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Matilda The Musical Review: A thrilling 2022 fantasy

Matilda: The Musical
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Matilda The Musical Review: Roald Dahl’s children’s book becomes a best-seller. It, like his previous stories, received cinematic treatment in 1996 and became an immediate classic, a consistent go-to film in the childhood memories of most youngsters and older Gen Zs.

The play is subsequently transformed into a musical, first at the Royal Shakespeare Theater and then onto the West End and the brilliant lights of Broadway. And then people realized that this musical while being based on a film that is based on a novel, needed its own film.

Release year 2022
OTT Platform Netflix
Genre Musical, Fantasy
IMDb 7.4/10

Matilda The Musical Review:

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Matilda: The Musical, which premiered in 2022, returns the narrative to its British roots, with an all-English cast save for Alisha Weir, who plays the eponymous genius with telekinetic skills and is Irish. The environment isn’t the only distinction. In reality, the films from 1996 and 2022 couldn’t be more unlike.

This is the version’s greatest flaw. On Halloween, you could encounter two people costumed as witches. One individual becomes Elphaba and paints oneself green, maybe with a false snout and a zit to match. With them, the other individual, who is obviously more boring, wears a Zara little black dress and a witch’s hat.

Matilda does not embrace the book’s absurdism or the small oddities that constitute this timeless beautiful narrative. It tries too hard to teach the viewers about bravery and other crap that youngsters don’t care about. There is no humor or campiness, which are crucial factors in making the 1996 picture so enjoyable to watch. This adaptation takes itself far too seriously. It doesn’t play with the unlimited imagery afforded by movies, feeling like an odd in-between that isn’t a stage play but doesn’t achieve the heights afforded by cinema.

Roald Dahl is all about having youngsters wonder about the world, although when they believe all hope is lost, yet there’s nothing here to make the audience wonder. The acrobatics and dancing are really impressive. There are instances when you’re astounded by the kids’ skills, but that shouldn’t overshadow the plot.

Matilda The Musical Review, Plot, and script Analysis:

Matilda The Musical Review: A 2022 fantasy

The same may be said regarding the acting and characterization. Emma Thompson might just have made Miss Trunchbull extra entertaining, but she chooses to play it safe. She’s so buried in prosthetics that you can’t tell how furious, disgusted, or cruel she’s supposed to be (I vividly remember Pam Ferris’ terrible facial expressions from when I was small). Miss Honey, starring Lashana Lynch, is the biggest letdown. Lynch portrays her as feeble, timid, and docile, relying on Matilda to complete the task. She trembles and freezes in Trunchbull’s presence, and it all feels very forced. Lynch has established herself as one of the most intriguing performers to watch in recent years.

The only positives are Stephen Graham and Andrea Riseborough as Matilda’s parents. They go full camp with artificial teeth and enormous hair, unyielding in their anger and agony of their child. It’s the only narrative that feels the truest to the original novel.

There’s no rhyme or reason for their heinousness; they’re villains in a children’s narrative, and the two performers are well aware of this, so they’ve some amusement with it. Graham and Riseborough provide much-needed foils, allowing the film to be pleasant and similar to the original book and film.

While witnessing Thompson turn into the massive monster is a guilty pleasure, I missed it when the character was performed on the roadway by the considerably hilarious Bertie Carvel. Thompson is more ticklish than funny. One advantage of seeing the film online rather than in person is that you can switch on subtitles to get all of Minchin’s brilliant lyrics. On Broadway, many of the odd words, which came quick and furious, were muted, and the score enhanced.

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Is Matilda: The Musical streaming on the OTT platform?

Matilda: The Musical is now streaming on the ott platform Netflix. This movie is musical, fantasy, and kid’s music. The star cast includes Alisha Weir, Emma Thompson, Lashana Lynch, Stephen Graham, and others in a major roles.

What book is Matilda: The Musical based on?

Matilda: The Musical is based on Roald Dahl’s Matilda. The movie is a stage adaptation. The new movie 2022 is on Netflix. The movie is streaming from 25 December 2022 on the occasion of Christmas.

Is any other movie of Roald Dahl’s Matilda available on any other streaming platform?

Yes, the 1996 Matilda movie is also streaming on Netflix. The movie is also based on Roald Dahl’s book. The character was portrayed by Mara Wilson in a 1996 movie.

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