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Mrs Undercover Movie Review, Story, IMDB, Release Date, Watch Online

Mrs Undercover Movie Review, Story, IMDB, Release Date, Watch Online - Series ON OTT
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Director: Anushree Mehta

Date Created: 2024-06-19 05:57

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Mrs undercover movie review can be counted as one of the top eccentric films added to Radhika Apte movies list. Let’s decode Mrs Undercover Movie Review on Seriesonott. 

Mrs Undercover Story, IMDB, Starcast

Mrs. Undercover Movie Review, Story, IMDB, Release Date, Watch Online

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Movie Mrs Undercover
Release Date 14 April 2023
OTT platform Zee 5
Genre Spy Comedy
Mrs Undercover IMDB 8.6
Star cast Radhika Apte, Sumit Vyas
Director Anushree Mehta

 Mrs. Undercover’s story revolves around an ordinary homemaker Radhika Apte(Durga) who was not so ordinary twelve years back. She was a spy agent back then and left the job to settle in Kolkata. 

The movie embarks with a murder of a lawyer who is thrashed by a serial killer(Sumeet Vyas). The pattern of killing is that he often targets strong and independent women.

He is one of the members of the common man association and the idea behind is to kill every independent woman of the earth. 


  • Mrs Undercover’s OTT release date is 14 April 2023.
  • Mrs Undercover is streaming on Zee 5.
  • Mrs undercover imdb rating is 8.6
  • Radhika Apte Spy thriller film is a mass entertainer. 
  • Radhika Apte and Sumit Vyas are in major roles. 

Mrs undercover Movie review

Mrs. Undercover Movie Review, Story, IMDB, Release Date, Watch Online
Sumit vyas

Zee 5 has improved a lot when it comes to content delivery. Lately, the web series Taj, United kacche had made a good impression all over. Radhika Apte’s movie, Mrs undercover is a spy-comedy film that is not seen as regular. Spy always carries thrill, and action and has its own fever.

Director of Mrs. Undercover Anushree Mehta strikes a perfect of both flavors. 

Anushree Mehta has tried to bring out patriarchy as a subject, giving it a contrast with the character of Durga(Radhika Apte). The representation of a housewife in the film is dedicated to  Anushree’s mother who is a homemaker. There are different scenes in the story which have been dedicated to mothers who worked day and night without any exchange. The first Poster of Mrs. Undercover was dropped on 08 March 2023 to commemorate Women’s Day. 

Durga has a demanding in-law, a careless husband, and a clever son who never shows a sense of respect. The story of every third household has got a perfect representation. She tries to maintain a balance between her 12 years old job and family.

The supporting characters give a perfect hinge of comedy. Laboni Sarkar (Durga’s mother-in-law) is a little forgetful with her age and that is blended perfectly. Rajesh Sharma, Sumit Vyas, and Angana Roy are flawless as always. Mrs undercover movie review comes truly as a mass entertaining movie that gives the feel of a Spy setup with a comical note. 

Radhika Apte Age, Debut, Movies List

Mrs. Undercover Movie Review, Story, IMDB, Release Date, Watch Online

Born in vellore on 7 September 1985 Radhika Apte age is 37. After completing her college in Pune she went on to try for films. During her struggling days, she worked with a stipend of 8000-10000 in the theatres. She felt for London making a subtle decision and learned music and dance. 

In 2005 she got her first big project in the film Vaah Life Ho to Aisi. Radhika Apte worked in an anthology movie, Shor in the City and she got famous under the Balaji banner. She never looked back since then and Radhika Apte movies list today is huge with different genres. After getting featured in Netflix film list stories, she too attempted bold and hot roles where she was equally appreciated. 

Radhika Apte is a self-shining brilliant actress. When it comes to OTT she explores it as a queen. Radhika Apte movies list has many brilliant performances; she was outstanding in every role she attempted. Forensic, Andhadhun, Kabali, Lust Stories, Forensic, Vikram Vedha form a major category of Radhika Apte movies and series. To know more about your favorite movies and shows stay tuned with Seriesonott. 


1. Is Mrs. Undercover movie worth watching? 

Mrs. Undercover movie review has already been discussed in detail above. Depicting in one line the film is a mass entertainer and comes from one of the non-attempted genres. It is a spy comedy that has a woman as the protagonist. Radhika Apte new movie is a one-time watch for sure. mrs undercover imdb rating is 8.6 that makes it worth the watch.

  1. List out Top Sumit Vyas web series. 

Sumit Vyas web series is a total gem. The choice of script and attempt can greatly be appreciated. Permanent Roommates (TVF), TVF tripling(TVF), The War in the Hills (Hotstar), Aar ya Paar(Hotstar), Jaanbaaz Hindustan Ke(Zee 5), and Takeshi diaries(YouTube) are his major web series to shout out. 


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