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Ten major James Bond movies have been added to Amazon Prime Video 2022

James Bond movies: Amazon Prime Video just added 10 major  James Bond films to their catalog, Lets have a look on this one of the best list of OTT content. This month, the whole James Bond filmography will be available on Amazon Prime.

The famous Bond film franchise began in 1962 with Dr. No, starring Sean Connery in the lead role, and is based on Ian Fleming’s novels. Since then, the long-running sitcom has undergone numerous continuity reboots, with various actors portraying the sassy secret agent.

With his heartfelt send-off, No Time to Die, released in October of last year, Daniel Craig was the last actor to play Bond. However, there are a slew of other famous, non-Bond films that have been introduced to Prime Video this week…

Please check the top ten James Bond movies below

James Bond movies – 1 The Day the Earth Stood Still

IMDB- 7.8

James Bond movies
James Bond movies

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“The Day the Earth Stood Still” didn’t need to take its title so seriously that the plot also came to a halt. Even if you haven’t watched the 1951 classic, there isn’t much here that you won’t recall.

Everyone knows that a spaceship lands on Earth, a passenger named Klaatu steps out and is shot, and then a large metal guy named Gort steps out with rays shooting from his eyes, prompting the Army to begin fire. In IMDb’s top 250, that film is ranked No. 202. Its message, which is particularly relevant in the nuclear age, is that humanity would perish if we did not cease killing one another.

James Bond movies – 2 Die Another Day

IMDB- 7.8

James Bond movies
James Bond movies

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This may seem insane – true, gibbering cartoon madness – but Die Another Day was once my favourite James Bond picture. It was, hand on heart. Then, as the movie progressed, I became less awestruck. After then, it was a little less blown away. Then I got bored. Then I was horrified. Then I was horrified until the very end, when I realised I’d been watching one of James Bond’s least favourite films. Possibly my least favourite film of all time, but a must watch for 90’s kid.

James Bond movies – 3 FOR YOUR EYES ONLY

IMDB- 7.6 Watch on Prime video

“For Your Eyes Only” is a competent James Bond thriller that is well-crafted and a respectable 007 offering. But that’s all there is to it. Of course, it lacks the sly humour of the Sean Connery Bonds, as well as the visual magnificence of Roger Moore Bonds like “The Spy Who Loved Me” and spectacular effects comparable to “Moonraker.” And it’s simply not in the same category as George Lucas’s and Steven Spielberg’s jolting, brilliant visual effects. Producer Albert (Cubby) Broccoli, who has dedicated his life to the “James Bond” franchise, would undoubtedly be surprised.

James Bond movies – 4 FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE

IMDB- 7.4

James Bond movies
James Bond movies

After two films, the James Bond franchise has reached its artistic pinnacle. Is it all downhill from here? For some, the hoopla will be enough; for others, it will be insufficient. From Russia with Love, on the other hand, is the critical darling: a gritty, almost-plausible tale of gipsies, SPECTRE, and sex videos. It features a cast of great characters as well as a battle scenario that will make Daniel Craig throw up his paints. Anyone who claims the movie is a little boring has my utmost contempt as well as my sly admiration.

James Bond movies – 5 Hanna 

IMDB-  7.6

James Bond movies
James Bond movies

Hanna (Esme Creed-Miles), an amazing adolescent with superhuman hunting and killing powers, is on the run after 15 years of living in the woods. She begins to unravel her past and the world beyond the jungle as she fights some of the most frightening forces on her trail.

Hanna’s (Creed-Miles) existence has been around living in the jungle and taking up all of the information that her father Erik Heller (Joel Kinnaman) has taught her for the past fifteen years. Learning numerous languages, memorising answers to often asked inquiries about her past, and, most crucially, self-defense are all part of her plan.

James Bond movies – 6  THE HUNTSMAN: WINTER’S WAR

IMDB- 7.6

Here it is: the year’s least eagerly awaited prequel-slash-sequel. It’s the film that no one wanted to follow up on the film that no one loved, resulting in something even more graphically ornate and uninteresting, and about which the number of reasonable judgments is lesser than ever.

What purpose does this drab sub-franchise fairytale product serve? It transports its audience to a Zen state beyond meaninglessness, an incoherent CGI world created by an army of executives in a million tense meetings, grimly hashing out ways to continue and maximise the profitability of the first film by pinching plot points from Frozen, as well as set-dressing from Narnia and other films.

James Bond movies – 7 THE INVENTION OF LYING

IMDB- 6.3

“The Invention of Lying” is a tremendously radical comedy in its charming, calm, PG-13 way. It begins with a series of amusing, relentlessly logical episodes set in a world where everyone always tells the truth, and then hints that religion can only exist in a world where people can lie. The film then wraps everything up in a nice love story.

Ricky Gervais is Mark, a chubby everyman who works as a writer at a studio that makes magnificent tedium films. Because fiction, of course, necessitates lies, there is neither comedy or drama in its works.

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Mark fails to transform the Black Plague into a box office hit and is dismissed, but not before his secretary (Tina Fey) tells him how much she disliked working with him every day. Mark accepts this with ease; when everyone tells the truth all of the time, it’s difficult to be offended.

James Bond movies – 8 LIAR LIAR

IMDB- 6.3

I like to imagine that screenwriters Paul Guay and Stephen Mazur were fresh off back-to-back screenings of To Kill a Mockingbird and Big, or maybe Twelve Angry Men and Vice Versa, when they first drew up Liar Liar . Guay and Mazur saw a curse and a courtroom, which was new story territory for them. Jim Carrey was paid $8 million in 1995. Tom “Patch Adams” Shadyac would be in charge of the direction.

James Bond movies – 9 LICENCE TO KILL

IMDB- 6.6

James Bond movies
James Bond movies

So this is the Bond of the anti-Bond. Without the necessary wit and malice. Short-tempered and heavy-handed. A cocaine gang has supplanted the SPECTREs of old. The world’s dominance has been reduced to a heroin monopoly. Grit has suffocated the glamour. The bloodshed drowned joy.

A case of ‘Sayonara, Mr Bond’ and everything you stand for, reduced to an American cop show – MI6 Vice, Hawaii 007 – timeless style swamped by the vulgarity and cash of the late-1980s, a case of ‘Sayonara, Mr Bond’ and everything you stand for, a case of ‘Sayonara, Mr Bond’ and everything you stand for, a case of ‘Sayonara, Mr Bond’ It’s just NOT BOND, dammit! It’s derivative, excessively violent, lacking in individuality and soul.

James Bond movies – 10 LUCY


Luc Besson’s Lucy, a fantasy about releasing 100 percent of the brain’s potential that assumes spectators are only employing 2 or 3 percent of their own grey matter, plays more like a huge dumb superhero film than science fiction: Scarlett Johansson’s abilities when given complete access to her brain swiftly outpace what 3 pounds of skull-bound neurons and synapses could accomplish.

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