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Masoom:-Review of Twisted Web Series That Keeps You Hooked

Masoom is a Hindi language web series starring Boman Irani, Samara Tijori, and Manjari Fadnavis and is directed by Mihir Desai. To provide justice for her deceased mother, Sana Kapoor, the fierce daughter, fights her father and unravels several secrets that might harm her relationship with her family. The series has six episodes running for 195 minutes and is currently streamed on the ott platform Hotstar.

Boman Irani Web Series Masoom Plot, Story, Star Cast, And Review

Hotstar Web Series Masoom plot cast
Hotstar Web Series Masoom plot cast
Disney+ Hotstar OTT Release Date 17th June 2022
Director Mihir Desai
Genre Mystery Thriller
Cast Boman Irani, Samara Tijori, Manjari Fadnnis, Veer Rajwant, And Upasana Singh
Language Hindi

Plot And Story of Hotstar Web Series Masoom

Sana Kapoor, a young girl who returns home to a small town in Punjab, learns the news of her mother’s death. She was suffering from a long illness and died from falling off the bed and striking her head. Sana is haunted by flashbacks from her childhood and is convinced her father had something to do with this. While the family tries to restrain her, making it obvious that they’re hiding something, Sana continues to collect clues against her father. The rest of the show is about how the mystery slowly unravels.

Masoom Mystery Thriller Series Review

Masoom starts with a scene of Madamji’s (Upasana Singh) death. She was the wife of Dr. Balraj Kapoor (Boman Irani). Their younger daughter Sana (Samara Tijori) arrives from Delhi amidst all these, and it is clear that Dr. Balraj and Sana share a wary relationship.

Her older sister (Manjari Fadnavis) and brother (Veer Rajwant) have already accepted the situation with the death of their mother, but Sana is suspicious. She comes across her father’s extramarital affair with one of his colleagues, and she is sure that there’s something deeper to her mother’s death than it’s visible.

Sana decides to take matters into her hands and keeps an eye on her father, Dr. Balraj’s whereabouts. She is encouraged by the clues she finds along the way and decides to get to the end of it. The rest of the series is about how the secrets unravel slowly.
Masoom is a show about relationships and the secrets existing in a family. Initially, the family appears to be a typical “dysfunctional” family. Still, as the film progresses, we know that nothing is entirely black and white, and every family has a little grey in them. The series is a slow burn, but it adds the right amount of suspense to it, making it interesting to watch.

The approach to the mystery is not too intense, making the show stand out. The twists are unexpected, and the viewers are hooked by the mystery that unravels slowly.
The cast of this series came together and portrayed a beautiful performance on screen. Boman Irani is the star of this show. His character in Masoom portrays threat, anger, love, and helplessness. His screen presence is outstanding. Samara Tijori, daughter of writer-director Deepak Tijori, is very talented. She is the series’s protagonist and successfully carries out the narrative.

Boman Irani Web Series Masoom review.
Boman Irani Web Series Masoom review.

Manjari Phadnis plays the role of Sana’s older sister. She portrayed a sense of vulnerability and loyalty towards her father through her character. It is a delight for the audience to see the talented Upasana Singh in an important role after a long time. She seamlessly fit into this role and delivered an outstanding performance.
Masoom is very intriguing and filled with suspense from the beginning of the series. The series draws the viewers in emotionally. Sana continues to snoop around despite her family resisting her, which makes it obvious that they are hiding something. The series manages to keep the intrigue for most of the part, but it squanders at the very end of the series.

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Conclusion: A Simple Mystery Story With Some Twist

Despite being a six-episode long series, there remain some unanswered loopholes till the end. But ignoring those performances by the powerful cast, music, setting, and cinematography, the narrative manages to keep the audience hooked to the edge of their seats till the end.
Overall, Masoom is a very simple story that is well-made and amazingly performed. The show has aspects of a psychological thriller and is a slow burn but is equally emotional and engaging for the viewers. It is worth the shot and is currently streamed on the ott platform Hotstar.

Masoom Masoom

Director: Mihir Desai

Date Created: 2024-06-15 19:54

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