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Looking For Some Good movies On Sonyliv?

Good movies On Sonyliv: We bring you a list of Top 10 Inspirational movies streaming on Sony Liv, Which are worth binging on.

Sony LIV is one India’s commanding streaming platform, which has not only Bollywood, but loads of local as well as numerous Hollywood movies to offer too. The streaming platform is packed with movies that are deep, while some that could be watched just for fun. Inspirational movies have other fan bases. Here, we’ve curated a list of 10 such inspirational movies that we believe one will love to watch on SonyLIV.

List of good movies on sonyliv below

1- On The Basis Of Sex IMDB- 7.1

The film is based on the life and early cases of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Ginsberg is shown as a flogging attorney and a new mom in this film who’s going through her share of misfortunes and multiple obstacles in her struggle for equal rights in the legal world.

Things change when Ruth takes on a tax case that could change her career once and for all. As she mates up with her attorney husband to fight for the case, she also fights for the gender distinction in the way the legal world and court sees it. This inspirational tale is available on Sony Liv.

2- A Dog’s Purpose IMDB- 7.2

Good movies On Sonyliv
Good movies On Sonyliv

The film, which is both a comedy and an emotional classic, chronicles the trip of a dog who lives four lives, each with a different owner, over the period of five decades. As he spends time with his possessors, he finds his real purpose. Through the lives of the humans, a devoted dog (Josh Gad) discovers the meaning of its own reality.

As it reincarnates into a variety of sweet dogs, it teaches them to laugh and love, but he’s trapped with one man named Ethan with whom he has a particular link and who returns to him after completing his one life to remind him what life is all about. However, besides you must tune into Sony Liv for this amazing masterpiece, If you’re an animal addict.

3- Lincoln IMDB- 7.3

A Steven Spielberg masterpiece, the movie tells a real- life incident that’s now part ofU.S. history. The movie tells the story of Abraham Lincoln and his last many months as the chairman of the country before his assassination.

With the nation still reeling from the Civil War and death count continuously rising, President Lincoln decides to bring his full passion, humanity and his political skill to prevent what’s going on and to produce now what’s known as his heritage.

This is when he gets ready to abolish slavery once and for all and introduce the celebrated 13th Amendment and bring to action. His grit, courage and wit inspires even the opposition to come support him and move forward to creating a fabulous government.

4- 20th Century Women IMDB- 7.3

Good movies On Sonyliv
Good movies On Sonyliv

The movie tells the stories of love, life and the struggles of a mother, who’s trying hard to bring up her son in the late 70s. Understanding the requirements of a young man and the free spirited mindset of the bohemian home is the core of the story.

The mom tries to help and understand her son by getting the help of two other women, living on rent in their house, one being an instigative teenager and the other being a punk artist. She finds peace in them as they together go through her issues of bringing up her son along with working their own issues.

This is a wholesome movie that tells the life story of 3 women with different cultures but how they come together and live their lives, together yet independently. A perfect women centric movie which indicated the lives of women, which will surely inspire you.

5- The help IMDB- 8.1

Based on the novel of the same name by author Kathryn Stockett, The Help focuses on the lives of domestic workers in 1960s America, when they were referred to as “ the help”, advancing the movie and the novel its name.

The story follows a Southern society girl, Skeeter, in the 1960s who returns from college with an aim of being an author. She turns to her small city for reassurance as she chooses to interview the black women who have spent their lives taking care of prominent white families.

Only Aibileen, the housekeeper of Skeeter’s best friend, comes forward. But as the duo continue with their talks, more join in, revealing, multiple have lots to talk about. Available on Sony Liv only.

6- Green Book IMDB- 8.2

A biographical, comedy drama, Green Book tells the story of Dr Don Shirley who’s a world- class African-American pianist, and is about to embark on a musical tenure in the Deep South in 1962.

Shirley is in dire need of a driver and protection, and he recruits Tony Lip, a tough-talking, full macho bouncer from an Italian-American neighborhood in the Bronx. The men set out on their trip and come across varied differences that set them apart but despite that, they bond as they find parallels and talk about racism they’ve come through and hazard in the age of privacy.

7- 1917 IMDB- 8.3

A critically lauded war drama that went to receive many accolades since the moment it was released. 1917 tells the story of a time during World War 1, when countries were leveled against each other and battlegrounds were an active sight, two British fighters took a rather daunting task to complete, besides keeping themselves alive.

In a race against time and crossing the adversary’s land, these two soldiers are assigned to deliver a communication that can potentially save 1600 of their fellow comrades, but will they be suitable to complete what they were asked to do? Watch for the complete story only on Sony LIV.

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8- Bhonsle IMDB- 6.9

A man of few words and steady habits – washing clothes, cuisine, feeding the dog before calling it a day – Bhonsle is cold and unconscious to what’s going on around him. And that includes maintaining solid distance from the constant bickering and occasionally violent conflicts between Bihari settlers and the native Maharastrians at his‘chawl’in suburban Mumbai.

 9- Shahid IMDB- 8.3

Director Hansal Mehta’s affection for his subject and his subject’s activist enthusiasm is clear in Shahid, a memoir of the boggled criminal attorney Shahid Azmi. Azmi was assassinated in his Mumbai office in 2010 after getting well- known for representing lower- middle- class Muslim men who were indiscriminately arrested and intertwined by the police and judicial system in cases involving terrorism and collective violence. Inspired by Lawyer Shahid Azmi is available on Sony Liv.

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