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Kerala Crime Files: A Series On OTT Stuffed With Crime & Thrill

Kerala Crime files
Kerala Crime Files 4 seriesonott Small Kerala Crime Files,First Malayalam web series

Director: Ahammed Khabeer

Date Created: 2024-04-16 18:43

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Kerala Crime Files is the first ever Malayalam original web series that has been dropped on Disney+ Hotstar. Carrying crime drama and thrill within, its booming up with positive reviews. Here is all that you need about this engaging crime drama. 


  • Kerala crime Files release date is 23 June 2023.
  • This is the first Malayalam web series and is streaming on Hotstar. 
  • The Web series is available to watch in 6 languages. 

Kerala crime Files Cast, Story, Platform

Kerala Crime Files: A Series On OTT Stuffed With Crime & Thrill
Kerala Crime Files: A Series On OTT Stuffed With Crime & Thrill 5
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TitleKerala Crime Files
Release Date23 June 2023
CastAju Varghese, Lal
DirectorAhammed Khabeer
Runtime25-30 Min

The web series revolves around the story of a senior Police Officer called Manoj (Aju Varghese) who is investigating the murder of a sex worker that has happened in his town. Manoj is confident enough that he will catch the culprit real soon and dispose of the case but as the story steps ahead the layer of twist that comes in the case keeps you aboard. 

Who is the murderer? why has he killed a sex worker of the town? Will Manoj be able to catch him? Wind up this 6 episodic The Kerala Crime Files on Hotstar. 

First Malayalam web series

Kerala Crime Files: A Series On OTT Stuffed With Crime & Thrill
Kerala Crime Files: A Series On OTT Stuffed With Crime & Thrill 6

Kerala crime files are the first Malayalam web series and it is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar currently. Directed by Ahammed Khabeer and written by Ashiq Ameer, it carries a story of the murder of a sex worker. 

Kerala Crime Files Review

Kerala Crime Files: A Series On OTT Stuffed With Crime & Thrill
Kerala Crime Files Cast

Kerala Crime Files is the Malayalam first web series. This web series is quite entertaining as from the very first episode it has maintained its fast pace and will not let itself down since the last. 

The process of Investigation shown and the layer of twist that keeps pouring in will keep you intrigued with the edge of your seat. The web series lacks various subplots but the director and the writer have executed the main plot so brilliantly that the monotony of the story will also seem entertaining and with each passing minute the interest in knowing the real murderer will keep on standing. 

Aju Varghese and Lal are portraying the lead role in the web series and you will clearly be able to connect with the cast as well. There are small snippets covered that involve the personal life of these characters as well and it serves as an interesting element in the crime drama. The Dynamics, conversation, and equation that happen between Manoj(Aju Varghese) and his investigating team are likable. Kerala Crime Files also highlights the challenges that Police officers suffer in balancing their personal and professional life.

The best part of this Malayalam crime thriller on Hotstar is the case that involves the murder of a sex worker will be solved by the last episode.


Kerala Crime Files Review: Malayalam first web series is finally dropped on ott and is portrayed as a crime-thriller. Though the series runs on a single story the entire season and gives an end to it too, you will so be involved with the team of Manoj(Aju Varghese) you clearly want to see more pf the investigation done by him and his team. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

1. Kerala Crime Files has how many episodes? 

The web series has total 6 episodes and the runtime of each is 25 to 35 minutes. It is the first ever Malayalam web series made to date. 

2. List the Top Malayalam Dubbed Web series? 

Mom and Son, Masquerade, Rock Paper Scissor, Kallachirippu, Thera Para, Average Ambili, and Mates are some popular Web series dubbed in Malayalam. 

3. List some popular Malayalam movies on Hotstar. 

Premam,  Bangalore Days, Drishyam, Take off, Koode, Hridayam, Memories, Pathemari, June, Bro Daddy, Oru Indian Pranayakadha, and Charlie are some of the popular Malayalam movies on Hotstar to watch.

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