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Half pants full pants Web series and Thank God On Rent on Prime Video: 2022 Releases

Half pants full pants Web series , New Web Series and Movies 2022 on Prime Video: The year 2022 is great for Amazon Prime as it keeps on bringing back-to-back movies like KGF Chapter 2, PSI-1, Kantara, Runway 34, and web series like Breathe Into The Shadows season 2, Modern Love Mumbai, Invincible, The Boys, The Peripheral and more.

Earlier on 12 December 2022, Amazon Prime posted about a new web series on social media titled Half Pants Full Pants. This web series will be streaming on Amazon Prime on 16 December 2022.

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  • Amazon Prime has announced a new web series.
  •  Half Pants Full Pants Web series is coming. 
  • The series will be streamed on 16 December 2022.
  • Thank God the movie is now streaming on Amazon Prime.
  • Thank God is available on Amazon Prime.
  • The movie will soon be streamed to subscribers.

Half Pants Full Pants Web Series

In an earlier post on 12 December 2022, Amazon Prime posted a photo about the upcoming Half Pants Full Pants Web Series. In this web series, a child is dreaming inside his dreams. Many pictures were in the background, including a train, a letter, a bell, and more. 

The caption reads, “Calling out to the dreamer within you to get lost in Anand’s ever-changing dreamscapes.” The series has been certified U/A and is for ages 13 and above. The series will be streaming on 16 December 2022 on Amazon Prime.

Prime Video is lined up with their new web series and movies in 2023 like Mirzapur season 3, The Family Man season 3, Indian Police Force, Dahaad, Dhoota, Jubilee, and more.

 Thank God On Rent on Prime Video:

Siddharth Malhotra, Rakul Preet Singh, and Ajay Devgan starrer light comedy movie Thank God is now streaming on Amazon Prime but on Rent. At the box office, the movie did below average. The critics have given a mixed response but the audience has loved the film and claimed it was the most popular movie in recent days.

 Thank God On Rent on Prime Video: IMDB, Star Cast, and The Plot

Half pants full pants Web series and Thank God On Rent on Prime Video: 2022 Releases

Title  Thank God
Genre  Comedy
OTT Platform Amazon Prime (Rent)
IMDB 6.1/10
Runtime 2 hour 1-minute
Director  Indra Kumar
Star Cast Siddharth Malhotra, Rakul Preet Singh, Ajay Devgan

The story revolves around Ayaan Kapoor (Siddharth Malhotra) is real estate broker was his in the trouble. He is selfish centered and egoistic. He lives with his wife Ruhi (Rakul Preet Singh) a police officer and his daughter Pihu.

He is involved in an accident where he is on the verge of death and meets Chitragupta (Ajay Devgan) in his court. CG invites him to play a game of life.

The rules of the game are to perform the different tasks which are based on the seven sins. If Ayaan performed well the task then he gets his life. There are many questions that rises in your mind: Will Ayaan will get a second chance? Watch these interesting ott films on Amazon Prime on Rent.

Thank God on Amazon Prime: The Review

The film’s story depicts real-life situations that are realistic. The screenplay is quite good and depicts real-life scenarios. The movie also responded to the modern setting of heaven when the first controversies were revealed, with a suitable answer. 

The performances of the actors like Sidharth Malhotra as Ayaan Kapoor are portrayed very well, he lived the character very well. Ajay Devgan as Chitragupta is a flawless nice job as awesome. Rakul Preet Singh as Ruhi is a police officer she a devoted wife and devoted to her job has a good job.

Seema Pahwa and Kanwaljeet Singh as Ayaan’s parents do well in their roles, and Sadanand Verma as the doctor also does well.

The direction of the film by Indra Kumar was excellent. This movie is different from his previous ott films like the Dhamaal series, Masti series, and more which is great for different types of content.

Especially in one scene, the visual effects are low but watchable. The music is engaging with the film. The film is about the clash with Ram Setu in the theater on the occasion of Diwali. Both films are below average at the box office but most of the audience liked the movies.

Thank God on Amazon Prime: The overall

The film is a binge-watch if you love this type of light-hearted film with a positive message. The box office for this film is below average, but most of the mass audience who watched it in theaters enjoyed it. They referred to it as the best film of 2022.

Thank God the movie is now streaming on Amazon Prime on Rent and soon it’ll be available to subscribers. 

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Which web series will be released on Prime Video? 

A new web series on Amazon Prime, Half Pants Full Pants will be streaming on 16 December 2022. Social media discussed this series earlier on 12 December 2022. This series is certified U/A 13+ which means it is for 13 years and above.

On which OTT platform Thank God will stream?

On Amazon Prime, you can watch the latest OTT release, Thank God.  The movie is available on Prime Video on Rent but soon this film will also be available for free for the subscribers. Thank god the film performed average at the box office and was not given a positive thump by the critics. 

Which upcoming web series on ott featuring Siddharth Malhotra will be streaming on Amazon Prime?

Siddharth Malhotra’s upcoming webseries on ott is Indian Police Force. The series will be streaming on Amazon Prime. The series is created by Rohit Shetty and it’s part of Singham’s universe.

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