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Inspector Avinash Review: New Series on OTT । Watch Online for Free

 Randeep Hooda’s second Hindi language web series in line is Inspector Avinash after his last Netflix release ‘CAT’. This thought-provoking crime drama has choked until where? Let’s find out in Inspector Avinash Review. 


  • Inspector Avinash Release date is 18 May 2023.
  • Inspector Avinash IMDB rating is 8.6.
  • Inspector Avinash Trailer has already set up a strong base since its release.
  • Randeep Hooda and Shalin Bhanot in Inspector Avinash are in the lead. 
  • Inspector Avinash’s real story is inspired by Uttar Pradesh cop Avinash Chandra and depicts the tale of his bravery. 
  • The cast of Inspector Avinash Includes Shalin Bhanot, Randeep Hooda, and Radhe Maa son Harjinder Singh.
  • Inspector Avinash Total episodes are 8 and is available to watch online on Jio Cinema

Inspector Avinash Watch Online on Jio Cinema

Inspector Avinash Review: New Series on OTT । Watch Online for Free
Inspector Avinash review

Jio Cinema is currently free for its viewers and the latest released Web series of Randeep Hooda carrying Crime and action is grabbing a lot of attention. Randeep Hooda is in the role of a hard-hearted cop. 

Watch Online Inspector Avinash on Jio Cinema for completely free and enjoy the drama. The 8 Episode series is dedicated to Uttar Pradesh’s brave DSP Avinash Chandra who led a lot of investigation very bravely. 

Inspector Avinash On Jio Cinema

Inspector Avinash Review: New Series on OTT । Watch Online for Free
Shalin Bhanot in Inspector Avinash

It’s been so long since I’ve been consuming the movie. After the advent of the Jio 100 glorious announcement, there is no looking back. Among those 100 announcements, Inspector Avinash was one of the prominent upcoming tales starring Randeep Hooda as a lead. Jio is back to bring an OTT revolution releasing a number of content. 

Randeep Hooda Web series Inspector Avinash is dropped on Jio Cinema today. Carrying the role of former DSP of Uttar Pradesh Avinash Chandra, Hooda has given a masculine performance widely. Shalin Bhanot in inspector Avinash is just exemplary and has attempted the opportunity quite well.

Inspector Avinash Review: 

Inspector Avinash Review: New Series on OTT । Watch Online for Free
Inspector Avinash review

The story is about a brave inspector who belongs to the era of 199 from a special Task Force. The series is based on a real story of a policeman from Uttar Pradesh who belonged to a special task force newly made. The Story of Inspector Avinash is about the real-life hero Avinash Chandra, the way he led investigations, his family conflicts, his relationship with his parents, and his ideology on work. 

Inspector Avinash Web series is filled with a lot of action sequences starting from the intro to the climax. The dialogue has been given a perfect balance of humor and fun and the essence of cop, crime, and action has been kept. The variation in the role of Randeep Hooda and Shalin Bhanot in Inspector Avinash is good at par. 

The supporting actors are quite compatible. Randeep Hooda has got the maximum screen space but the subplots running at regular intervals will keep you hooked.

The casualness in character will make the audience involved in the character, keeping you stuck till the end. So many valid points regarding the malafide system and execution have been raised. The bomb diffusion scene from the street of Ayodhya will anyway remain among the best Inspector Avinash total episodes. 

To release the story of the 90’s in the era of 2023 it is necessary to maintain synchronization and so some relevance has been shown that fits in today. The cast of Inspector Avinash has executed the series quite well. 

Radhe Maa son’s OTT debut has also been made in the series. Harjinder Singh has shared screen space with Hooda in the Jio cinema Web series


Inspector Avinash Review: A full hardcore action-packed series you should not miss. Randeep Hooda in Inspector Avinash goes all bold with his performance and role. Inspector Avinash is based on a true story of an Uttar Pradesh former DSP. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

1. What is Inspector Avinash release date?

The web series is released on 19 May 2023 on Jio cinema. Inspector Avinash total episodes are 8 and carry one of the top-notch performances of Randeep Hooda. The series is a must-watch. Tap on Inspector Avinash review covered above by Seriesonott. 

2. Where can I Watch Inspector Avinash? 

Watch Inspector Avinash Online on Jio Cinema. The streaming giant is currently free and doesn’t require any subscription. The episodes have been streaming since this morning. You may download the Jio cinema app for a better watch experience. Inspector Avinash Episode download can also be made through the app by tapping in the desired options.

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