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Last Film Show or Chhello Show Nominated for Oscars in 2022 Review

Last Film Show or Chhello Show was nominated for an Oscar, one of the prestigious awards and nominations that every film craves to receive, even a single category nomination means a lot hence the winning moment itself can be imagined.  Hence it holds a prestigious honor in artistic and technical merit. 

There are certain Hindi films that have secured a place in the Oscar nominations Barfi, Newton, Gully Boy, Malli Kattu, Pebbles, and The Last Film Show are recent where Last Film Show is the 95th on the list of Indian films nominated for Oscars

Gujarati Film Last Film Show OTT Platform

Gujarati Film Last Film Show OTT Platform
Gujarati Film Last Film Show OTT Platform

Last film Show is a semi-autobiographical story that gives you a single-screen experience in a most magical way around with a beautiful yet emotional story and it is one of the Top OTT movies currently. 

Set in a village in Gujarat, where a kid is inspired by the beauty of Cinema and filmmaking he utilizes his whole vacation watching films on the projector and finally getting up with an aim to be a filmmaker. 

He seems greatly influenced by the light which comes out of the projector and he feels that light is his ultimate goal to study as light becomes a story at the end and the stories become films. Samay bribes Fazal(in charge of the projector room) to get inside and observe more minutely. 

Samay’s mother is an excellent cook and the camera angles, the delicious meal cooked by her, and the spectacularly arranged spices will give you a mouth-watering experience for sure. 

Title Last Film Show
Original Title Chhello Show
IMDB 7.8
OTT Platform Netflix
Director Pan Nalin
Star Cast Richa Meena, Bhavesh Shrimali, Bhavin Rabari

Oscar Nominated Last Film Show Or Chello Show Review

The film is definitely worth watching. It is the story of a nine-year-old boy Samay. His father is a little ambitious and concerned about him and wants to keep him focused. On the other hand, Samay runs the opposite of what his father wants to make him and falls in love with Cinema and fancies and watches films hiding all over. 

Samay wants to be a filmmaker as he enjoys being around cinema but his father never approves of this request. 

This movie was released in the theater on 14 Oct 2022 and after a month it made its way on Netflix and slowly became one of the most wonderful films to watch. The Chello show has basically been shot in the village in and around a particular way. The excellent cinematography is the X factor of the movie that makes us skip a beat and take you to the world of Samay and enjoins you with the same emotion. 

Oscar Nominated Last Film Show Or Chello Show Review
Oscar Nominated Last Film Show Or Chello Show Review

With a runtime of 1 hr 50 min, it concentrates on the main plot without perplexing you round and about. The story looks more than the original and the real emotion has been portrayed through the lens that helps the viewer to connect along. 

The climax of the movie is worth the wait and the story keeps you on the edge till the climax. Going back to the actors’ performance, they are just flawless and have carried the given character in the most dignified way that keeps you glued authentically. 

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FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions): 

Is Chhello Show an Indian Movie? 

Yes, the film is the 2021 Gujarati language drama which is directed by Pan Nalin and is currently streaming on Netflix. 

Is The Last Film shows a remake? 

The film is not actually a remake but it is inspired by the Italian Film cinema Paradiso. 

Budget of The Last Film Show? 

The film was made with a budget of 2 crore rupees and is the 95th Indian film nominated for Oscars. 

Last Film Show
Last Film Show Last Film Show,Chhello Show Nominated for Oscars,Gujarati Film Last Film Show

Director: Pan Nalin

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