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Indian Predator Season 2: The Diary of a Serial Killer, Best Crime Thriller on Netflix

When Netflix takes up on the creation of a documentary it completely steals the show. whether it is the Burari case or House of Secrets, Netflix always comes up with an insane intensify tabloid section when it comes to documentary creation, especially of Indian stories, which is missing on all other streaming platforms and Indian Predator Season 2 is one such of the same league which gives you a roller coaster watch experience of crime.

The plot of Indian Predator: Diary of a Serial Killer

The story unwraps where a serial killer who murders and leaves the body beside Jail, in a horrific way where sometimes the head went missing or the private parts or any other body organ.

Date of Release 7 September 2022
OTT Platform Netflix
Director Dheeraj Jindal

Following the maneuver of Raja Kolander who was accused of the murder of a well-known journalist, (Dheerendra Singh) of Allahabad and the whole fraternity comes together to unwrap the same tragic death sequence which leaves them in awe. The whole mystery will be unwrapped in the season which is streaming currently on Netflix.

The documentary series has a total of 3 episodes with a streaming length of 35 to 45 minutes each.

Indian Predator Season 2 netflix crime thrileer review series on ott
Indian Predator Season 2 Netflix crime thriller review series on Ott

Indian Predator Season 2: The Diary of the Serial Killer, Review

A fast-paced, horrific, brutal murder that turns your insane head at times with no cliche moments involved and is only subtle at points.

The presentation, personal approach, and recreated crime sequence were shown in an artful and Ultrafine way by the makers. Following the success and pressure of chapter one of this franchise the maker has surely done a clean, planned observation and has implemented it well.

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Helmed under Dheeraj Jindal, its first chapter was stopped in July which too had three episodes of the same runtime. Grabbing an average IMDb rating of 6, its first chapter had a positive response from the critics as well as managed to rank among the top 10 on Netflix the entire month.

Indian Predator Season 2 is one of the finest documentary crimes available to watch on the OTT platform purely made in the Indian context.

Indian Predator Season 2
Indian Predator Season 2 netflix crime thriller Indian Predator Season 2

Director: Dheeraj Jindal

Date Created: 2023-08-04 14:09

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