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Interior Cafe Night 2013: Adorable Movie

Review On “Interior Café Night” On Youtube, A short Film By Large Barrel  

Interior Cafe Night story

Interior café night a short film by Royal Stag Large Barrel selects large short films begins with a shot of that café in which the entire film takes place, then we meet the old, sweet care owner of the Café played by Naseeruddin Saha who is wrapping things up but he notices a lady who is sitting with her back towards him he goes towards, looks at her and sits opposite to her. It takes her more than a moment to recognize him but she eventually does.

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From their conversation, we find out that they were lovers once who had been separated because she had to go to London with her family later she got married there and settled. Her husband died 3 years ago and so now she is back in Kolkata for a month trying to write a book. She tells him that she will go to Nainital tomorrow and stay with her sister.

As they talk, there is another couple behind them, they are young lovers and again destiny is separating, the girl has to leave Kolkata too because her dad got transferred.

Naseeruddin Shah gave up 30 years ago and this time he decides not to, he tells her to stop, to not go to Nainital, and to stay in Kolkata with him. She agrees this time. The film ends with them leaving the café, talking and laughing.

Interior Cafe Night
Interior Cafe Night

Interior Cafe Night REVIEW

Interior café night is a short film by Royal Stag about love getting reunited and separated. In the same café where the owner finds his long-lost love, a young man loses his to fate. Int Café night with its simplistic story and visuals touches a chord with the audience.

In this day and age, we have all had lovers who have gone away, with whom we just lost touch.  Old lovers reuniting has almost become a cliche but this film adds another dynamic and steers it away from becoming a cliche.

The old couple who reunites is put in front of the young couple who are getting separated. The young couple provides us a sort of flashback to the last meeting of the old lovers. The ones give hope that maybe someday after 30 years the young one will also reunite in a café on a random night .Director Bose uses intelligent cuts between the old and young couple to bring out the similarities and differences between them.

The performances are stellar, all the actors are on point, Naseeruddin Shah’s moist eyes make our hearts hurt and Shernaz Patel’s smile makes her instantly likable. Shweta Basu played her part quite well when someone is going through such a big change in life emotions are all over the place they become very hard to rationalize, her hair is all over the place and words don’t come easy.

Interior Cafe Night REVIEW
Interior Cafe Night REVIEW

They both struggle with saying goodbye their emotions are all over the place, he wants to show her he loves her but he is angry at her for leaving him, he also knows it’s not her fault which makes things complicated and this helplessness makes him sad, he does not want to let his love just go to another city.

We understand her desperation and helplessness when she asks her boyfriend to not fight instead spend whatever time they have together with a smile.  Int. Café Night is a 13 mins short film available on YouTube, it is sweet, heart-warming, and leaves you with hope.

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