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Top ten horror movies on Hotstar that you should watch if you dare

Horror movies on Hotstar : Horror isn’t a popular genre among moviegoers. There are two types of individuals in the world: those who enjoy horror and those who do not.

Personally, I am a fan. I am one of those people who can claim to have seen every decent horror film, despite the fact that I may sleep with the lights on for a week after watching one.

On the subject of Disney’s Best Horror Movies, With only a few films accessible on India’s largest OTT platform, Hotstar, it might be difficult to sift through their library and choose a good film to watch. With so many Disney, Pixar, and Marvel films accessible on Netflix, we selected the best for you to watch. So, if you’re a fan, see whether you’ve seen all of these films.

List of Top ten horror movies on Hotstar

 1 . The Sixth Sense IMDB- 8.2

Horror movies on Hotstar
Horror movies on Hotstar

Cole Sear, a little boy, is terrified because he sees dead people in The Sixth Sense. His mother seeks for a psychiatrist who can assist her son, but there are some red flags with his doctor as well. This is a story that will keep you guessing from beginning to end, and no one will forget the shocking surprise at the finale. One of the best horror movies on Disney Hotstar, with a high IMDB rating, will undoubtedly give you a shiver.

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2. Buffy, the Vampire Slayer IMDB- 8.3

Buffy Summers, a popular high school cheerleader, discovers that she is the latest in a long line of vampire hunters tasked with eliminating a vampire lair in Los Angeles. Frank Rubel Kuzul’s film is one of the scariest and greatest films available on Disney+ Hotstar. Kristin Swanson and Donald Sutherland, who star in the film, will astound you with their acting. Tune in to Disney+ Hotstar for this terrifying encounter, which has a high IMDB rating.

3. Insidious IMDB- 6.8  

horror movies on Hotstar
horror movies on Hotstar

Still, insidious, directed by James Wan, is one of the best horror films of the new millennium. It tells the story of Josh and Renai, who relocate to a new house for a fresh start. However, as their son goes into a coma, strange things start to happen around the house. This terrifying film, starring Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne, is available on Disney+ Hotstar.

4. Signs IMDB- 6.8

Signs, a controversial 2002 film directed by M. Night Shyamalan, tells the narrative of Father Graham Hess and his family, who move to a farmhouse that later becomes a location of odd crop circles, implying the presence of alien life. Only on Disney+ Hotstar will you be able to see how aliens transform into terrifying life events. It’s worth watching because it stars Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix.

5. Aliens IMDB- 8.4

Aliens is a 1986 science fiction film directed by James Cameron that tells the narrative of Ellen Ripley, who is sent back to the planet LV-426 to establish contact with a terraforming colony. She meets the Alien Queen and her offspring there and must fight them to survive. I dare you to see this horror film alone, starring Sigourney Weaver and Carrie Henn. This fantastic experience can be found on Disney+ Hotstar.

6. The Hills Have Eyes IMDB-6.4

The Hills Have Eyes, a remake of Wes Craven’s 1977 film of the same name, starts when a family going to California is kidnapped by cannibals who are the result of nuclear testing. They are compelled to fight them and survive, but their odds are grim. In a dramatic shift, adventure becomes terror. Alexandre Aja’s film, starring Maxime Giffard and Michael Bailey Smith, is well worth seeing on Disney+ Hotstar.

7. The Empty Man IMDB- 6.2

Starring – James Badge Dale, Marin IrelandDirector – David Prior  The Empty Man is a 2020 horror film about a cop who uncovers a group attempting to call a supernatural monster while searching for a missing girl. David Prior directed the film, which stars James Badge Dale and Marin Ireland. On Disney+ Hotstar, you may watch this terrifying experience.

8. Ready or Not IMDB- 6.8

The young bride’s in-laws accompany her to play a seemingly harmless game after the wedding ceremony. Things quickly turn gory and dark, revealing the family’s strange customs. Grace is overjoyed after marrying the man of her dreams in his family’s opulent home.

But there’s a catch: she’ll have to hide from midnight till dawn as her new in-laws hunt her down with firearms, crossbows, and other weapons. Grace finds a way to turn the tables on her less-than-lovable relatives as she desperately tries to make it through the night. On Disney+ Hotstar, you may watch the movie. Adam Brody is a film directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett and starring Samara Weaving.

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9- Alien³ IMDB- 8.5

Alien 3 (also known as Alien 3) is a 1992 science fiction horror film directed by David Fincher. It is the third installment in the Alien genre. It’s a follow-up to James Cameron’s Aliens.

A pod from the Colonial Marine starship Sulaco carrying Lt Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) and the other survivors from the events of Aliens crashes down on a refinery/prison planet, killing everyone save Ripley.

Unbeknownst to her, an Alien egg had been discovered aboard the ship. It is born in a prison and immediately goes on a murdering spree. If you enjoy horror films, the Alien franchise is well worth your time. Watch the terrifying encounter on Disney Hotstar.

10 – The Night House IMDB- 6.5

After her husband’s tragic death, Beth (Rebecca Hall) is left alone in the lakeside home he constructed for her. She tries her hardest to be calm, but suddenly the dreams begin. She was disturbed by visions of a presence in the house calling to her, luring her with a ghostly plea.

Against the advice of her friends, she begins looking through her husband’s belongings for answers. She uncovers strange and horrific realities that she is driven to uncover. On Disney+ Hotstar, you may find this experience.

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