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Meri Awas Suno Movie Review: A Appreciable One-time Watch Movie!

Meri Awas Suno(എന്റെ ആശ്വാസം കേട്ടു നോക്കൂ) is a movie which has the star Cast-Jeetendra as Inspector Sushil Kumar / Kanwarlal (Double Role), Hema Malini as Mrs. Sunita Kumar, Parveen Babi as Rita, Kader Khan as Topiwala, Shakti Kapoor as Azaad, Ranjeet as Rony, Asrani as Bahadur. In this movie, “Many people love RJ Shankar’s voice, style, and conversations, but a tragic incident upends his and his family’s lives.”

Malyalam Movie Meri Awas Suno: A Average Class Movie to Watch

Meri Awas Suno hotstar movie series on ott
Meri Awas Suno hotstar movie series on ott
Release on OTT(Hotstar) 24 June 2022
IMDB 6.5/10
Genre Drama
Director Prajesh Sen
Runtime 2h 10m

Hotstar Movie Meri Awas Suno Story And Plot

RJ Shankar (Jayasurya), his wife Kavita (Sshivada), a news presenter on a channel, and their son find their existence lifted up when Shankar faces a tragic incident in his life. The family and their doctor Sulakshna are central to the narrative (Manju Warrier).

RJ Shankar’s popularity stems from both his skill in his profession and his charitable deeds, which give his station’s coworkers some indigestion. And then, as a result of his smoking cigarettes, RJ Shankar abruptly loses his most important asset—his voice—and experts say he will never be able to talk again. Will he return to the studio to host his well-liked program? The troubles of an RJ, and husband and father, are depicted excellently by Jayasurya.

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Some sequences bring to mind Jayasurya-Prajesh Sen’s earlier film Captain, where Jayasurya was driven to recapture his former football success. Sshivada is a good match for the role of the striving yet loving wife. Manju Warrier shines in her debut film with Jayasurya as a fearless female activist and voice coach.

Detailed Review of The Movie Meri Awas Suno(എന്റെ ആശ്വാസം കേട്ടു നോക്കൂ) 

In the movie(Meri Awas Suno ), One of Shankar’s distinguishing characteristics is that he avoids using his real name on social media. When it comes to matters like that, he is traditional. He wishes to keep the element of mystery that the great masters were known for. In a later scene, this trait comes into play when he arrives at the door and Dr Reshmi does not identify him.

He gets hurt when she plays back a recording of one of his earlier “motivational” lines. He seems unable to tell her that’s him. It’s a very embarrassing situation right now. She advises him to accept the fact that he won’t be able to speak anymore. Is that the verdict in full? The remainder of the movie looks for a solution to this. Be prepared to cry a little bit.

Meri Awas Suno malyalam movie review series on ott
Meri Awas Suno malyalam movie review series on ott

Prajesh Sen revisits themes in Meri Awas Suno that he previously explored in Captain and Vellam. Once more, he gives his main female leads a lot of room to bloom. As the journalist’s wife tries to save her mute spouse from the pit he is in and deal with Reshmi’s effect on him, Sshivada gives one of her best performances.

I got emotional in one scene where Jayasurya uses Sshivada’s hands to recommend that she should put him out of his suffering if she keeps ignoring him, a ‘helpful’ deliberate strategy that Dr. Reshmi suggested to get him to do something exceptional again.

Manju Warrier dazzles with a person whose demeanor shifts between directness and tenderness. She has a good opening scene where she gives a speech about “freedom” at a women’s college, which naturally draws the ire of the nuns in charge of the school. She then exits her jeep like a mass hero after this has happened.

After Captain and Vellam, director Prajesh Sen’s most recent film, Jayasurya, tells a distinct tale of a contemporary working family and their challenges. In tight situations, M Jayachandran’s music is a solace. Pranayam Enna Oru Vakku and Eeran Nila are melodic.

Meri Awas Suno is not the kind of movie you watch to talk about the industry. I evaluate these movies based on their capacity to feed the soul. They are often dismissed as “inspirational movies,” but I say why not as long as they are produced with some limitations? After a series of somber movies, a mood-lifter now and again is helpful.

Meri Awas Suno
Meri Awas Suno എന്റെ ആശ്വാസം കേട്ടു നോക്കൂ Meri Awas Suno,review

Director: Prajesh Sen

Date Created: 2024-06-15 19:27

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