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Top 10 Best Hotstar Movies Streaming Currently To Watch Online

Hotstar is one of the biggest streaming platforms in India and when it joined hands with Disney it became better when it comes to the delivery of better content available to stream content on it. As a streaming platform, it is home to various TV shows movies, and shows, where you can watch any Disney original movies, Hotstar original web shows, or any movie available on it.

In this article we have you covered with a list of movies handpicked for you that are exclusively streaming on Hotstar and can be binged on this OTT platform.

List of Top 10 Hotstar Movies That Are Best to Bing On

Hotstar movie list is one such big bundle to capture at once. Disney Hotstar is one such giant platform that has a bunch of TV series and other films that require attention as the entire library is full of English, Hindi, South Indian, and other local languages carrying a catalog of original content. Series on Ott brings out the best movies to watch on Hotstar as we have specially curated these titles for you.

Hotstar’s partnership with HBO Max Original and Warner Brother has recently been broken and has given rise to the video streaming platform in great numbers. Though HBO originals will not opt for Hotstar as the streaming section, it still enjoys a legacy to hold the best. The Martian, Kingsman, Logan, The Fault in Our Stars, Black Panther, Avengers, Life of Pi, Kingsman, and The Secretariat are some of the best movies on Hotstar but let’s look for some more titles that are worth unwrapping.

1. Eternals

Eternals Marvel movies on Hotstar
Eternals Marvel movies on Hotstar

Yes, the first Hotstar movie that makes it to the list is Marvel’s Eternals. The movie is based on Super Heroes who visited the Earth and made it how it looked today. They taught early humans about everything like How to build houses, how to grow vegetation etc. They all fight against enemies known as Deviants which feed on humans. The movie did well at the box Office. This film is Directed by Oscar-winning Chloe Zhao. You should give it a go if you are into the superhero genre.

2. Encanto

Encanto animated hotstar movie
Encanto animated Hotstar movie

The next movie that makes it to the list is an animated film. The story is about the Madrigal family, which lives in the mountains of Colombia in a magical place called the Encanto. The thing that makes the place special is that every child here is blessed with a unique gift except one girl named Mirabel who is also the main lead. But later she saves everyone with her magic when the place gets in danger. This Hotstar movie made $237.4 million at the Box office.

3. Torn

Torn Movie on Hotstar
Torn Movie on Hotstar

This film is for those who love adventure. The story follows the adventure of a legendary climber named Alex Lowe, who goes on a journey to climb a mountain in Tibet named Shishapangma. But things don’t go as planned and he along with his cameraman and fellow climber David Bridges gets lost in an avalanche on the slopes. Later you get to discover secrets in the movie which you should check yourself by watching it online on Hotstar. The movie is quite inspiring and a lesson for those who want to climb the mountains.

4. Free Guy

Free Guy comedy movie on Hotstar.
Free Guy comedy movie on Hotstar.

This movie is a perfect combination of both science fiction and comedy. When a man in the game discovers that the world he lives in is just a video game and he is just a background player in an open-world video game, he decides to be a hero in his own story. This Hotstar movie features your favorite Ryan Reynolds who is known for playing Deadpool.  Watch how he saves the day and gets the love of the coder who wrote him. The film made a decent amount of $331 million at the Box Office.

5. Ice Age- Adventure of Buck Wild

Ice age- adventure of Buck wild
Ice age- adventure of Buck wild

Another animated film that makes it to the list of Hotstar movies. If you are a fan of animation shows then you must have seen Ice Age. This film is just a spin-off of the character named Buck. The movie follows the leader Buck with his two followers cum friends Crash and Eddy who try to keep the lost world from being overtaken by Dinosaurs while finding a place where they can live peacefully. The movie is quite good for children and for some adults. The movie was released on 28 January 2022.

6. Jungle Cruise

Jungle cruise watch online on hotstar
Jungle cruise watch online on Hotstar

Another adventure movie in the list tells the journey of a small group of people who set out on a journey to find an ancient tree that holds the power to heal everything which will help mankind and change the future of medicines.  This hotstar movie features Dwayne Johnson, Emily Blunt, etc. which is quite good for the film. The movie was released back in July and is currently streaming on the Hotstar app.

7. Shang Chi

Shang chi Hotstar movies
Shang chi Hotstar movies

If you are a fan of the superhero Genre, and Marvel Cinematic Universe then you should watch this movie. This is one of the most underrated movies on the list. The story is about Shang Chi whose father has ten magical rings, using which his father ruled the underground world.  But Shang Chi flees away from there after his father’s enemy kills his mother brutally which makes Shang Chi angry. Find out how he grows up alone and whether he will avenge his mother’s killer or not and find the Magical world hidden beyond the Forest.

8. Nomadland

Nomadland hotstar movie watch online
Nomadland Hotstar movie watch online

Nomadland is an Oscar-winning movie which shows the real power of women. The movie was released on 19 February 2021 and got recognition when it won Best Movie at the Oscars. The story is about a woman who is in her Sixties after losing everything in the Recession, follows her heart and goes on a journey sailing in the American West living life as a Modern nomad. The story is quite impressive and tells the hardships of life.

9. Antlers

Antlers movies on hotstar
Antlers movie on Hotstar

This one on the list is a Horror movie On Hotstar. The story is about a small-town teacher and her brother who is a local inspector in the town. They embark on a journey to investigate a young student who is hiding some dangerous secrets with him and if that secret is not revealed that will cause frightening things in the future. The movie was released in the year 2021 and grossed a sum of $18.3 million. You should give this movie a try.

10. Black Widow

Black widow on hotstar
Black Widow on Hotstar

The final film in the list is another superhero Hotstar Movie which was released last year but is currently streaming on the Hotstar app. The story is about a Russian Secret agent named Natasha Romanoff, who gets caught in the USA but starts working with them. She is one of the members of Avengers but what makes her special is that even without any superpowers she is very powerful and doesn’t fear anyone. The movie Black Widow did pretty well at the BOX Office and grossed $379.6 million.

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