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Hostel Daze Season 3 Review, Cast, Watch Online On Prime Video

Hostel Daze Season 3
IMG 20221116 WA0001 Hostel Daze Season 3 Review,Hostel Daze Season 3

Director: Sachin Negi, Abhinav Anand

Date Created: 2024-06-19 05:19

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Hostel Daze Season 3 Review: The New Season of Hostel Daze was released on Prime Video on 16 November 2022 and our favorite girls and boys from the third year of engineering are back with their tale of fun, failure, and success to entertain. 

The series depicts the ongoing inside the engineering college and hostels painting a perfect picture. The viral fever produced don’t need an introduction for that matter as they make their characters land inside you with the perfect notch and so did here, for everyone who missed Jhantoo, Jaat, Chiraag, and Akanksha, the uber cool gang is back. 


  • Hostel Daze Season 3 is currently streaming on Prime Video. 
  • The new season has been segregated into 6 episodes. 
  • Each Episode has a runtime of 30-40 minutes. 
  • The series marks the last screen space of Raju Srivastava. 
  • The Series is fun loving and entertaining to watch. 

Hostel Daze Season 3 Review, Cast And Plot

Title Hostel Daze Season 3
Release Date 16 Nov 2022
OTT platform Prime Video
Genre Drama, Comedy
IMDB 8.5
Director:  Sachin Negi, Abhinav Anand
Production The Viral Fever (TVF) 
Cast Ahsaas Channa, Shubham Gaur, Utsav Sarkar, Nikhil Vijay, Ayushi Gupta. 

The web series was originally dropped in 2019 with its season one and gained a humongous response all over and marked the entry of season 2 in 2021 and with almost a year break its back with Season 2.

The new season of Hostel daze has been segregated into 6 episodes with a runtime of 30-40 minutes each. The story revolves around the same ace pattern but with great fun and lively touch, with the failed experiments in the lab, small trifles around the hostel wings, studies, exams, love and crush with a subtle dose of friendship. 

Hostel Daze Season 3 Story 

Hostel Daze Season 3 Story 

TVF shows carry emotion with them, it has always given up many shows with which we are connected emotionally be it a life reality or fun engagements but yes, it connects the audience, the same goes for hostel daze as well, targeting students they have painted a real picture leaving no space that can be called for improvement, they are as perfect they can be. 

Coming to the star cast, they have already won hearts and smiles in the previous two seasons and they continue to do the same in this season as well. This season will come with newly added spices which behold college elections where Jatin aka Jhantoo is standing as a candidate and his boys campaigning for him leaves a bubble of laughter and moments to remember. 

Hostel Daze Season 3 Review, Cast And Plot

This web series also features Raju Srivastava and this will be his last screen contribution which has already made the fans emotional. Adarsh Gourav aka Ankit Pandey is not part of season 3 though and this has been a bit disappointing. The season surely gives way to the fourth season as it has an open ending and the gang is still struggling hard with their third year. 

This season of Hostel Daze is a perfect binge watch except for a few over-exaggerated parts which can easily be ignored. It also marks Raju Srivastava last screen appearance hence what could be a better tribute to unveil it on TVF. The story seems entirely relatable and serves as a reminder for the ones who have left college life and is a token for the ones who can relate with it entirely as they are currently in their college life. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) –

Which show marks the last screen appearance of Raju Srivastava? 

Hostel daze season 3 on Amazon Prime video marks the last screen appearance of late comedian and actor Raju Srivastava. The series is streaming from 16 Nov 2022 on Prime Video. 

What is the real name of Jhantoo in Hostel Daze? 

Nikhil Vijay. He is known for his roles in Hostel daze, Gullak, Immature, Uncommon Sense, and The Aam aadmi Family. 

When will the Hostel Daze Season 3 be Release? 

Hostel daze Season 3 is currently streaming on Prime Video. 

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