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Hurdang Movie – A Fantastic (2022) Caste-Based Hindi Film Released on Netflix

When it comes to a variation in OTT of the genre and content quality, Netflix is the answer finally after its premiere on TV and the little gap, Hurdang Movie has made a sorted release on the Netflix platform.

Caste-based reservation is a very sensitive and controversial plot. Additionally making films on such disputable things needs deep research, starring Sunny Kaushal, Vijay Verma, and Nusrat Bharucha; an effort has been made by Nikhil Bhatt to raise this issue.

Hurdang Movie Review Cast and Plot 

Hurdang Movie - A Fantastic (2022) Caste-Based Hindi Film Released on NetflixThe Hurdang Movie opts for a time era of the 90s when the Mandal Commission was established in India which had to identify the condition regarding socially and educationally backward classes and give them protection as per caste.

The Hurdang Movie starts in Allahabad where Daddan (Sunny Kaushal) lives, who aspires to be an IAS officer and can do anything for it. The main reason behind his rooted aspiration is Jhulan Yadav (Nusrat Bharucha) who studies and has the same dream as Daddan and even wants to marry an IAS officer, Both of their love gets weakened as they come to know that the government is establishing a commission in favor of caste-based reservation. Jhulan is from a backward category whereas Daddan is not, hence he gets infuriated about this decision of the government and thinks that now he cannot be an IAS because of this.

OTT Release date: July 10
OTT platform: Netflix
Genre: Action Drama
Runtime: 2h 2 min
IMDB: 4.9/10
Director:  Nikhil Bhatt
Featuring:  Sunny Kaushal, Nushrratt Bharucha, Vijay Varma, Viraj Kapoor.

Daddan Thakur is shown as a small student leader who works under Loha Singh and who has promised to give him the UPSC exam papers but now the whole scenario has been changed.

Hence the number of protests gets carried away in opposition to the decision of the government. Tune into Netflix and find out about the time when The Mandal Commission arrived in India and the protest which it carried away with and how people pacified themselves with the same.

Hurdang Movie Review

Hurdang Movie - A Fantastic (2022) Caste-Based Hindi Film Released on Netflix
The story of the Hurdang Movie put up in the front is quite basic but helps engage the audience. The talk about favoritism and opposing the commission and flagging around free education has been shown but the Idea behind the direction is not that great and looks mediocre on screen. Hurdang Movie is the first movie made on Mandal Commission showing the dark side of both ends. This movie is for sure made with sense and focuses on the real issue as it is a sensitive topic discussed among the students.

It moreover highlights reservations that should be given on the basis of financial condition irrespective of any caste as opposed to bifurcating students on the basis of it and making them superior in the line just because they belong to a particular caste and ignoring the talent they behold. The detailing, depth, and events that should be made up did not fall in the right place and did not leave you shivering at a place. The climax misheard hard-hitting movements. Prakash Jha was missed as a director here with the same story he could have delivered much better work as he did in Aarakshan back then.

Sunny Kaushal is phenomenal, the personality he carries and the blowout acting are just flawless. Nusrat Bharucha, as always look beautiful on screen. The rest of the other supporting castes too were powerful enough to shatter the screen but with us little weak direction it did not help out. Cinematography could have been powerful and it was a point about average. Nikhil needs polishing as a director. The character building was quite good though with a strong plot but with bad direction. Overall Hurdang Movie could be watched once time for a weekend pass time.

Hindi film Hurdang has been released on OTT after TV Hurdang Movie

Director: Nikhil Bhatt

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