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Hamid Movie Review: 2019 Must-watch Movie

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These days many viewers believed that Bollywood could not make any good movies but there are many hidden gems that are a must-watch and deserve appreciation such as the Hindi movie, Hamid.

Let’s talk about Hamid movie review which can be watched on Netflix. 


  • Hamid movie is based on the play title phone no 786.
  • Hamid movie Imdb is 7.7/10
  • Rashika Duggal features in the Netflix film.
  • Audiences and critics gave positive responses to Hamid on ott. 

Hamid Movie, Cast, Release Date, and Story

Hamid Movie Review: 2019 Underrated Movie
Hamid Movie Review

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Title Hamid
Genre Drama
IMDB 7.7/10
Cast Talha Arshad  Reshi, Rasika Dugal, Vikas Kumar
Release Date 15th March 2019
OTT Platform Netflix

The plot focused on Hamid (Talha Arshad Reshi) who misses his father Rashid (Sumit Kaul) who has been missing since last year.

Meanwhile, his friend told him that his father goes to Allah (which means he is dead). Meanwhile, he finds out the number 786 where he knows that this is God’s number. 

Hamid used many combinations and one day a CRPF Jawan Abhay (Vikas Kumar) picks up Hamid’s call.

After talking with Hamid, Abhay shows kindness to him and listens to him (Hamid) for his (innocence). What happens when Hamid realizes his father is no more?

Watch this underrated movie on Netflix.

Hamid on Netflix:

Hamid film is based on the play written by Mohd. Amin Bhat titled Phone no 786. Hamid was released on 15th March 2019 in theaters and also premiered at Smile International Film Festival for Children and Youth. 

Hamid Movie Review:

Hamid Movie Review: 2019 Underrated Movie
Hamid Movie Review

The story is written by Mohd. Amin Bhat is unique, relevant, and focused on the aftermath of wars and terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir.

The performances of the Hamid cast by Talha Arshad Reshi as Hamid, a child who is waiting for his father is outstanding. Sumit Kaul as Rashid Hamid’s father his screen presence was low but gave a wonderful impact on the film. 

Rasika Dugal as Ishrat, a wife who is broken after her husband goes missing is satisfactory. Vikas Kumar as CRPF Jawan Abay who talks with Hamid was considerable.

The cinematography of the film was amazing, especially because it managed to capture the beauty of Kashmir.

The ott film was focused on the effect on natives after their loved ones death in Jammu and Kashmir, especially on children. 


Hamid movie review: This Hindi movie is a must-watch movie of Bollywood film which is an underrated film that you should watch on the ott platform Netflix. Hamid is one such story that will go straight to your heart forming a depper connection.

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1. Is Hamid’s film based on a true story?

Hamid film is set in Kashmir. As per sources, the film is based on real-life events. While in the film you could relate to the issues of Kashmir.

Netflix’s film Hamid is based on a play by Mohd. Amin Bhat titled “Phone no 786”.

2. Where can I watch the movie Hamid film?

The 2019 film Hamid is now available on the ott platform Netflix in Hindi and Urdu.

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