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Kathmandu Connection Season 2, Review: A Fantastic curated sequel

Kathmandu Connection Season 2
IMG 20221224 WA0000 Kathmandu Connection Season 2

Director: Sachin Pathak

Date Created: 2024-04-16 19:07

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Kathmandu Connection Season 2: In the year 2022, there were many new OTT releases with sequels to some popular web series and one such addition now is Kathmandu Connection Season 2 on Sony Liv, available for streaming from 23 December.

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New OTT Release


  • Kathmandu Connection Season 2 is now streaming on Sony Liv.
  • There are a total of six episodes in the web series.
  • Episodes usually last 30-40 minutes.

Kathmandu Connection Season 2

Kathmandu Connection Season 2, Review: A Fantastic curated sequel
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Title Kathmandu Connection Season 2
Genre Thriller
IMDB 5.8/10
OTT Platform Sony Liv
Director Sachin Pathak
Star Cast  Amit Sial, Aksha Pardasany, Anshuman Puskhar, Prashant Narayanan, Anurag Arora, Harleen Sethi.

Kathmandu Connection season 1 revolves around the investigation of Bombay Blasts in 1993 when DCP Samarth Kaushik (Amit Sial) and his team discovered some evil connections in Kathmandu. Will they find out what happened in Kathmandu? Watch season 1 on Sony Liv.

The plot of the new releases in ott of Kathmandu Connection season 2 revolves around the hijacking of IS-814 which was taken off from Kathmandu. When investigation processes by DCP Samarth Kaushik (Amit Sial) and his team reveal there are not so good indicated a big incident that could affect the lives of people.

There are many questions in your mind like – what will happen in Kathmandu following the hijack? Will DCP Samarth Kaushik and his team stop that event? To wrap up the truth, watch Kathmandu Connection season 2 on Sony Liv.

Kathmandu Connection Season 2, Sony Liv, Amit Sial, Review:

IMG 20221224 WA0001 Kathmandu Connection Season 2

The screenplay of the new ott release which is quite convincing in season 2 set the 90s era which is what it looks like in the 90s were no mobile phones and used only telephones.

In the best movies and web series, the cinematography is natural and quite effective. The web series was filmed in Delhi, Kathmandu, and London. 

Amit Sial’s performance as DCP Samarth Kaushik once again proved that he is one of the best actors in the industry.

Aksha Pardasany played Shivani Bhatnagar as a journalist who is forced to leave her London after the incidents in the first season of the show. She displayed good skills and realistic reactions to her role.

Anshuman Pushkar as Sunny Sharma surrenders himself in season 1 and in season 2 where he was in jail and in cooperation with the DCP and the journalist which are quite good and his story takes another turn in the web series. The performances of the other actors in the web series were effective.

OTT releases a storyline that connects with season 1, meaning it gives unanswered questions from season 1 into season 2.

The twists and turns in the series were unexpected and some expected it’s thrilling and mind-blowing in the thrilling genre series. In general, the new OTT releases are binge-watchable if you enjoy thrillers like Kathmandu Connection Season 2 on Sony Liv.

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Kathmandu Connection Season 2, Sony Liv, Amit Sial Comparison Between Season 1 and 2:

Fans look forward to season 2 of any web series when season 1 emerges and they want to know what happens next when season 2 arrives. But there are some differences between them like Sony Liv‘s new OTT release, Kathmandu Connection Season 2.

Here are some differences between season 1 and season 2 of Kathmandu Connection –

The first difference is the timeline in season 1 where it’s set in the 90s when a blast where some police reach Kathmandu which is the capital of Nepal. In the season the timeline set in the late 90s was the hijack of a flight that left for Kathmandu.

It was surprising how some of the characters developed, such as DCP Samarth Kaushik (Amit Sial), who was a renowned encounter specialist who in season 2 lost everything. Journalist Shivani Bhatnagar (Aksha Pardasany) who shifts to London because of her life stake.

There are some new characters who are excited and turn in unexpectedly. 

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1. Is the new ott release Kathmandu Connection Season 2 available on what platform?

Kathmandu Connection Season 2 new ott releases is now streaming on Sony Liv. The webseries is streaming from 23 December 2022. The web series continues from season 1 and is one of the brilliant thrillers on this ott giant.

2. On which real-life incident Kathmandu Connection Season 2 is based 1?

Kathmandu Connection season 2 is based on the hijacking of IS-814 which left India for Kathmandu in 1999. The web series is based on real-life incidents.

3. Which popular actor plays DCP Samarth Kaushik in Kathmandu Season 2?

In the latest ott release Kathmandu Connection season 2 well-known actor Amit Sial portrays DCP Samrath Kaushik from season 1 in the lead role.

4. What are the new ott releases streaming on Sony Liv?

There are some new ott releases streaming on Sony Liv are Shark Tank India, and Master Chef India and the others will be streaming in 2022-2023.

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