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Mansion 24 OTT Release Date- Telugu Horror Series

Mansion 24 OTT release date is here, It is a Telugu horror series that casts Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Avika Gor, Bindhu Madhavi, Vidyullekha, and Sandhu. Created by Ohmkar the series is dropped on Hotstar today. 


  • Mansion 24 OTT release date is 17 October 2023.
  • This Telugu horror Web series has 6 episodes in total. 
  • The Mansion 24 Web series trailer has 8 lakh views in total. 
  • The duration of episodes varies between 30-40 minutes. 

Telugu Horror Web Series Mansion 24 Story

Mansion 24 OTT Release Date- Telugu Horror Series
Telugu Horror Web Series

The Telugu horror Web series on Hotstar, Mansion 24 comes up with the scariest tale. The Mansion 24 story is about an investigative journalist Amrita who is in search of her missing father. On inspection, she finds out that her father went to a very old building for an archeological survey. 

After running to police stations and seeking every possible help, she finally decides to go herself and search for her father after entering the building. Will Amrita be able to bring back her father from the haunted house? Unwind the whole story of this Telugu horror web series

Mansion 24 Review 

Mansion 24 OTT Release Date- Telugu Horror Series
Mansion 24 Review

Watching Mission Mansion 24 web series is a completely packed deal, the intense scene of the climax where Ankita’s life is in danger will serve you tension and thrill but with a very easy prediction. The horror element of the show will not scare you that prompt. 

The creators of the show are promising it to be original but it is very clear after watching that it is inspired from Hollywood content deep down in bits and pieces. The problem is that the adaptation of those scary elements has not been manipulated well therefore they look like local elemental filling. The main storyline of the web series also brings out different short stories in every episode which is connected with Mansion 24 around whose inspection the main plot revolves. 

The anecdotes are also inspired by different web series, for instance, the episode 3 glimpse is taken from the Netflix series, House of Secrets. Episode 5 is inspired by a Hollywood movie, fresh. The main plot and the subplot have been kept and served on a surface level. The detailing and depth is missing from the show. 

The investigative journey of the main character lacks the peculiar emotion that’s needed. He will not be able to invest himself emotionally. You will definitely be impressed with the stylistic execution that this Telugu horror web series has but the substantive element is clearly missing. 

The performance of the actors and the BGM is excellent, the production quality is well maintained. 

Mansion 24 OTT Release date

Mansion 24 OTT Release Date- Telugu Horror Series
Mansion 24 ott release date

Two weeks before Hotstar surprised the fans by announcing a horror web series Mansion 24. Filled with terrorism horror and dreadful events compiled with a lot of adaptations the series has been released. 

Mansion 24 ott release status 17th October 2023, the series has an ensemble cast and with a great backdrop and comprising the supernatural events in a great way. 

FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions) 

1. Who is the Mansion 24 Web Series director? 

Mansion 24 hotstar is Ohmkar. The series is a Telugu horror and will be available to stream. It is written by Mayukh Adithya and deals in horror thrillers. The web series comes from Oak Entertainment. 

2. What is Mansion 24 Web Series IMDB? 

The story is about a brave young woman who brings out acute horror. The Mansion 24 IMDB rating is not yet out. 

3. Where can the Mansion 24 Web series be watched online? 

The mansion 24 web series  can be watched online on hotstar. This is a 6 episodic web series with a 30 minutes runtime. It is a horror series that invites supernatural events. 

Mansion 24
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