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Janhvi Kapoor in The little mermaid looks like a beautiful fairy

Janhvi Kapoor in the little mermaid newly released look is giving all the goals of a beautiful fairy. Walt Disney studio is all set to drop The little mermaid movie in theatres on 26 May 2023.


  • Janhvi Kapoor as Princess Ariel will be seen in the Hindi dubbed of the little mermaid. 
  • The little mermaid Cast includes Halle Bailey, Mellisa Mccarthy, and Jonah Hauer King. 
  • Janhvi Kapoor will give the voice to princess Ariel in the Hindi dubbed version of the movie. 
  • The little mermaid release date in India is May 26.
  • The movie was released on May 8 in Dolby theatre. 
  • The little mermaid ott platform will be Disney Hotstar. 
  • The Little Mermaid 1989 is available on Hotstar and Jio cinema to watch. 

The Little Mermaid movie

Janhvi Kapoor in The little mermaid
Halle Bailey as princess ariel

The little mermaid movie will follow the story of Princess Ariel(Halle Bailey) who cracks a deal with Ursula to let her go beyond the sea so that she can enjoy life as she wants. 

Ariel is a young mermaid who loves to adventure and wants to roam around and beyond the sea to conquer. Meanwhile, she goes on her adventure and falls in love with Prince Eric during her journey. 

MovieThe little mermaid
Release date26 May 2023 
ProductionWalt Disney Studios
CastHalle Bailey, Mellisa Mccarthy, Jonah Hauer king
Runtime135 minutes

The little Mermaid 1989 Film

The Little Mermaid 1989 film also comes from the production of Walt Disney pictures. The movie was one of the most loved films of 1989 and follows the story of a Danish fairy tale based on the book by Christian Anderson. 

The Little Mermaid 2023 is a spin-off of the 1989 film. The story is about 16-year-old Ariel who wants to live a life on land but she is always stopped from seeking adventure by her father King Triton. Meanwhile, Ariel makes a deal with the Sea Princess named Ursula to transform into a human and live a 3-day life on land. Thereafter she falls in love with Prince Eric. 

Janhvi Kapoor in the little mermaid

Recently a new promotional video of The Little Mermaid was dropped. Jhanvi Kapoor in the little mermaid came as a complete surprise for the fans. In the 45-sec little mermaid promotional video, Janhvi is seen sharing the screen space with two little girls. One among them is Kiara Nautiyal who is one of the most-liked Instagram child influencers and has more than 5 lakh followers. 

Janhvi Kapoor in The little mermaid promotional video is seen entering the room and singing ‘Machli Jal ki rani hai’ for her little fans. She then transforms herself into a mermaid Surprising the fans. Disney India is all set to release the film on May 26 in the English language. Stay tuned to Seriesonott for more such updates on upcoming movies and series. 


1. Is Janhvi Kapoor In The Little Mermaid 2023 film?

No, Janhvi Kapoor will be not seen in the little mermaid 2023 movie. Currently, Janhvi Kapoor is in the little mermaid promo video. The little mermaid cast is one of the main x Factors of the film. 

2. What is the live-action film of the little mermaid release date in India?

The little mermaid trailer and promotional video keep on coming declaring a release date. The little mermaid release date in India is 23 May 2023 in the English language only.

3. Is the little mermaid movie 2023 coming?

Yes, the live-action film little mermaid 2023 is releasing in theatres on 23 May 2023.

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