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Munna Bhai 3 Release Date, Cast, Poster And Trailer

Munna Bhai 3 has finally been announced, officially sharing a video where Rajkumar Hirani is seen teaming up with Arshad Warsi and Sanjay Dutt for his famous franchise. 


  • In a viral video, Arshad Warsi and Sanjay Dutt are seen together in the look of Circuit and Munna. 
  • Munna Bhai franchise Director Rajkumar Hirani is also captured in the lens. 
  • The video clearly drops Munna Bhai 3 update. 
  • Munna bhai 3 cast Arshad Warsi and Sanjay Dutt are finalized for sure. 
  • Munna Bhai 3 release date is 2023 as per the released Poster. 

Munna Bhai 3 Update- Is The Film In Making? 

Munna Bhai 3 Release Date, Cast, Poster And Trailer
Munna Bhai 3 release date

A video is going viral where the beloved cast from the movie Munna Bhai Mbbs is seen united, which clearly hints that  Munna Bhai 3 is in the making. The video that’s been circulated has the director Rajkumar Hirani and Sanjay Dutt opting for the look of Munna Bhai and Arshad Warsi is seen in the aura of the circuit where both of them hug each other and Sanjay quotes, “and, we are back”.

The video is captured from a hospital set and that clearly hints that Munna Bhai 3 making is already started. Where Sanjay Dutt was seen wearing an orange short kurta with jeans, Circuit aka Arshad Warsi styled a black kurta with layers of chain justifying their looks. 

Arshad Warsi And Sanjay Dutt Are Back As Munna And Circuit

Munna Bhai 3 Release Date, Cast, Poster And Trailer
Arshad Warsi and Sanjay Dutt

The saga of Arshad Warsi and Sanjay Dutt is back as circuit and Munna bhai. After seeing the insights that are coming from the set of Munna Bhai 3 fans turned out so excited. The best part is that Rajkumar Hirani still drives the film. 

The exact plot of the movie has not been revealed and the title has still not been told but there are huge chances that the subspace will be of Munna bhai only with a fresh story. It’s been 20 years since the release of Munna Bhai MBBS but still, the excitement seems to be the same. 

Munna Bhai 3 Poster Heats Up The Excitement

Munna Bhai 3 Release Date, Cast, Poster And Trailer
Munna Bhai 3 Poster

Sanjay Dutt and Arshad Warsi have already shared a poster of the untitled film that is tentatively called Munna Bhai 3. The poster features both the actors who are behind bars but in a comic presentable way. 

After sharing the poster, Sanjay Dutt said, Our wait has been longer than yours but finally, the long wait is over and we are coming back together, Stay Tuned! 

Since that announcement, the speculations have been very high that it is going to be the third part of the Munna Bhai franchise. The shared poster has the name of Sanjay Dutt as producer and Sidhaant Sachdev as a director, it seems Raj Kumar Hirani’s contribution was sealed to maintain the secrecy and hype. The untitled film is supposed to be released in 2023 as per the poster claims. The Munna Bhai 3 trailer can be dropped anytime soon. 

FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions) 

1. Who is Sanjay Dutt’s Wife? 

Sanjay Dutt’s wife is Manyata Dutt with whom he married in the year 2008. She is the third wife of Sanjay Dutt; earlier he had two marriages that ended in divorce, One with Richa Sharma and the other with Rhea Pillai. 

2. What is the collection of Lage Raho Munna Bhai? 

Lage Raho Munna Bhai is one of the most loved franchises among comedy films. Starring Boman Irani, Sanjay Dutt, and Arshad Warsi, the film’s budget is 22 crore whereas it managed to collect 74 crore at the box office. The sequel, Munna Bhai MBBS is also a hit that collected 56 crore in a budget of just 12 crores. 

3. Who is Munna Bhai’s best friend? 

The film Munna Bhai features Sanjay Dutt in the role of Munna whose best friend is Circuit (Arshad Warsi). The same has been continued from two franchises and it seems that Munna Bhai 3 will also have the same touch. 

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