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House of the Dragons: Sets Up a Beautiful Prequel to the Game Of Thrones

House of the Dragons: the first episode of the much-awaited web show, The House of the Dragons has been officially released by HBO on Hotstar. The thing that separated the show from other pre-historic dramas is the fact that it’s a prequel to the lethal web show, Game of Thrones.

Let’s dig deeper into the show and what surprises the first episode had for us.

How does House of the Dragone Connect to GOT?

House of the Dragons

So, the show is set up almost 200 years before the events of Game of Thrones. The show is based on the life history of the Targaryens, the ancestors of Daenerys Targaryen. Although the show will get the installment of episodes with some gap, we can definitely make a sure-shot guess by turning the pages of some books.

The show has been adapted from the book ‘Fire and Blood’, but the thing is that the writer, George Martin, has co-created the show, so there’s a very low chance of the storyline being ruined by unnecessary changes. The show has the hype of a huge political drama revolving around the Iron Throne and its true heirs.

A Look at the Storyline of the House of the Dragons

House of the Dragons
House of the Dragons

It has followed the storyline in the books that the Iron Throne was at its peak at the time of the HOT-D (House of the Dragons). The trailer shows us that King Viserys, who’s ruling the Westeros and the throne is not able to get a suitable successor. King Viserys wants his daughter, Rhaenyra Targaryen to succeed him but the Kingdom and the other people of the royal house don’t want a female to rule the throne. There are obviously some more competitors for the throne, such as the King’s brother, Daemon, and his right hand Otto Hightower.

And this is basically the premise on which the whole show’s plot will develop and revolve.

What’s there in the first episode for us?

House of the Dragons
House of the Dragons

The first episode has been released on the 21st of August by the owner franchise, HBO. And the episode successfully plants the roots for the upcoming nine episodes in the season. We are introduced to the leads of the show in an interactive manner and the untold heroes, the Dragons are also seen with their utmost presentation.

HOT-D (House of the Dragons) the part where GOT lacked was that all the dragons looked nearly the same and there was no such distinguishing factor between them but here we can see each dragon having a personality of its own and a certain type of facial appearance makes them highly real.

GOT takes the approach of diving into 4-6 different narratives based on the sheer number of main characters that the House of the Dragons have. As it is visible from the trailer, the Iron Throne is far more lethal than the one at GOT, and thus, we can surely expect the politics behind the throne to grow more intense in the upcoming episodes and the fans are eagerly waiting for the same intensity and dragon brawl, of course.

Where to watch the House of the Dragons?

House of the Dragons
House of the Dragons

In India, all the streaming rights of the show are owned by the OTT platform, Disney+ Hotstar which also streams all the seasons of Game of Thrones, and the first episode has been already released on it. The second episode will release on 25th August.
The fans were not very happy with the conclusion that the last season GOT gave them, but the first episode of the HOT-D (House of the Dragons) has made them more hyped for the upcoming political drama.