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Gaslight Movie Review: Sara Ali Khan’s New Nail-biting Mystery Thriller

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Director: Pavan Kripalani

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Gaslight Movie review is here, check out the analysis of Sara’s new suspense thriller. All the fans of Chitrangda, Vikrant, and Sara can be elated as the trio is altogether in Hotstar new release, Gaslight

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Gaslight Movie Review: 

Gaslight Movie Review: Sara Ali Khan's New Nail-biting Mystery Thriller

Movie Gaslight
Director Pavan Kripalani
IMDB 6.0
Release Date 31 March 2023
Star Cast Sara Ali Khan, Chitrangada Singh, Vikrant Massey
Run time 111 Minutes
OTT platform Hotstar

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Talking about murder mysteries and thrillers Bollywood still lacks in that zone. The audience really needs to crawl up and down to find a new one. There was a time when the directors used to try their hands on such genres but not exactly did it come out as expected. 

Gaslight movie review in brief would definitely be an unconvincing and cliche execution that delivers nothing sort of that buzz that we expect from a good thriller. The film is filled with Obvious predictions. In case you are not really old when it comes to liking your favorite, it can prove a good regular watch. 

It’s not much above what a  cliche story actually delivers and expects the viewers to generate adrenaline in that short span. The prediction of twists and turns is all flat and nothing new. 

The film takes time to establish the story and the execution is done well. The encounters, emotional tracks, and Sara Ali Khan’s bond with Vikrant Massey during the ongoing is decently excavated. There are some gasp-evoking and possible turns that make the story a little flat but moreover, Vikrant Massey and Chitrangada Singh carry it off well. The climax is good but the diluted thrilling moments in the mid-story take up that seat edging from you. 

Gaslight Movie Review: Sara Ali Khan's New Nail-biting Mystery Thriller

Gaslight Movie 2023 is a slow-burner thriller that has a good background score and sticks perfectly with the flavor of the film. Nevertheless, Sara Ali Khan was graced with a complex role and attempted it with total grace. 

Abbas Mustan, Shree Ram Raghavan, Or Mahesh Bhatt has taken such genres to a level. Whether we talk about Baazigar, Humraaz, Ajnabee, and a lot more, they have attempted it really well. Chitrangada looks as classy as Maharani. Vikrant Massey is as good as always. 

The film comes from the directorship of Pawan Kripalani. He has given films like Ragini MMS and Phobia. With Gaslight Movie 2023, he delivered a mediocre performance but yes, there definitely was much scope when it comes to the script. 


  • Gaslight Movie 2023 is a Hotstar New Release. 
  • The Hotstar New release is an add-on to the list of Suspense thrillers. 
  • Gaslight Movie 2023 premiered on OTT directly. 
  • Gaslight Star cast includes Sara Ali Khan, Vikrant Massey, and Chitrangada Singh. 
  • Hotstar New release has been streaming since 31 March 2023.
  • Gaslight movie review is what this write-up covers. 

Gaslight Movie 2023-  Plot Analysis: 

Gaslight Movie Review: Sara Ali Khan's New Nail-biting Mystery Thriller

The story revolves around Meesha who hails from a Royal family and returns back to her haveli after a long time to meet his father.

After coming back she gets an unconventional thought that her father is missing and the family members are hiding something from her.

She meets her stepmother Chitrangada Singh and feels the chirm of her father at times that convinces her strongly about the fishy situation. 

Meesha clearly feels something is wrong with her father. 

What has happened to Meesha’s father? Is there anything that Messha should know about? 

Gaslight Movie 2023 tries to tangle you with suspense but does it really succeed? Unwrap the entire story of this hotstar new release. 


1. What is the Gaslight Movie Review? 

Gaslight Movie Review: the film is good if you are not a regular buff of thriller and mystery. In case you are, the film can be quite predictable in case of twists and turns.

The actors have delivered really well but when it comes to script analysis it’s nothing more than a regular cliche drop for OTT. 

  1. List some of Hotstar New release. 

Along with the Gaslight movie 2023, Pop Kaun Bho and the edge, Mandalorian, Alone, The night manager, Love Shaadi Drama, and Manoj Bajpayee and Sharmila Tagore starrer film Gulmohar can prove a good watch and are among the Hotstar new release. 

  1. Which Film by Sara Ali Khan will release on Hotstar? 

Gaslight Movie 2023 is currently streaming on Hotstar and is full of mystery and suspense. The features are Vikrant Massey and Chitrangada Singh. Directed by Pavan Kripalani the film is a Hotstar original. 

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