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Review of Two Best Movies On Zee5 Khuda Hafiz Chapter 2 and Vikrant Rona

Two Best Movies on the Zee5 OTT Platform with Vidyut Jammwal’s Khuda Hafiz Chapter 2 and Kiccha Sudeep’s Vikrant Rona. Both action movie is available to watch online on the Zee5 OTT platform with its premier subscription.

Khuda Hafiz Chapter 2 Review 

Khuda Hafiz Chapter 2 story picks up from where it left in its prequel. Back from Noman, Sameer, and Nargis try to resume their normal life. With the help of a close family friend, they adopt an orphan child, Nandini, to complete their family.

Release date on OTT 2nd September 2022
Genre Action, Thriller
IMDB 8.3/10
Director Faruk Kabir
OTT Platform Zee5
Language Hindi
Starring Vidyut Jammwal, Shivaleeka Oberoi, Sheeba Chaddha

Tragedy befalls when Nandini is kidnapped and becomes a victim of a terrible crime. It is when Sameer sets out to seek vengeance. Chapter 2 is continued as a result of the first film and shows the events which happened just after the first part. However, it is nothing exceptional as the film is about a typical Bollywood story of revenge.

Review of Two Best Movies On Zee5 Khuda Hafiz Chapter 2 and Vikrant Rona

The character of Thakur played by Sheeba Chaddha, who is a spoilt brat from a criminal background does complete justice to the theme of corruption and crime which prevails in our country. Director Faruk Kabir does his work brilliantly well in transitioning the storyline of the film from the first part and he is also amply supported in the cinematography.

Zee5 movie Khuda Hafiz Chapter 2 Plot

Vidyut Jammwal has delivered once again a great performance on screen as the action hero. With his muscular body and abs, he perfectly fits the picture for raw action sequences involving physical combat. There are also some aesthetic elements present in the action sequences which catch the audience and keep them gripped. The blood stains and use of power during the fight sequences in the rural background add flair to the film.

We also get to see the police corruption that exists in modern-day Uttar Pradesh as suggested by the actions of the Inspector. The film prompts us to think about the social malignancy of the victims of physical assault without caring much about taking the law into one’s own hands. Overall, a film worth watching due to its heavy-duty action and plot driven by emotion.

Zee5 Action Thriller Movie Vikrant Rona Review 

Release date on OTT 2nd September 2022
Genre Action-Adventure, Thriller
IMDB 8/10
Director Anup Bhandari
OTT Platform Zee5
Language Kannada
Starring Kiccha Sudeep, Nirup Bhandari, Neetha Ashok


Zee5 is all set for two big releases on its platform with Kiccha Sudeep's Vikrant Rona and Vidyut Jammwal's Khuda Hafiz Chapter 2: Deets inside.

Kiccha Sudeep’s Vikrant Rona is about the story of a fictional hamlet where there are unpredictable murders and many children are lost. The manner of these murders indicates something really monstrous but the question is whether the perpetrator is a man or the devil himself.

Vikrant arrives at the village to investigate the crimes with a typical badass approach and faces different types of threats to his life. Can he crack down on the puzzle? Anup Bhandari gives a new look to the action genre with the addition of dark fantasy adventure to it. In what can be considered a brave attempt, the story is in want of some direction and order. Beginning like a Panchatantra tale, it quickly shifts to become a supernatural thriller with a Western touch.

Kiccha Sudeep Action Movie Vikrant Rona Plot

The highlight is the performance of Sudeep, who gives the impression of an all-attention hero with his action sequences. The real mystery starts to unveil in the second half of the film and the story then becomes engaging. However, it deserved more in its first half and some specificity could lead to a great film as a whole.

Though the mix of different genres does not leave the audience puzzled, there are a lot of elements in one part itself. Having said that, Vikrant Rona is a top-notch action film with eye-catching cinematography. The bossy, leading, and swaggy character of Vikrant played by Sudeep is what pumps the film up. Overall, a great movie with an incredible amount of potential for its kind.

FAQ About Vikrant Rona and Khuda Hafiz Chapter 2:

What is the release date of Vikrant Rona and Khuda Hafiz Chapter 2 on OTT?

Vikrant Rona and Khuda Hafiz Chapter 2 is released on September 2, 2022.

On which OTT platforms are they releasing?

Vikrant Rona and Khuda Hafiz: Chapter 2 is released on Zee5.

Who is the main character in Vikrant Rona and which actor has played it? 

The main character in Vikrant Rona is Vikrant himself, played by Kiccha Sudeep.

Who is the main character in Khuda Hafiz Chapter 2 and which actor has played it?

The main character in Khuda Hafiz: Chapter 2 is Sameer, played by Vidyut Jammwal.

What is the full form of OTT?

The full form of OTT is Over The Top.