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Jaadugar from Jitendra Kumar: Why You Should Watch This Romantic Movie?

Jaadugar is a debut movie as a lead actor Jitendra Kumar helmed under Sameer Saxena and Aarushi Sharma, Javed Jaffrey is a star cast and is released on 15 July on Netflix.

OTT Release date 15 July 2022
OTT Platform Netflix
IMDB 7.4
Genre Sports, Romance, Drama
Runtime 2h 47 min
Director Sameer Saxena
Featuring Jitendra Kumar, Aarushi Sharma, Jaaved Jafferi, Dhruv Thukral.

Netflix Jaadugar Movie Plot, Star Cast, And Review

Jitendra Kumar is a brilliant actor in himself. He has unmatched comic timing and has delivered clean slated work. He has played a lead role in some great web series, A well-known TVF face he is, be it Jeetu Bhaiya in Kota factory or playing the role of Sachiv Ji in Panchayat he has been phenomenal.

His small screen space was too well appreciated in the LGBTQ+ Comedy movie Shubh Mangal Jyada Savdhan, and all of his title roles were well appreciated by the critics.

Jitendra Kumar(Jeetu Bhaiyya) Movie Jaadugar Movie Plot

The movie Jaadugar keeps you hooked with its content. It is the story of Meenu Narang (Jitendra Kumar) who hailed from a small city Nimich, in Madhya Pradesh and his uncle wants him to play football and be the master of it just as his forefathers were and take forward the legacy of the family.

On the other hand, Meenu is a budding magician(Jaadugar) and is happy with the small-time magic, he is a hopeless romantic man who just knows filmy love and doesn’t even indulge in its detailing.

Netflix Jaadugar Movie Plot, Star Cast, And Review

He hates playing football due to a tragic past connected with that sport but to win a girl whom he loves he excels in the game to win the trophy and proposes to the girl as well.

It would be great to see the friction among sports, love, and Desire. Decode this perfect trio angle on Netflix today. With the average review from the critics, the movie is good to watch.

Netflix Comedy Movie Jaadugar Review

Starring Jitendra Kumar as the lead, it has a simple plot setting and a love of small-town characters. It is a sweet, romantic, underdog movie with a glimpse of emotions. A film related to magic where Jitendra Kumar is in the Lead but the central plot has been overlapped by the football.

On one side there is a football gang who are from Nimich and have never won a competition. The other side is Meenu who is lost in the world of Magic but is forced to play football the other main angle is Meenu’s love.

Despite being packed as a light feel-good comic of age it also works as a better mystery thriller. The screenplay of Jadugar has too many elements involved which makes it feel a bit scattered.

Meenu plays football but hardly wants it to, he has to win his love by performing well in the sports ground as a footballer as well, there is a magician angle as well but all these elements don’t gel well with each other, and moreover feels connected. There were so many subplots that didn’t get time to take back.

Netflix Jaadugar Movie Plot, Star Cast, And Review

The shift from reality to a world full of fantasies is what seems hard to gallop by the audience. There are certain moments that work emotionally as well but the movie is stretched so long and as a reason, it seems a bit boring.

Jitendra Kumar as Meenu is impressive, he brings Innocence to his character which is enjoyable to watch, Aarushi Sharma shines in the movie and so does Jaffrey.

The cinematography is brilliant, the screenplay is average and with such a story brilliant work could definitely come our way but unfortunately not in this case overall it’s worth a one-time watch being a Jitendra Kumar fan.

Jaadugar seriesonott Jaadugar

Director: Sameer Saxena

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