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Flame Season 3: New TVF Web Series is On Teenage Nostalgia, Watch Online

Flame Season 3 is streaming currently on Prime Video and is one of the best web series based on teenage unraveling romance which bubbles as a chemical reaction. TVF creates magic and captivates its audience with quite an enchanting brilliance when it comes to creation, execution, and accomplishment. 

Flame Season 3 on Prime Video, TVF Web Series About Padhai and Pyar

Flame Season 3 Watch Online
Flame Season 3 Watch Online

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Release Date 28 October 2022
OTT Platform Prime Video
IMDB 8.9
Genre Romance, Drama, Comedy
Starcast Ritvik Sahore, Tanya Maniktala, Sunakshi Grover, Gaurav Pandey. 
Network The Viral Fever
Episodes 5
Director Apoorv Singh Karki

When it comes to creating teenage drama in India TVF is the only name that outshines with glitters. Kota Factory, Permanent Roommates, Aspirants, Tripling, Yeh Meri Family, and Gullak are already cherishing the streaming sections with many more included. Flames come from a part of the same community and are so nostalgic and extra special to watch, as clearly it takes back to all your first times during your teenage. TVF has always been a one-stop platform to satisfy your entertainment enthusiast following a school love story. 

The story revolves around a bubbly and adorable love story between two couples Ishita (Tanya Maniktala)- Rajat ( Ritvik Sahore) and Anusha (Sonakshi Grover) – Shivam Kakkar (Gaurav Pandey). Season one marked the initial love stage that stuck till stalking and liking each other which remained more till personal touch. The second season of Flames took the story a bit further and both couples got into a relationship. The real hurdle and juggles started with family interference, the pressure of studies, and their own tits and bits. season 2 revolves around overcoming these personal barriers and achieving stability. 

A TVF Teen Age Drama Flame Season 3 Review 

Flame Season 3 Review Cast
Flame Season 3 Review Cast

Season 3 picks on the same follow-up where season 2 has left. The kids have come in the 12th standard and there is a sheer pressure of study. Ishita and Rajat have broken up but are still good friends. Somewhere around the corner, Rajat feels that one-day Ishita will be in his life and he tries hard to make Ishita feel special again when he meets her after the summer holidays.

With a total five-episode series which has a runtime of 30 to 40 minutes each. The story revolves around Ishita and Rajat and their broken yet beautiful love story. Will Ishita be back together on the same floor? or will it remain till their friendship? unwind the whole rom-com on Prime video.

The series is definitely up to the mark and has not stretched up making you feel elated and excelled. The chemistry between the couples and understanding of sensitive issues and emotional approach connects the audience with the show clearly and is worth your time. The development of the character since the initial itself has been par excellence. Kudos to the director who brought the best out of the star cast. The prior two seasons focused more on comedy and interim emotions but the third season has evidently shown the character a bit more mature and stable with their decisions and subtleness. 

Except for the love story of Ishita and Rajat which is the main story follow-up, the makers have created the perfect balance and assembled the story of the supporting cast so beautifully. The family values and relations between brothers and friends had been portrayed clearly without making you feel distinct from the main plot. 

The display of human emotions in terms of chemical reactions and the description of each episode with a one-liner song is what makes it distinct giving a nostalgic touch. The performances of the actors are soothing to witness and adore making this one a must-watch binger. 

FAQ Of Fame Season 3 of TVF Web Series

Flame Season 3 TVF Series ON OTT
Flame Season 3 TVF Series ON OTT

Who is the Network Streaming Partner Of Flames? 

The viral fever aka TVF has the Streaming Network Rights of Flames. 

On which ott platform Flame web series is available to watch? 

The series is of TVF creation and is available on the TVF Play Platform and Amazon Prime Video.

Who is the director of the Flame Web series streaming on TVF and  Prime Video? 

Apoorv Singh Karki is the director of this franchise. He has also directed some extraordinary shows like Saas Bahu Aur Achar, College Romance, and The Aam Aadmi Family which are also TVF fame Shows. 

Flame Season 3
Flame Season 3 Series On Prime Video OTT Flame Season 3,TVF Web Series

Director: Apoorv Singh Karki

Date Created: 2023-07-24 12:46

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