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‘Model Family’ South Korean Crime Drama Based on Breaking Bad.

Model Family: On Friday, August 12, 2022, Netflix introduced their latest Korean murder thriller, A Model Family. A man’s life takes a dramatic change when he steals money he discovers in a vehicle by mistake.

  • OTT Release Date- Aug 12, 2022
  • IMDB- 6.2
  • Genre- Crime, Drama, Thriller
  • Creator- Lee Jae- gon
  • Cast- Chase YI, Hee-Soon Park, Woo Jung
  • OTT Platform- Netflix
  • Language- English

Netflix Series Model Family Korean Drama

South korean drma series Model Family on ott
South Korean drama series Model Family on Ott

Jung Woo, Park Hee-soon, and many more appear in pivotal parts of the play. It’s a 10-episode run that’ll all debut at once. The show’s official trailer opens with a very gruesome scenario, which centers on a vehicle crash. The story then continues to depict the protagonist snatching cash from the trunk.

We were watching South Korean television long before Squid Game became a global sensation, so its record-breaking popularity wasn’t really a surprise to us. In reality, it had seemed just a matter of time until anything from the area entered and changed the cultural zeitgeist, and Squid Game was only the first to get there with its straightforward idea, poignant themes, and meme-ready presentation.

The next one can be A Model Family. It is neither novel nor very intriguing, which may be the objective. It adapts a well-worn Western subgenre—the thriller about desperate circumstances and desperate tactics popularized by shows like Breaking Bad, Ozark, and Your Honor—and presents it in a sleek and effective ten-episode package that is ready for binge-watching.

South Korean Drama Model Family Review

latest Korean murder thriller Model Family series on ott
latest Korean murder thriller Model Family series on Ott

A MODEL FAMILY is a brand-new South Korean crime drama on Netflix. There will be a few recognizable names in prominent parts if you’ve seen some of the other fantastic South Korean genre productions (films and series).
There are 10 episodes in a season of this television show, with each episode lasting around 45 minutes. It has a strong focus on characters, as is typical in South Korean productions. Moreover, it depicts violence realistically without holding back. including how awkward it is.

At the conclusion of episode 1, A Model Family’s first significant narrative twist occurs. Obviously, this will make you want to see episode 2 right now. Additionally, a second narrative surprise appears quite early in episode 2.

Instead of these bizarre or outlandish things, it is story components that subvert our presumptions and expectations. Despite the sluggish start of this South Korean Netflix series, there are plenty of surprises to keep you engaged. The season consists of ten episodes, and the first two are highly brutal and vicious.

You won’t have to worry about being sucked into a drama that has no action, in other words. This thriller is set in the realm of organized crime. A college professor who unexpectedly finds himself drawn into this world when he sees a chance to earn some quick money is the primary character of the story.

To be fair, he also has a severe financial need. Both because he’s an idiot who took a gamble that didn’t pan out his way and because his young son needs a new heart.

There are a lot of faces in the new South Korean Netflix series that you may not know, but there are also a lot of performers who you should. Especially if you like excellent genre movies or TV shows, of course.

I’d guess that most folks would leave feeling rather pleased. Dong-ha isn’t as strong of a lead character as, say, Walter White, a man who got into trouble but at least had the knowledge to fall back on. Because Dong-ha is a bit of a moron, a lot of the tension comes from his propensity for making poor choices.

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A Model Family avoids being too repetitive by adding a deeper family mystery that existed before Dong-ha ever made the foolish choice to accept the money in the first place. Even if the configuration is still pretty well known, the devil is always in the details.

Conclusion On South Korean Drama 

Moreover, both the season and each episode are shorter than South Korean productions created for national television and afterward sold to Netflix. It’s a classic Netflix show with a length of around 45 minutes and ten episodes every season.

The production value is really great, and the approach is undoubtedly still very much traditional South Korean storytelling. You may create a poster from several images from any episode of this show. Lovely composition and lighting. The tale (and performances) are still compelling even without the breathtaking sights.

Model Family
netflix korean drma Model Family tv series Model Family

Director: Lee Jae- Gon

Date Created: 2024-02-22 22:39

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