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Gargi – A Gripping and Immersive Thriller Movie On Sony Liv

Gargi is an Indian Tamil language movie initially released on 15th July 2022. However, after receiving a positive response, it was released on the ott platform SonyLIV on 12th August 2022.

  • Sony LIV OTT Released Date – 12th August 2022
  • IMDB – 8.4/10
  • Genre – Thriller
  • Directed by – Gautham Ramachandran
  • Star Cast – Sai Pallavi ; Kaali Venkat ; Aishwarya Lekshmi ; R S Shivaji ; Saravanan.
  • Language – Tamil

Gargi Sai Pallavi Tamil Language Sony Liv Movie

series on ott Gargi thriller movie sai pallavi
series on ott Gargi thriller movie sai pallavi

The movie is directed by Gautham Ramachandran and written by Hariharan Raju and Gautham Ramachandran. It stars Sai Pallavi in the lead role, followed by other actors.
The story is about a young school teacher named Gargi who belonged to a lower-middle-class family.

It follows the journey of Gargi, who has to prove her father’s innocence with the help of a young advocate who has never handled a case before.
Gargi is currently out on the ott platform SonyLIV. The movie runs or showtimes for 2hrs and 20 minutes and is now being streamed on SonyLIV.

Thriller Movie Gargi Plot And Story

Gargi (Sai Pallavi) is from a lower middle-class house. She is a teacher who has no high goals in life. However, Gargi is happy to take tuition classes in the future and looks forward to her marriage.

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She has a little sister, and her mother sells idli batter to assist the family.
The movie proceeds to show the protagonist’s determined fight to free her father, Brahmananda, a security guard in a small housing society. He is prisoned in a gang rape case that involved a minor girl.

Gargi Movie Review: Sai Pallavi Shows Exceptional Courage 

Gargi - A Gripping and Immersive Thriller

The movie starts with Gargi invigilating an examination. She is fiercely protective of her father. Her fiance informs her that his family expects dowry from them and Gargi’s first thought is she cannot add any other burden on her father’s shoulders. After the news of her father getting arrested by the cops is heard, Gargi becomes numb. She is confused, shocked, and embarrassed. I

t took her time to react, but she was sure her father would never be the accused. The camera does not show us, Brahmananda, as soon as the news is heard. Gautham Ramachandran makes his audience wait for RS Shivaji’s appearance on screen. All these situations are very well presented.

The background music emphasizes the building tragedy unfolding on the screen and is wonderfully crafted to convince the audience of Gargi’s batter for justice. Several small details can be seen throughout the movie. The script of the film is deep and thoughtful.
The second half of the movie offers potential suspects.

Every person on the screen seems to be one at some moment. The audience already knows what is about to happen, but “how it happened” is portrayed beautifully. Sai Pallavi represented Gargi efficiently. Emotions like Helplessness, fear, shame, guilt, everything get conveyed perfectly through her eyes and expressions.

sai pallavi Gargi movie series on ott
sai pallavi Gargi movie series on ott

The film very proceeds cautiously until the end. The minor character, the victim, is never seen it mentioned, and it waits until the criminal’s guilt is established beyond any rational doubt before passing judgment in the courtroom.

It is mind-blowing how every character contributes an integral part of the plot. Indrans (Kaali Venkat), a junior lawyer, takes up Gargi’s case. He has never handled a lawsuit before and gets nervous. However, She had no choice but to trust him. The past and present hit each other to reveal the characters slowly.

Gautham Ramachandran portrays Sai Pallavi as an individual with enormous inner strength. Gargi does not wallow in self-pity and shows the courage to stand up and take control of her life when everything in her life turns upside down.

Her eyes often reflect emotions like hurt and hope-giving the audience an impression that she will not warp under the pressure of patriarchy. The film hits your heart in the right places, and the ending moments might move you to tears.

Gautham Ramachandran Decipts The Real Story Gargi Movie

Gargi - A Gripping and Immersive Thriller

Overall, Gautham Ramachandran effectively delivers what he wants to and makes this film one of the most influential films of this year. Despite having a strong message, it is a touching movie.

The film belongs to Govind Vasantha, whose background music complements the movie’s narrative. The gripping plot holds the audience’s attention, making it a must-watch movie. It is currently streamed on the ott platform SonyLIV from 12th August 2022.

Gargi tamil movie review sony liv Gargi,gargi sony liv

Director: Gautham Ramachandran

Date Created: 2023-08-14 14:53

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