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Maharani season 2: Huma Qureshi is back with her new political crime.

The official Teaser of Maharani Season 2 Has been Dropped.

Maharani season 2: Huma Qureshi is back with her new political crime.
Maharani Season 2

A hit political Crime series Maharani season 2 first look has been dropped by SonyLIV. Helmed under Subhash Kapoor, Huma Qureshi, Soham Shah, and Neeraj Kashyap Starrer series has a decent critical review in its prior season. The series Maharani season 1 was a total hit with a 7.7 IMDb rating.

Sony liv has always been high in terms of content quality. The story of Maharani season 1 was set in the 90s in Bihar. Bhima Bharati was the CM there and disappointed his own party people, as a result, endures huge criticism, gunshot, stone pelted at him, and whatnot, as a result, he resigns and gets his wife on the same chair.

Maharani season 2: Huma Qureshi is back with her new political crime.

She is lame, uneducated, and not strong enough in terms of the word and boldness to run a state. Hence it was special to witness how in this bog of politics an uneducated woman preserves the throne and the seat she got by just a strong family power. Season 1 was a total binge-watch political thriller web series.

Recently, the first look of Maharani season 2 of Maharani has been released on the official OTT sony YouTube channel. Maharani season 2 in its first look seems to deliver the same thrill and excitement for the ones waiting for it. The series tends to start on the same page in terms of essence and flavor.

Maharani season 2: Huma Qureshi is back with her new political crime.
The story would be about Rani and Bhima Bharati and the rise in the rivalry of politics between them. When Bhima Bharati made his wife a temporary CM, she was meek and unlettered to adhere to such a huge responsibility but later she accepts it warmly and starts performing good and clean slated work,

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which does not have any connection to the so-called dirty politics Bheema seems to un-prefer such piousness in political matters and there seems a cold war started between the husband and wife from the last episode of season 1 but now it will be an open field war between both in the coming season.
Huma Qureshi is back with her new political crime: Maharaani season 2:
Huma Qureshi has always been gorgeous on the big screen and after the coming of OTT World, her work has moreover been praised. In Spite of being chubby which Bollywood prefers less she has made her own place and left her aura.

The release date though has not been disclosed yet by the makers but seems like August is a prominent release month for this one. Created by Subhash Kapoor and directed by Rabindra Gautam, this one is worth waiting for.

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