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Love Is Blind Season 3: A Fascinating Matchmaking Reality Show on Netflix

Love Is Blind Season 3 is another Netflix show which debuted in February 2020. This show proved that it is a high-concept show that takes romantic shows to the next level. Another Matchmaking reality show in the third season will be available on Netflix on 19 October 2022. In this show, many men and women came to find their perfect match.

Love Is Blind Season 3: About this Reality Series

Love Is Blind Season 3 matchmaking reality show series on ott
Love Is Blind Season 3 matchmaking reality show series on Ott

This series made its debut on Netflix in 2020 after streaming the concept which turned into a high-concept and high-stakes romantic reality show, which made shows like Love Island and The Bachelor look tame in comparison and ultimately led to the streaming of this series on Netflix.

The platform has launched a romantic reality list every year including Too Hot to HandleUltimatum: Marry or Indian Matchmaking, Love On the Spectrum, Dated& Related, and more to come.

Love Is Blind Season 3: Reality Show Plot 

Love Is Blind Season 3 netflix reality show series on ott
Love Is Blind Season 3 Netflix reality show series on ott

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This show revolves around 29 men and women trying to find their perfect match. All previous seasons had the same concept. Many people have failed relationships before coming on this show, so they have come to try for fresh starts.

They had to go on blind dates and play many games. Some of the things in season 1 were horrific, like car crashes. There are some couples who have really continued the relationships of the previous seasons.

Love Is Blind Season 3: Netflix Dramatic Show Review

Like the previous seasons, there are some singles who come to find their partner. This is quite peculiar because some people are desperate for love so they come to participate in this show.

There are some jaw-dropping moments like in previous seasons that thrill us. There are some insurmountable differences that couples address when addressing uncomfortable issues. These issues reveal psychological problems that can be deep, and their partners will sometimes notice. As the show’s editors edit every conversation for what seems like an eternity, we’re locked in a room with strangers, and in this episode, we cannot find a solution.

Despite starting with a dramatic reinterpretation of Love Is Blind, there are still plenty of moments where you will wince, cackle, and scream. People who were amazing on this show which was a fascinating TV reality show as most of them spent the entire season with their feet firmly in their mouths.

The show could make you as addicted as ever, once it gets out of the shell and into reality, and it certainly sparks plenty of conversations and memes. This series is available on Netflix starting October 19, 2022.

Previous Season Couples who are still together

Love Is Blind Season 3 review series on ott
Love Is Blind Season 3 review series on Ott

Here are some couples from previous seasons who are still together.

Deepti Vempati and Abhishek ‘Shake’ Chatterjee are getting engaged in the Netflix reality series Love Is Blind season 2. In spite of some issues, they ended up together. Meanwhile, Deepti is moved on and is currently in a relationship with Kyle Abrams. Kyle says in his Instagram post that not confessing his feelings to her is his biggest regret.

Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson have been in a relationship but because of differences, they are now divorced in 2021.

The show pairs Mallory Zapata and Salvador Perez. The couple got mixed up quickly with each other and were together until the finale, but now they have broken up. Mal is now moved on with someone in the relationship but Sal is still single.

Overall Conclusion

Love Is Blind is similar to most matchmaking shows, where singles come here looking for love. Matchmaking shows have a unique concept of finding real people. While it is well-tested, most couples from previous seasons have separated. There is a question that arises: do people become famous from reality shows? Are these shows scripted?

Well, this Netflix Reality show is now streaming on 19 September 2022.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions): 

Which platform Love Is Blind Season 3 is streaming?

Love Is Blind Season 3 is streaming on Netflix from 19 October 2022. There will be some single people on this reality show looking for love.

Which type of reality show is Love Is Blind Season 3?

Love Is Blind is a romantic reality series in which 29 men and women come to find their match. This matchmaking series is now available on Netflix.

Love Is Blind Season 3
Love Is Blind Season 3 netflix series Love Is Blind Season 3

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