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KUTHIRAIVALI: Kalaiyarasan Glosses In This Best Philosophic Illusionism

Kalaiyarasan fits quite nicely with Kuthiraivaal’s bizarre environment, striking a wonderful balance between eccentricity and sensitivity.

KUTHIRAIVALI: The Plot of Tamil Language Movie Story

Occasionally, a film comes along that is twisting and esoteric, and it puts the viewer’s intelligence to the test. And instead of wading through the introduction for this review, I’d like to go right to the point. So I finished watching Kuthiraivaal, a Tamil film on Netflix. This is, without a doubt, a thrilling ride. The review may include minor spoilers, so proceed with caution. So let’s get started!

OTT Release Date (Netflix) 20 April 2022
IMDB 7/10 Genre- Drama
Director Shyam Sundar, Manoj Leonel Jason
Cast Anjali Patil (Van Gogh), Kalaiyarasan(Saravanan) Anand Sami (Ramu), Chetan (Babu).
Runtime 120 minutes

Storyline And Star Cast 

Saravanan (played by a brilliant Kalaiyarasan) and his longing to figure out why he wakes up with a horse’s tail, as well as his presence in life, are paramount to Kuthiraivaal. Saravanan’s world is full of memorable characters who are almost spectacular but just real enough, whether it’s his wacky next-door relative Babu (Chetan), who talks about his adoration for his dog and loneliness in the same breath, or the corner-side cigarette seller who bashfully replaces loose change with sweets. The frames, lensed superbly by Karthik Muthukumar through Dutch angles and wide perspectives, give the actors a run for their money if the characters are overflowing with color.

Kuthiraivaal movie review
Kuthiraivaal movie review

KUTHIRAIVALI Netflix Tamil Film Review

KUTHIRAIVALI is about an alcoholic bank employee who wakes up with a horse’s tail on his back. What’s the big deal about it? The tale is somewhat cerebral, and it leads you through many stages of a psychoactive dream or various reflections if you want. You’ll notice similarities here if you’ve read Kafka’s Metamorphosis, as a guy is converted into a massive insect. The man who wakes up with a horse’s tail could have several meanings in this case. It functions as a metaphor for prior baggage, particularly for a man who is a loner in many respects.

As the screenplay unfolds, it touches on several seemingly unrelated yet intertwined aspects of a daydream. A character who has the ability to interpret dreams mentions a biblical connection. According to another character, it is related to Arithmetic and how memories are basically illusions or reflections of our ideas. Another character connects it to a person’s sexuality. Is it possible to refer to it several times, or does it have to be particular?

This idea is further discussed in the script by Jacques Lacan, sometimes known as The French Freud, who developed the notion of the Mirror Stage. According to his theory, looking into a mirror transforms you into something that is visible from the outside. This notion is repeated in several situations — a woman eating with her left hand while she thought she was eating with her right hand.


Or the reality of Tamil actor and politician MGR, who is listed as deceased in a reference, despite numerous people claiming to have seen him onscreen just a day before. Even the presence of the two characters — one known as Freud and the other as Saravanan – is a mystery. Similarly, Irusayi and Van Gogh are both women. What if they’re both in different timelines?

While watching the movie KUTHIRAIVALI, you may feel a little inebriated because there is so much to take in. But wait patiently and simply succumb to the directors’ vision. Dreams are frequently devoid of reasoning. What if we were awake on another planet in a completely different chronology while sleeping?

This topic has long captivated me, and I’ve come to believe there’s much more to it than the protagonist in the film going through an emotional problem. Various societal issues, such as climate change and capitalist treatment at work, are also intelligently addressed along the way. The film’s best element is that it is free to the imagination.

The lines are cleverly constructed, offering indications yet allowing the listener to come to their own conclusions about what has happened. The BGM is psychedelic and takes you on a wild adventure! The cinematography wreaks havoc in a very shaky manner, capturing wonderful shots. It was a brilliant concept to use neon signs of multiple colors to give the impression that the protagonist was experiencing a dream.


Shyam Sundar and Manoj Leonel Jason have let go, almost purposefully investigating the regions of a daydream, reflections, or hallucinations in a disorderly style that makes you sit up and pay attention. This is, without a doubt, the best piece of direction I’ve seen this year!

KUTHIRAIVALI is one of the most bizarre and cerebral films of recent times, with plenty of room for interpretation. KUTHIRAIVALI film is available on Netflix and comes with my utmost praise!

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KUTHIRAIVALI Kalaiyarasan Glosses In This Philosophic Illusionism Kuthiraivali,Tamil film on Netflix

Director: Shyam Sundar, Manoj Leonel Jason

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