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Best Top 10 Indian Horror Movies on MX Player

MX Player has emerged as one of the better OTT platforms that provide free and quality content. Boasting an immense audience reach, the platform has managed to place itself among the recognizable OTT platforms.

Having multiple categories of content attracts the attention of different types of viewers. Amidst other categories, Indian Horror Movies has tried to become one of the popular genres on MX player. Let’s have a look at ten of the best horror movies on MX Player OTT giant.

List Of Best Indian Horror Movies To Watch Online On MX Player

MX Player is a free video streaming on-demand platform that helps you access plenty of content with multiple genres. It not only has the richness for local language movies but also surprises mainstream entertainment right from web series short films to cinema. Indians have a strong Pedigree for horror movies therefore the demonic concepts attract them really fast.

Indian horror movies are very much focused on their content. They have plenty of things to cover right from mythology to Demons, fiction to fact therefore crafting a solid horror film needs to be paid more attention to. Horror segments also have separate and distinct categories to look out for.

Horror with a hinge of comedy, Supernatural horror, ghost stories, science fiction, periodic horror, and paranormal there are plenty of them to look out for. Horror films prove to be good at times but remain cold on the scary part hence, it is not easy for horror films to get all the boxes ticked and at the same time it’s not an easy task to search for the best Indian horror movies easily that gives you all the pleasure being scared to the top. We have compiled a list of the Best Indian Horror Movies To Watch Online On MX Player, Let us have a look.

1. Arundhati Ek Anokhi Kahani

IMDb- 7.3

Arundhati Ek Anokhi Kahani Indian Horror Movie
Arundhati Ek Anokhi Kahani Indian Horror Movie

In this movie, the conflict between good and evil has been the prime focus. The plot depicts a newly engaged couple who is met with an uncanny part of her fate where events from her past life come to haunt her. Anushka has been appreciated for her performance which has been full of expressions and emotions. The film is also praised for its cinematography and direction. Despite being a socio-fantasy, it is bound to keep the viewers engaged.

2. Chandramukhi

IMDb- 7.2

South Indian Horror Movie Chandramukhi
South Indian Horror Movie Chandramukhi

This is a South Indian Horror movie that was a revolution in Rajanikanth’s film career at that time and gained immense fame. The plot is quite absorbing and has been bettered by a great screenplay. Besides Rajinikanth, Jyothika has also been praised for her performance in this movie.  The Chandramukhi movie shows Rajinikanth as the main character and he is the most important part of the story. He plays a psychiatrist who is summoned by his friend to treat his friend’s wife, who suffers from a mental health disease. The climax is interesting as a scary truth is revealed at the end but it is a happy ending for all.

3. Chudail Story

IMDb- 2.5

Bollywood Horror movie Chudail Story
Bollywood Horror movie Chudail Story

This film is the story of a witch who traps a bunch of men in a haunted house. The spooky background is developed by a reverberating voice which describes the chudail. With her seductive voice, the witch tries to dupe the group of men. The dialogues of this Bollywood Horror movie are average and the storyline overall is also common. The acting and the performance of the actress are also average.

4. Kanchana 3

IMDb- 4.4

Kanchana 3 South Indian Horror Comedy Movie
Kanchana 3 South Indian Horror Comedy Movie

This is a Bollywood Horror Comedy Movie that depicts the story of a young man who gets possessed by a spirit wanting revenge. The storyline, though good and performed well, is somewhat predictable. Raghava Lawrence has portrayed the character of the young man really well. Overall the film has tried to be socially aware and responsible. Some instances in the movie have been more repetitive and also infantile. There are some hilarious sequences in the film that induce laughter in the audience.

5. Vinashkaal

IMDb- 5.3

Vinashkaal Bollywood Horror Movie.
Vinashkaal Bollywood Horror Movie.

This Film shows a girl with her fiance and friends who planned a bachelor party at her village house. However, that house is possessed and has a curse attached to it. The tantric who tries to control the ghost has a selfish motive. The plot of this Bollywood Horror Movie develops interestingly and keeps the viewers engaged about what will happen next. The horror element is also shown by the performance of the actors.

6. Vaastu Shastra


Vaastu Shastra Indian horror Movie on MX Player
Vaastu Shastra Indian horror Movie on MX Player

Have you ever felt your neck hair stand on end while you’re looking for the light? Now and then when you’re terrified to investigate the edge of the room, you’ve detected that something’s watching you! Directed by Saurabh Narang, this movie is a classic horror movie that gives you the same feeling. The plot revolves around a family who discovers a ghostly presence in their new home. Sushmita Sen and Purab Kohli as the lead roles did a splendid job so the movie keeps you engaged throughout.

7. 6-5=2 


6-5=2 South Indian Horror movie
6-5=2 South Indian Horror movie

Director Ashok has fantastically dealt with a fanciful story of six people who continue journeying and face a few exciting and unfortunate minutes. The portrayal additionally has many energetic groupings with clever discourses that the adventurers trade while in the woods. You can take a risk by watching the Horror Movie ON MX Player for an alternate encounter. The cinematography is just too good and the dialogues are witty which keeps you engaged.

8. Machli Jal Ki Rani Hai

IMDb- 2.3

Machli Jal Ki Rani Hai Bollywood Horror movie
Machli Jal Ki Rani Hai Bollywood Horror movie

This movie is directed by Debaloy Dey. This is a classic mainstream Bollywood Horror Movie that would surely make your hands and feet cold. The story takes an ugly turn when Uday, the main character, with his family, moves into a house in Jabalpur.

Later, in some time his wife senses the presence of something very fishy and abnormal in the house. Just like the title of the movie, the storyline is very catchy and interesting which surely deserves a chance to get watched.

9. Raaz E Sheitaan

IMDb- 3.9

Raaz E Sheitaan Horror Movie ON MX Playe
Raaz E Sheitaan Horror Movie ON MX Playe

Raaz e Sheitaan is directed by Sameer Khan starring Iti Acharya, Asif Basra, and Nirab Hossain. The story starts when a couple adopts a girl and later finds out that their daughter is possessed by a demonic force.

They decide to get her exorcised but the story takes an ugly turn when the father decides to kill the child to get rid of the evil. With many terrible and horrifying incidents, this movie is spine-chilling which you can watch on late nights and wonder if something around you is watching you!

10. Shubh Raatri


Shubh Raatri Horror Movie ON MX Player
Shubh Raatri Horror Movie ON MX Player

The story starts when a group of friends hear a rumor about a witch and decide to experience the thrill and find out if the tale of the witch is true or just a story made up by the villagers. At first, the villagers stop them from entering the village but they somehow sneak in and the story takes a next-level turn.

So, the sequence of finding the truth makes this movie interesting and thrilling. Pankaj Singh Tanwar, the director makes the plot interesting and all the actors do splendid acting. If you wanna find out what happened to the group of friends, were they able to find the truth? Watch this Horror movie on MX Player.

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