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Hello Goodbye and Everything in Between Review: A sweet, idealistic love story on Netflix.

Hello Goodbye and Everything in Between, directed by Michael Lewen with the great star cast of Jordan Fisher · Aidan; Talia Ryder · Claire; Ayo Edebiri · Stella; Nico Hiraga · Scotty; Eva Day · Riley, is availabe on Netflix.

Hello Goodbye and Everything in Between, Netflix presents A Romantic Drama.

With its abundance of saccharine sweetness, Hello Goodbye and Everything in Between is the ideal dessert for cold, dreary days when you just want to feel a bit warm.

Release on OTT(Netflix) 6 July 2022.
IMDB 4.7/10
Genre Drama, Romance
Runtime 1h 24m

Hello Goodbye and Everything in Between review series on ott
Hello Goodbye and Everything in Between review series on Ott

The storyline of the movie Hello Goodbye and Everything in Between

Currently, it appears that Netflix has a monopoly on the production of cliched love stories. These romances are like the treats you occasionally want; they’re an indulgence for whatever reason you like.

Similar to desserts, these love stories feature the same clichés: a heterosexual romance, at least one LGBT closest friend of the hero, some scenic trips, and—the icing on the cake—a story about emerging adults who have just graduated from college. Because of this, Michael Lewen’s directorial debut, Hello Goodbye and Everything in Between, based on the same-titled novel by Jennifer E. Smith, is formulaic and youthful like all the other Netflix loves. There’s nothing wrong with that, to be sure!

Jordan Fisher and Talia Ryder’s characters, Clare and Aidan, are high school lovebirds. After dating for a year during their senior year in high school, Clare and Aidan are now going to two different colleges to continue their education: Clare will attend Dartmouth to study political science, and Aidan will attend a local pre-medical school.

Before beginning this relationship, or you could call it a pledge, they had vowed to break it off before the start of university so that they could start their new careers with a clean slate and no burden. The movie’s main focus is the last precise date that Aidan arranges the day before Clare departs for Dartmouth.

They attempt to replicate each memorable moment from their first year of relationship, but can things go as planned when two people fall in love? Since the viewer joins Clare-Aidan on his trip down memory lane, we see some heartwarming instances of their relationship.

Review of the movie Hello Goodbye and Everything in Between

I admire the movie’s attempt to be distinctive in its treatment of contemporary dating. People who are cynical, hopeless romantics, or simply overly romantic tend to scoff at movies about innocent young people falling in love. Whether they like it or not, they know that every separation is messy.

Clare may have made a wise choice, but she made a mistake by proclaiming herself and her partner as the king and queen of endings. This serves the plot’s purpose in this instance. I am relieved that the movie doesn’t try to convince us otherwise, even though everyone around Clare and Aidan thinks they are crazy for trying to ruin a happy relationship.

The movie’s central conflict isn’t made interesting enough to keep you occupied. One of its best aspects is that the two young adults in this movie are visibly distressed during their entire date. Their hurt may be seen in their expressions in a few fleeting seconds. Congratulations to Ryder and Fisher, particularly, for their excellent acting in drawing out this sorrow in their roles.

Hello Goodbye and Everything in Between romantic movie on netflix series on ott
Hello Goodbye and Everything in Between romantic movie on Netflix series on Ott

Nevertheless, the writing for Aidan and Clare’s characters should have been improved. It is essential to demonstrate how their flaws make them, but it would also be beneficial to understand their strengths in greater detail. The intimacy between these characters lifts the movie, particularly when we peek inside their memories of the day Aidan initially proclaimed his love for Clare.

In addition, I don’t recall ever seeing a lead pair in a movie quarrel for the first time over a fart. Ayo Edebiri’s and Nico Hiraga’s performances as Stella and Scotty, the protagonists’ closest friends, respectively, are given the bare minimum of attention and are never fully utilized by the narrative.

If you want to watch Netflix and unwind with your pals or partner, it could very well be your buddy. It contains all the elements of romance that we expect: love, friendship, enjoyable music, some arguing, and some reconciliation. It is generic, but as I mentioned, there is nothing inherently wrong with that. Now available for streaming on Netflix.

Hello Goodbye and Everything in Between
Hello Goodbye and Everything in Between Hello Goodbye and Everything in Between

Director: Michael Lewen

Date Created: 2024-06-23 19:33

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