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Live is Life (2022) Book-Based Movie Review Available On Netflix

Live is Life
Live is life Movie Review All about youth memories and Live is Life,Netflix

Director: Dani de la Torre

Date Created: 2024-06-19 06:11

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The movie “Live is Life” is a great mixture of drama and comedy. In this movie, five friends who are facing the imminent realities of adulthood unite for the last adventure: hunting down a magical flower that makes wishes come true. According to the stats, this movie is liked by 87% of Google users. Now you can guess how great it is.

Live is life Netflix Movie Detailed Review

Live is life Netflix Movie Detailed Review

Live is Life is a book-based movie available to watch on Netflix with the massive star Cast- Adrian Baena (Rodri), Raul del Pozo (Maza), Javier Casellas (Garriga), David Rodriguez (Suso), Marc Martinez (Padre de Rodri), Mercedes Castro (Abuela de Rodri), Carlos Alberto Alonso (Duena Chale con Piscina), Fernando Moran (Abuela de Rodri), Toni Garrido (Nogueras).

Release on OTT(Netflix) 18 July 2022.
IMDB 6.4/10
Genre Drama
Director Dani de la Torre
Runtime 1h 49m

The Plot of the Story “Live is Life”

The Plot of the Story "Live is Life"

It was the Summer of 1985. As with every time, Rodri( Adrián Baena) leaves Catalonia and returns to his parents’ Galician city to reunite with his gang. Still, this time will be different for him and his musketeers. Real-world problems begin appearing in their lives, hanging to drift the group piecemeal.

Adhering to the fellowship that joins them, the five musketeers plan to run down on Saint John’s Eve night to search for a magical flower that, as per legend, grows up grandly in a mountain and can make wishes come true.

Because right now, their main motive is to break their worried friend’s issue and, therefore, remain together. This is an adventure that will make them grow through action, emotion, and a stopgap in a summer they will forever remember.

The Plot of the Story "Live is Life"

The 2021 film Live is Life borrows its name from the 1984 song by the Austrian pop gemstone band Opus. From Maradona’s warm-up to beating maps time after time, the song has an important place in history. But, most importantly, it’s the beautiful meaning hidden in the crannies of the song that implies how there’s beauty to life when everyone gets together and looks out for one another.

The movie is veritably important and successful in landing this particular substance as the story rolls by.
The film revolves around Rodri, who leaves for his grandparents’ place in the Galician city every time. In his birthplace, the effects aren’t so sweet for him as he struggles with academics and gets bullied a lot.

But, the situation in his grandparents’ place differs from the musketeers he has connected with earlier.
Yet this particular time affects feel to weigh down the fellowship between the friend. Real-world problems and the impending majority come knocking at their door, and their fellowship is constantly threatened to be torn piecemeal.

But, the musketeers try to stay together and connected and escape plan to San Juan in the hunt for a magical flower that makes wishes come true and cures everything, becoming that one adventure that brings them closer to one another than ever.

“Live is Life” Movie Watch Online On Netflix

"Live is Life" Movie Watch Online On Netflix

With all that being said, Live is Life is a film that I enjoyed. It’s relatable to me in colorful aspects, from visiting the country’s grandparents’ place to having a set of musketeers with whom you can embark on an adventure; the film hits the right notes of trustability and nostalgia.
The shooting of this is done in unique and breathtaking locations of Galicia, with a great focus on La Ribeira Sacra. Some other locations included Panton, Sober, Quiroga, Barcelona, Esgos, Monforte de Lemos, and O’ Saviano.

The production companies are 4 Cats Pictures, Atresmedia Cine; Live is Life AIE. The film revolves around a character named Rodri. The movie explains the beauty of life and friendship. It is full of emotions and determination.

Subtitles in English are also available for this movie. You can easily watch this movie on Netflix if you have subscribed to that. The five actors in this movie played a great role. I didn’t mind the script a lot in the broader picture, but there are dramatic moments that I suppose could have been fluently avoided to make this a more polished story.

It’s surely different from the kind of stories Dani de la Torre is used to offering us on screen, and he seems to have done a decent job putting across a different yet thoughtful piece of cinema.

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