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Karm Yudh: A 2022 impressive thriller streaming on Hotstar

Disney Hotstar is always known for its production quality and for delivering the best content. Hotstar special series Karm Yudh has been released and there are many shows of the ott that have already surprised viewers with their well-pronounced plots. Special Ops, Arya, Hostages, City of Dreams, and Humans, are the top Indian shows on which viewers have already showered their immense love and they have been praised by the critics.

Karm yudh, A Hindi Hotstar special series has been dropped on 30th September 2022. The thriller has a phenomenal star cast and is directed by Ravi Adhikari, straight from the production of Sri Adhikari brothers, a prominent known production house which has already given us shows like, Yes Boss, Karam, Shriman Shrimati which were very popular through the list is long. 

Karm Yudh On Hotstar-Release Date, Cast, Rating

Karm Yudh: A 2022 impressive thriller streaming on Hotstar
Karm Yudh On Hostar
OTT Platform  



Release on OTT 30th September 2022
IMDB Rating 8.6
Genre Crime, Thriller
Director Ravi Adhikari
Producers Shri Adhikari Brothers

Karm Yudh Plot- A Sneak Peek Into Family Relations

The familiar tale is set in, the city of joy (Kolkata) and follows the story of a Roy, a business family which has a conflict of power. The Roy family has a big name not only in India but has a great reputation around the world. 

The inner parameter and equation of the family are not good and the fight for succession and power is the main follow-up of the whole story. Unfold the whole drama on Disney Hotstar and see where the family conflict takes an end. 

Watch Karm Yudh All Episodes On Hotstar 

Karm Yudh: A 2022 impressive thriller streaming on Hotstar
Karm Yudh On Hotstar

A family conflict that has been masked under 8 episodes with a runtime of 30-40 minutes each making it an average stream series of the week. 

The center plot with Roy’s business family revolves around many subplots around it to support the main existing story but looks scattered at points which confuses the audience in an unsubtle way making it below the belt watch. The angle of personal rivalry,  media, and family trifle is presented as the main arena but as the climax unwinds every subplot looks burdened and unneedful. 

The main plot is about a mass murder of the employees of Roy’s industry and a change in family dynamics. “It’s the man who fights the war, but it’s always the queen who wins it” as quoted in the series Karm yudh, which clearly shows that family ties are not accommodated till the men of the family but it’s the ladies of Roy family too who have active participation in the war of succession and power. 

There is a saying in Bengal, a lion in the forest and a crocodile in the lake means the danger is all around and there is no means of an escape, the line exactly follows and could be used as a Tagline of the series because the Roy family member are surrounded by danger and questions all around hailing from a successful family they have got no means to escape and are in the situation of do or die. 

Coming back to the storyline,  it has an uneven speed and seems slow at some episodes and runs quite fast at some. The first and last episodes are fast-paced to be precise and the rest takes baby steps. Being a thriller, it has a promising sequence and maintains the thrill and excitement till the very last. The climax is worth watching and is not as certain as thought it could be. 

The character establishment was well propounded but the journey of the character shown is not satisfying and it fails to connect the audience emotionally with the series. 

Paoli Dam as (Indrani Roy) has carried her character with passion and looks promising and confident on screen, she has nailed it well. Satish Kaushik as (Bhishm Roy) is calm in his acting as always and looks refined. He plays a well-managed role acts silently and thinks wisely.

Rajesh Khattar as (Vardhan Roy) has no bound role, he got a wide screen space as per his role but has not well exchanged it with something worthy. Ashutosh Rana as (Guru Shastri) has worked really well. Being a veteran actor who has always been acknowledged for his work, he had a limited screen space and not a very wide range to act. Chandan Roy Sanyal as (Adesh Bhagchi) was in a titular role and has mastered his character really well but the ill-proportionate establishment of his character has ruined it all.

The production value of the series is great but the last scene’s VFX looks cheap. The BGM is impressive but the angle of added romance in the thriller does not look soothing and gives an unnecessary touch without a precedent and subsequent impact. The series lacks depth takes in terms of subplots and character establishment but the makers deserve extra brownie points for the cinematography. The thrill has surely been raised a bit above by good use of camera angles. 

The writing is impactful and the dialogues have been well engraved and propounded. If you are a fan of Crime thriller series you can give it a watch to have an enthralling experience. 

FAQ  ( Frequently Ask Questions)

1.On which ott platform Karm Yudh is streaming? 

Karm yuddh is streaming on hotstar since 30th of September. It is one of the most astonishing thriller released recently on Hotstar. Following the story of a business family from Kolkata tge series paints the picture of a crime thriller which is worth watching. 

2.What is the IMDB rating of Karm Yudh Series?

It is one of the best crime thriller drama of Hotstar with an IMDB rating of 8.6. The series has got good response in the first week of release and has fetched a good viewership. 

3. Starcast of Karm Yudh series on Hotstar? 

The Karm Yudh series has a phenomenal star cast which include Paoli Dam,  Satish Kaushik, Ashutosh Rana, Rajesh Khattar and Chandan Roy sanyal who have mastered there acting quite well making a sepeate space for their acting to praise inspite of the main plot. 

Karm Yudh
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Director: Ravi Adhikari

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