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Lust Stories 2 Review: Kajol, Kumud, Tamannah, Vijay’s Portion Go Beyond The Central Theme

Lust Stories 2 has finally been released after an erotic drop of trailer. Let’s find Lust Stories 2 Review. 


  • Lust Stories 2 release date is 29 June 2023.
  • Lust Stories 2 Cast has Tammnah Bhatia, Vijay Verma, Mrunal Thakur, Kajol, and Neena Gupta in the Lead. 
  • Lust Stories 2 IMDB is 6 out of 10

Lust Stories 2 Story

Lust Stories 2 Review: Kajol, Kumud, Tamannah, Vijay’s Portion Go Beyond
Lust Stories 2 Review

The movie is a combination of four short films. Lust Stories featured 4 different stories and lust stories 2 has a combination of 4 anthologies too. In the opening story, we see Neena Gupta, Mrunal Thakur, and Angad Bedi. Where the family is trying to settle Mrunal Thakur. Neena Gupta is the eldest of the family and the way she tries to settle up the relationship with her granddaughter is quite hilarious. She asks to have sex and check the compatibility between couples before living together. As sexual compatibility is very much important. 

The second story is about a vacant flat whose care is done by a lady and she calls her husband where they live as owners having physical intimacy almost daily. 

The third most anticipated story is about Tamanna Bhatia and Vijay Verma who are the new love birds of the B-Town. Tamannah and Vijay were shown as a married couple who are separated now but as both of them meet again their sexual desires become suppressive towards their falling relationship. 

The third story has Kajol and kumud mishra as leads. The story is about the caretaker of a haveli and his lust for women. 

Lust Stories 2 Review

Lust Stories 2 Review: Kajol, Kumud, Tamannah, Vijay’s Portion Go Beyond
Lust Stories 2 Review

Lust Stories 2 is a combination of 4 Stories and precisely talking the movie is a combination of two good films and two utterly weak stories. The first story has Neena and Mrunal as lead but the movie is weak when it comes to plot. The first movie is directed by R Balki. 

The second movie directed by Konkana Sen Sharma and is weak enough to portray strongly what it actually needed to. There are many adult scenes in the films. The third story is from Sujoy Ghosh and Tamannah Bhatia and this story has the potential to impress. This story is definitely one of the best of all four. The twists and turns mentioned are so great and exciting to witness. The story that has Kajol as the lead is the best from Lust Stories 2 for sure. You just can’t miss the fever. 

1. What is the point of lust Stories 2?

Lust stories 2 is a story about sufficing the sexual desires of women as well which has been taken as a different subject that was not so usual. The former franchise was already a superhead that give way to lust stories 2.

2. Is Lust Stories 2 Worth watching? 

Lust Stories 2 is a decent film to watch as it is having a different subject that probably is a bit relatable when it comes to Dark World. The film is full of sex, lust, and sexual desire. 

3. What is lust Stories 2 Release Date? 

Lust Stories 2 Release Date is 29 June 2023 and it is streaming on Netflix. 

Lust Stories 2
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Director: R Balki, Konkona Sen Sharma, Sujoy Ghosh, Amit Sharma

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