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Kaiyum Kalavum Review 2022: New Sony Liv Interesting Dark Tamil Comedy

Kaiyum Kalavum
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Director: Roju

Date Created: 2024-05-22 14:09

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Kaiyum Kalavum Streaming on Sony Liv is a Tamil thriller drama web series. This series is written and directed by Roju and produced by Kalyan Subramanian and the cinematography is done by Sandeep V Vijay. It features Sanchana Natrajan, Rohit, Madonna Nambessan, Senthil, and others in major roles.

Kaiyum Kalavum Movie 2022: Cast and Crew


Genre Thriller
Creator  Roju
Featured  Sanchana Natrajan, Rohit, Madonna, Nambessan, Senthil
Language  Tamil
OTT Platform Sony Liv
Streaming Date 4 Nov 2022


Rohit Nandakumar, also known as Roju, is a professional actor, writer, and director. 

Sanchana Natrajan is a model and actress who works only in Tamil and Telugu. She appeared in films like 2.0 (2018), Game Over (2019), and Saala Khadoos (2016).

Along with this Madonna, Nambessan, Senthil, and others are in major roles in this web series.

Kaiyum Kalavum  2022: The plot

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This series begins with the tale of a King who invites a drama group to perform a play. To convince him that a woman could be a successful ruler. Unfortunately, the play is spoiled by two actors who want to be in the spotlight. The demon king curses them and the man develops red, itchy blisters on his hands and the woman gets bad luck for life.

A curse passes from generation to generation, and at present, the main players who want to break the curse are coming together. A housewife who does not want to live and attempts suicide. 

Kaiyum Kalavum 2022: The Review

The series is set in a modern world where people are unhappy for a variety of reasons, making it relevant to the plot. The story connects ancient times to the modern world, raising the question of whether the curse exists in the modern world or not. Emphasizes how the situation caused them to commit crimes.

The other aspect of this series cinematography is well executed. The performances of the actors in this series are excellent. Background music in this way helps to engage the story.

This series also breaks the fourth wall which makes the show interesting and more engaging when the characters express their feelings directly to the audience. 

Kaiyum Kalavum  2022: Overall

In this series, two unlucky people meet and try to break a curse in modern times. Waiting for the lead characters to meet each other to break the curse. Several other characters, such as the unhappy housewife, are curious to know how she will find happiness. 

The ending was confusing. Is the curse over? Did they succeed in their attempts? That makes the audience more curious about watching this series which is now streaming on Sony Liv.

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FAQ on Kaiyum Kalavum 2022

On which OTT platform is Kaiyum Kalavum available?

Kaiyum Kalavum is streaming on Sony Liv.

In which language is Kaiyum Kalavum available? 

The web series Kaiyum Kalavum is available in Tamil.

Is Kaiyum Kavalum Movie available in Hindi?

Kaiyum Kalavum is not available in Hindi.

Who is the director of Kaiyum Kalavum?

Kaiyum Kalavum is directed, created, and written by Rohit Nandakumar.

What are the best web series and Movies to watch on Sony Liv In Tamil? 

Cobra, Appan, Kanam, oke oke Jeevitham, and Kaiyum Kalavum are the trending movies available to watch on sony liv and are trending currently. Based on your interest you may visit the various categoies and find your best watch too as per the preferred language and Genre taking in the best experience of this OTT giant.


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