav Sharma in supporting roles. Its one of the highest-rated Netflix Hindi language series. 

2. What is guns & gulaabs IMDB? 

The show is currently rated 10 on IMDB. Raj & Dk web series are always a masterpiece creation. Their shows never received a rating of less than 8 on the whole. 

3. Where can I watch Guns & Gulaabs? 

You may watch the show on the ott platform Netflix. The series has 7 episodes that varies between the span of 46 min to 1 hour giving you old school feel. 

Guns & Gulaabs
Netflix Dark Comedy Series Netflix Dark Comedy Series,Guns & Gulaabs,Raj & DK Web Series

Director: Raj & DK

Date Created: 2024-06-15 20:41

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