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Khakee The Bihar Chapter Review Solid Performances Elevate to The Next Level

The new OTT release Khakee The Bihar Chapter review is here, this web series has been released on Netflix, and crime thriller fans, especially those who enjoyed the thrilling chase between police and the goon, will love this new series which is filled with some thrilling and shocking twists and turns. The makers announced the second part of Amit Lodha’s story with the same name Khakee The Bihar Chapter Season 2 with 44 seconds of promo video.

Sheikhpura depicts the ongoings in the Bihar village and paints a realistic picture of that era when Bihar had a high crime rate. Friday storytellers do not need an introduction because this production made popular series and movies. We have seen the war between rebel Chandan and IPS Amit Lodha in the trailer.


  • The latest ott release Khakee The Bihar Chapter is currently streaming on Netflix.
  • The new release on OTT has been divided into 7 episodes.
  • Khakee The Bihar Chapter runtime of 50 minutes to 1 hour.
  • The series was created by Neeraj Pandey.

Khakee The Bihar Chapter Review On Netflix: Cast, Trailer

Khakee The Bihar Chapter Review On Netflix
Khakee The Bihar Chapter Review On Netflix
Title Khakee The Bihar Chapter
OTT Release Date 25 November 2022
OTT Platform Netflix
Genre Crime, Drama
Director Bhav Dhulia 
Producer  Friday Storytellers
Featuring  Karan Tacker, Avinash Tiwary, Nikita Dutta, Shraddha Das, Ashutosh Rana, Ravi Kishan

Neeraj Pandey Web Series Khakee The Bihar Chapter Plot

In Bihar’s village of Sheikpura, a righteous cop, IPS Amit Lodha (Karan Tacker), pursues merciless criminal Chandan Manto (Avinash Tiwary), finding himself in a deadly chase and battle with corruption.

Isn’t it interesting to see what happened in this faceoff? Who will win? To unwrap the whole drama watch the latest OTT releases on Netflix.

Season 1 Of Khakee The Bihar Chapter Review

In this new Netflix original, Neeraj Panday, who is well known for his works in Special Ops,  stars in a thriller series and movie created by Friday storytellers. 

The story is based on true events in Bihar in the year 2000-2006 where police took down the most wanted criminals. The new OTT release features the journey of police officer Amit Lodha and truck driver Chandan Manto.

OTT’s latest release displays a good narrative aspect in each episode that looks engaging for the viewers, and the direction of Bhallav Dulia is quite competent.

Season 1 Of Khakee The Bihar Chapter Review
Season 1 Of Khakee The Bihar Chapter Review

In this series, Avinash Tiwary portrayed Chandan Manto, who looked like a common Bihari character and was realistic, and Karan Tracker played the honest police officer.

The supporting characters like Abhimanyu Singh, Ashutosh Rana, Anup Soni, Nikita Dutta, and others have played their characters well which helps to engage the storyline. After the climax, we are left with a cliffhanger that indicates its sequel.

Khakee The Bihar Chapter Watch On Netflix Story Overview

Khakee The Bihar Chapter is a great suspense thriller, especially for fans of police and criminal wars and Neeraj Pandey is a bonus for all the addicts. Neeraj Pandey created it with the full feel of Bihari style, it would be a milestone for his career and the character of Chandan Manto played by Avinash Tiwari is very promising and widely appreciated by the audience.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions): 

On what OTT Platform is Khakee The Bihar Chapter Season 1 available?

New OTT releases Khakee The Bihar Chapter season 1 is streaming on Netflix.

Who is the creator of Khakee’s The Bihar Chapter?

Neeraj Pandey is a well-known filmmaker and producer who created the web series.

Who is portraying IPS Amit Lodha in the Khakee The Bihar Chapter?

Karan Tracker portrays IPS Amit Lodha in Khakee’s The Bihar Chapter.

Khakee The Bihar Chapter
Khakee The Bihar Chapter Review Khakee The Bihar Chapter Review,Khakee The Bihar Chapter

Director: Bhav Dhulia

Date Created: 2024-03-04 14:05

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