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Latest Movies on Jio Cinema: Series ON OTT Platforms

JioCinema has recently announced its upcoming web series and movies list and Jio is all set to revamp it’s ott platform with this announcement. Around 100 web series and latest movies on jiocinema are coming to entertain the audience. Hence you may find web series on Jio cinema that are exclusively Jio original.  Series on ott helps you to be updated with the top releases and about the latest and the prominent updates of JioCinema. 

  • Jiocinema is modifying its content each day by adding new movies and shows. 
  • Recently, JioCinema cracked a big deal with HBO and now you may watch HBO content exclusively on JioCinema. 
  • Best Bollywood movies on JioCinema in Hindi was available on their free streaming app but now the users can access Hollywood content as well after the HBO deal. 
  • Bloody Daddy, Asur 2, Inspector Avinash, Kacchey Limbu, Mumbaikar, Taali, Bigg Boss OTT, Bhediya are among the latest and upcoming and latest releases announced from the ott giant.
Latest Movies on OTT

Latest Trending on JioCinema OTT Platforms: Don’t Miss

JioCinema is vividly known as an Ipl free streaming app and throught IPL the JioCinema fever was undoubtedly big as it streamed IPL for free and people could watch it in the preferred language. This ott platform has managed to collect views in billion and now after the announcement of 100 shows that are getting release dates officially one by one there is so much happening on the app that you just can’t miss. 

  • After cracking another big deal after HBO Jiocinema has made a major tie up with NBC and it aims to bring out more exclusivity in Hollywood movies and series. 
  • Best Hollywood on JioCinema Hindi can be easily found as it has now a dedicated section for it where you may stream the same in your own preferred language. 
  • South Movies on JioCinema keeps on trending that proves to be a great watch. 
  • Chitra kut, Bhediya, Rosh, Nil Battey Sannata, Unkahee Kacchey limbu, Inspector Avinash, Bloody daddy, The terror of hallow’s eve are among the latest trending on Jiocinema. 

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What is Jio Cinema Platform?

Jiocinema is a user-friendly ott trending platform that allows the user to stream video content as per their choice. Started in 2016, it’s been six years since it started making its mark in the world of entertainment. Earlier it was freely accessible to the jio sim card users later it was made available to all the network holders for free and now it is all set to revamp itself exclusively giving competition to other leading competitors.  It has also made a space in a sports arena and ipl got streamed on the app for free grabbing the views in billion. So much so that was the consumption that it got a name, IPL free streaming app. In addition to this, user may watch-

    • Latest movies on jio cinema
    • Web series on jio cinema
    • Best Hollywood movies on jio cinema hindi. 
    • Best Bollywood movies on jio cinema hindi.
    • Films, shows, television shows and documentaries can also be accessed.
    • Find the entire details about top notch JioCinema content on Series on ott.

Why JioCinema are Popular OTT Platform in India?

JioCinema has always got an edge and has got popularity over other paid ott users as it came perfectly free initially. The free access and language friendly service adds it to the popularity in this streaming service giant. Seriesonott manages to keep you a bit closer with the app giving you an entire update. 

  • A free access to the app makes it a popular binging platform in India. 
  • India is known for its cricket enthusiast and hence jiocinema is widely known IPL free streaming app services and currently it has acquired billion views of Indian audience.
  • Users may watch their favourite movies and shows in the preferred language. 
  • Indian audience has a huge list to showcase from latest movies on Jio cinema, web series on jio cinema you may watch best Hollywood movies on jio cinema in hindi
  • From binging on India’s favourite South-Indian movies to best bollywood movies on jio cinema hindi Jio cinema provides a huge list making the app popular ott platform in India. 

JioCinema Premium Plans Launched: Which OTT Platform Should You Subscribe To?

Jio now offers a paid subscription for its streaming platform JioCinema. JioCinema app is available for download on both Android and iOS devices. JioCinema subscription costs Rs 999 per year.

Jiocinema has switched itself from a place Jiocinema app to the subscription based plan titled Jiocinema Premium. Now the app gives access to the exclusive Hollywood content in deep. 

Jiocinema has made a deal with HBO and NBC and now user may pay 999 per/year and can get access to these content such as The voice, House of dragons, The last of us, game of thrones and many more. Jiocinema now comes with a single amount of subscription on a yearly basis where user can get access to its premium content on both Android and ios device. 

  • The subscription is of 999 per year. 
  • The subscription gives you the access to run 4 devices altogether. 
  • You may get access to premium on ios and android both. 
  • Easy streaming with high quality visuals is an add-on. 
  • Binge on the Latest movies on Jio Cinema and Web series on Jio Cinema more vitally.
  • Best Hollywood movies on Jio cinema hindi gets a head more exclusivity after grabbing the premium plan. 

Talking about other subscription based ott platforms it varies according to your choice what to choose. Netflix offers you gazillions of content to watch based on different genre movies and show, if you are looking for Top notch Web series or South Indian movies Sony liv would be a good option. A wide range of content is offered by Hotstar, Prime Video, Zee 5 as well. Hence you may choose as per your like and interest as each and every platform is unique in its own way. Series on ott will help you choose in a better way giving you revommendations about the upcoming movies and shows. 

Is Jio Cinema the new star of OTT Platforms?

Jio cinema is without any slightest doubt the new star of the ott platforms as after its drop in the year 2016,it served as a TV shows domination with minimum amount of shows. Web series on Jio cinema and latest movies on jio cinema were not easy to find as the platform was not very much into releasing and producing originals. 

After the announcement of 100 movies from Jio Studios Jio cinema is all set to revamp itself and is back in the competition yet again for being a leading ott giant recently it also has started an yearly subscription basis with which user may fetch HBO and NCB content that is only available on Jio cinema. The announcement included many Web series and movies that sure sort adds Jio cinema being the new star of Ott. 

  • Dunki, Story teller, Bloody Daddy, Bhediya 2,Bhul Chuk Maaf, Stree two are some of the bollywood movie that is all set to drop anytime soon on ott and in theatre. After the ott run the content will be available on Jio cinema. 
  • Zara Hatke zara bachke, Blackout, Mumbaikar, Dhoom-Dhoom, empire are some of the additional announcrd films. 
  • Upcoming Web series ok Jio cinema includes Kay kay menon Union: the making of India, Laal Batti, Rafuchakar, A legal affair. 
  • Jiocinema is leading as of new in sports related content as well.
new star of ott platforms

Can Jio Cinema become a dominant ott player?

The live cricket streaming service for free has taken Jio cinema on a complete different level. Jio cinema has grabbed a handsome amount of viewership making it a dominant ott player in the chart. There are many things that keeps adding up for Jio to lead the entertainment industry

  • The deal of JioCinema with HBO gets it HBO original content. 
  • The latest deal of JioCinema with NCB will get the access of Jio to all the NCB originals. 
  • Jio Cinema is leading in terms of Hollywood content on any ott platforms as Game of thrones, House of Dragons and such shows will exclusively be available here. 
  • JioCinema has basically turned into Ipl free streaming app in your preferred language grabbing uncountable viewers. 
  • Jio gave access to all non jio sim holders for free streaming hence it got a huge download. 
  • You may also download movies from jio cinema to watch offline. 

Best movies on Jio cinema and shows are now easily accessible and the addition of new content each day makes Jio Cinema a dominant player of ott.

How to Download Movies from Jio Cinema?

You may watch your favorite and latest movies on jio cinema offline as jio cinema is really compatible and is a user-friendly application. Series on ott will tell you how you can binge on office by download movies from jio cinema. 

  • To start the download go to available the download section in the menu and tap on video of your choice. 
  • The video detail page will then open, then tap on the download button at the bottom of the video to download it. 
  • You may also set the quality of the video in which you want it to download. 
  • Tap on to download now option. You may also check the download status at the bottom of that video. 
  • After the completion of downloads, go to my download option and checkout your downloads. 
  • In case you want to delete the downloaded movie or series just right click the three small icons present and click on delete. 

JioCinema: India's Booming OTT Market

Jio cinema is all set to make its way in India’s booming ott market. India has been and is a huge hub of content consumption. In these times when there are already many of the leading ott giants it’s not easy to pave a way for something new but JioCinema has done it and is back again.

India is a booming market when it comes to ott as big films are making its release straight on the ott platforms, there is a great rush to grab the rights of the latest movies and series. 249.09 billion dollar was the total revenue if Indias ott market and the number keeps on adding up each day. Hotstar being the market leader of India’s ott is surely being backed up by JioCinema as all the top notch content that we get to stream on Hotstar which grabbed it views in millions are now will be streaming exclusively on Jio cinema.

In addition with the Hotstar premium package is 1499 a year whereas jio cinema premium comes in 999 per year hence, JioCinema is all set to pay its way in the booming ott market to India as there are many things you get to do here that includes watching latest movies on jio cinema, latest web series on jio cinema, best movies on Jio cinema, best bollywood movies on jio cinema, best Hollywood movies on jio cinema hindi. In addition users may also download movies from jio cinema to enjoy offline. 

India's booming OTT Market

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