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Neeraj Pandey The Freelancer Review- A Fast-Paced Thriller

Hotstar is chaining itself as one of the leading content producers. Neeraj Pandey The Freelancer review is here which is yet again one of his masterpieces. Thriller enloaded it brings out Ayesha Raza and Mohit Raina in major roles. 


  • Hotstar special series The Freelancer release date is 1 September. 
  • With the least hype, the series is taking place through word of mouth. 
  • The Freelancer cast is Mohit Raina, Kashmira Pardeshi, and Ayesha Raja Mishra. 
  • The Freelancer episodes are 7.
  • The freelancer IMDB is 8.4.

The Freelancer Hotstar Series Release, Cast, Episodes, Story

Neeraj Pandey The Freelancer Review- A Fast-Paced Thriller
The Freelancer Hotstar
Web series The Freelancer
Episodes 4
OTT Hotstar
CastMohit Raina, Kashmira Pardeshi, Ayesha Raza Mishra, Anupam Kher
DirectorBhav Dhulia
Producer Neeraj Pandey

The Freelancer story is about an ex-cop Avinash, who has a good friendship with Inayat Khan. Aliya Khan is the daughter of Inayat and reaches Syria after her marriage. Things turn ugly and she gets stuck in Syria. The chain of stories envelops the battle of Avinash to rescue Aliya from a dreadful place. Will Avinash be able to come back from Syria successfully? 

Tune in to Hotstar and unwind the thrill behind the story of this Hotstar thriller series.

Will There Be The Freelancer Part 2? 

Neeraj Pandey The Freelancer Review- A Fast-Paced Thriller
The Freelancer Part 2

It seems Hotstar is applying a fixed pattern during the release of shows. Hotstar web series The Night was also released in parts. The same went with Scam 2003 on Sony Liv which too went in parts where part 2 will be released in November. 

Now, Neeraj Pandey’s The Freelancer has also been released following the same pattern. 4 episodes out of 7 are currently streaming and the rest three episodes will air soon. The fourth episode ended on a not-so-convincing note. Therefore, part 2 for the same will stream soon. 

Neeraj Pandey The Freelancer ReviewA Hotstar Thriller Series

Neeraj Pandey The Freelancer Review- A Fast-Paced Thriller
Neeraj Pandey The Freelancer Review

Neeraj Pandey the freelancer on Hotstar is totally worth the watch. The first episode varies around a length of 50 minutes whereas the last episode is of 35 minutes. 

The show typically holds the aura of Neeraj Pandey and you will get a perfect glimpse of his previous work. You will be able to feel the same intense situations, thrill, Pace, and actions. The play with the elemental connotations of the story will impress you rather it has nothing that extraordinary to please. The visual application and the cinematography is quite appealing. Every shot and every frame is quite worthy to watch. The color grading and the BGM again captivate your attention. 

The establishment and depth of characters appeal to you. The emotional arch and the connections will be felt strongly. Mohit Raina’s work is very good. Anupam Kher as always has spread his energy within which carries his own trademark element. 

The only flaw that can clearly be felt is the hold of the rest of the three episodes as the real game was about to begin later. The announcement of the freelancer part 2 has not been made yet, As soon as any updates come in series on OTT will update primarily. 

FAQ ( Frequently Ask Questions) 

1. Is the freelancer based on a true story?

Hotstar the freelancer web series is based on a book by Shirish Thorat’s book, ‘A Ticket to Syria’. It is the true story of Aliya. Kashmira Pardeshi in the role of Aliya has also given a real touch. 

2. Who are the actors in the freelancer Hotstar? 

Mohit Raina, Kashmira Pardeshi, Ayesha Raza Mishra, and Anupam Kher are in the major roles. 

3. Who is the leader of Hotstar? 

Sajith Sivanandan is the leader of Hotstar. He is the main strategy leader behind the Hotstar emerging on the leaderboard. Overall creation is in his hand.


The Freelancer
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Director: Bhav Dhulia

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